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For those people who are looking for a great general-purpose computer monitor that provide them the best of everything and doesn’t cost heavy on the pocket, ACER has a solution for them as the well-known monitor manufacturing firm has a plethora of great gaming devices and the associated monitors.

This is earning a solid customer base for the brand and paving way for their extended sales growing with each passing moment in the market owing to the hard work of the manufacturers.

This Acer EB321HQU is not the end to their expertise and excellence as they are equally suited in making the best monitor screen which has a variety of premium and high-end features which don’t demand a high fortune to be splashed over them.

This model is a 32-inch screen that has a groundbreaking initiative of bringing the widescreen feature with a big screen size to create a very appealing monitor screethatch that provides an immersive screen time leading towards a thrilling cinematic experience.

Features Acer EB321HQU Monitor

Starting from the color accuracy and the display of the monitor it is wonderful to state that this Acer EB321HQU Monitor has a 2K WQHD Resolution of 2560 by 1440 pixels and this resolution provides the best of both the wider aspect ratio and large screen size and this gives tenfold of the color accuracy that an FHD monitor can support and all of this is owned due to its 2K QHD resolution.

But to make it better than its rivals and far ahead of them, this monitor has ab in-plane switching panel as well with its high pixel rate and this IPS Panel get the maximum bang out of the color gamut and resolution as.

IPS Panel is known to have the best in class color reproduction skills and it is impossible to achieve the visual clarity of an IPS type computer with a TN or VA Panel.

This monitor has a 4 milliseconds response time which is not a good side of the monitor though not the actual downside as this 4ms response is good for non-gaming purposes but if you are on a hunt for the best gaming buddy than 1ms would be the ideal choice.

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Connectivity is another major aspect of any monitor or a computer screen and this cannot be overlocked as in this period of globalization nothing can stand out in the absolute seclusion of other devices.

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This is literally why the connection ports are needed to make sharing between the devices just a matter of breath.

This model is a pro in this regard as it has both the standard and conventional types of ports coming with it like the must-have HDMI and a great addition DVI which can be converted to a VGA if the need arises.

What We Like
  • 2K WQHD Resolution
  • 32 Inch Screen
  • Ergonomic Stand
  • HDMI, DVI and VGA Ports
What We Don't Like
  • 60 Hertz Refresh Rate
  • 4 Milliseconds Response Time


This great ACER monitor is an amazing model totally worth the investment with its 2K QHD resolution and a 32-inch screen to give you a thrilling and immersive screen time together with a flexible range of connectivity ports.

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