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Are you a pro gamer or newbie who wants to try out gaming on a good monitor? No matter who you are or where you are from, if you have an interest in gaming then you should definitely look for a monitor that can exaggerate your gaming experience with its remarkable and amazing features. A monitor that’s unable to handle the burden of heavy games, provides you with high input lag and extreme motion blur that will make your fun go down the drain.

For a seamless experience buy Acer KG271. This is the monitor that can make you lost in their world of games with their superb features. You will get lost in their virtual world. This realistic effect or environment is provided by none other than Acer KG271. The Acer brand promises an amazing gaming experience. The brand is pretty positive about their new product.

Specifications Acer KG271 Monitor:

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It’s common knowledge that the experience gets epic if the screen size is greater. Your screen is directly linked to your fun and cinematic experience. The screen size of 27 inches offered by the Acer KG271 Monitor is pretty big.

Hence you can expect this monster to provide you with an immersive experience that you have long desired. This Acer KG271is an elegantly designed monitor that comes in exclusively black and red coloring which provides the whole unit quite an outclass look.

This classy looking monitor offers a y shaped built-in the stand but the stand is not so flexible like most people would want it. It is only able to provide the slightest tilt adjustment which is not much.

A flexible and good stand is one that provides all the adjustments which include the height, swivel, and pivot. The limited adjustability that the stand provides makes it one of its drawbacks

Now, as far as the panel type is concerned, for gamers, the Acer brand has installed the superb gamers ideal TN panel that is world known for optimizing the response rate making the entire unit quite responsive to your commands.

You won’t be able to experience motion blur as it offers the 1ms.

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The AMD free sync feature smooths out the experience but eliminates the tearing screen issue that some monitors face as the graphic card is not in sync with the monitor’s frame rate. The purpose of the AMD free sync is to sync these two so that the tearing doesn’t occur.

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Let’s talk about the connection ports offered by it. This beast offers an HDMI, display port, and a DVI port. It would have been superb if it offered the VGA and some USB ports for connectivity but unfortunately it doesn’t.

What We Like
  • Low input lag
  • Awesome design
  • Very responsive
What We Don't Like
  • Offers a tilt-only stand design
  • Limited connections

Bottom Line:

Acer KG271 is a decent monitor offering low input la, is quite responsive, and boasts the AMD free sync feature for a seamless experience. It is certainly a monitor that is worth your investment.

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