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ACER is a popular monitor manufacturer which is having the prestige of making some of the best gaming PC and this is an undeniable fact as most of the dream products of hardcore or gamers or gaming enthusiasts are falling under the ACER trademark and this highlights the day and night strife of their manufacturers and shed light over their expertise and excellence.

Acer has a range of products and these are classified in various lineup and series which resembles the parent model in basic traits but has significant enhancements acting as the modifies or upgraded versions among these series is the most popular gaming series which has the heart of every gamer on a hunt for the best gaming buddy.

Acer Predator XB253Q series is that remarkable lineup of gaming computers which has all the best gaming monitors falling under its banner and these are coming at various display size and pixels to satiate the needs of varying customers.

This model is a member of this predator series monitor and has a 25-inch display screen and is the most widely encountered gaming monitor which is being utilized by seasoned professionals and gaming newbies who want to excel in their skills.

Features Acer Predator XB253Q Monitor

This Acer Predator XB253Q Monitor has all the gamer-centric features in a single device and has a reasonably small display size to counterbalance these features. 25-inch size though good enough for gaming purposes is generally small. This is to compensate for the vast range of gamer-centric features that are rarely found in an ordinary device having a large screen display to offer the users.

This feature-laden package is compelling the users of all budget types to show an inclination to this model and is continually increasing the sales and customer base of the brand in general and the Acer predator series specifically.

Among its most notable feature is its 0.5ms response time which is the fastest one available in the market after 0.3ms and this is great for any purpose let alone gaming though its absolute necessity lies to the gamers.

This fast response time enables it for a swift action which is the ultimate desire of every gaming enthusiast from newbie to the seasoned professional.

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To complement this fastest response time this monitor is also offering the highest refresh rate and has a 240-hertz refresh speed coming with to entice the users with its stutter-free performance.

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This is not all to the amazing strengths of this monitor and it has a splendid display with 99 percent sRGB continuum along with an FHD IPS display and an HDR 400 compatible screen all of these features count together to give.

This monitor an amazing display with lifelike visuals to spellbind the gamers before screen who are protected from digital eye strain and other ailments with the monitor’s extensive eye care technology.

What We Like
  • 99% Srgb Coverage
  • Nvidia G Sync
  • Hdr 400 Compatibility
  • 0.5 Milliseconds Response Time
  • 240 Hertz Refresh Rate
  • Vesa Mounting
  • Flexible Connectivity Options
What We Don't Like
  • Fhd Resolution
  • 24.5” Screen Size


This is a great gaming monitor having everything on point to accelerate the gaming journey and help show your expertise as a gamer to conquer your rivals with 0.5ms response and 240hertz refresh rate along with a 25” IPS FHD display.

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