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ACER predator series is like the heart that lies in the body of ACER manufacturers and its repute and prestige is overshadowing all other amazing products coming under the same banner and this is the main reason why ACER is more widely known in the gaming realm and its products are more dignified among the gaming world rather than the corporate sector or home entertainment purposes.

This presence of gamer-centric features doesn’t diminish the fact that these monitors are good for corporate usage of home entertainment purposes but the fact is that.

These Acer Predator XB273K are equally good in every field as they are in the gaming world but due to their feature-rich package, these ACER Predator monitors are very costly and demands a good fortune to be splashed over them.

But there is no point to spend your hard-earned bucks over something which is not your necessity and that’s why these monitors are hardly found in nongaming scenarios and this restricts their usage to seasoned professionals in the gaming field who are having enough bucks to buy these dream products.

Features Acer Predator XB273K Monitor

This Acer Predator XB273K Monitor has a standard 27-inch display coming with an In-Plane Switching panel and a rich color gamut which has a splendid 99 percent sRGB coverage along with the DCI P3 continuum present as well with its delta E2 color accuracy to give.

The monitor the sharpest possible visual clarity to do its magic over the display but this enriched color gamut is not all to its color accuracy, this monitor has another remarkable force behind it which is its 4K UHD resolution.

This resolution is coming with 3840 by 2160 pixels and is giving the natural lifelike appeal to the inanimate display which cast a spell over the viewers who are not ready to shift their attention to anything else.

This monitor has 144 frames per second refresh rate which is the most common refresh rate prevalent all through the gaming world and gives a swift gaming action significantly lowering the input lag.

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The screen stutter but if occasionally fond at an even faster speed this monitor has included a FREE SYNC Technology to help avoid that.

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This technology is its incorporated NVIDIA G Sync which is the most advance of all free sync technologies and is the best one in giving a tear-free screen by reducing the gap between the screen refresh rate and the graphic cards frame rate.

This monitor is also offering an extensive range of eye care technologies and this includes a flicker-free backlighting option and a reduced blue light mode to help reduce the emission of blue light from the screen preventing it from causing eye strain.

What We Like
  • 27” Ips Display
  • 4k Uhd Resolution
  • Hdr 400 Certified
  • Nvidia G Sync
  • 144 Hertz Refresh Rate
  • Quantum Dot & Delta E2 Color Accuracy
  • Vesa Mounting
What We Don't Like
  • Uneconomical


This monitor is an ideal gaming monitor if the buyer can afford it and is a highly economical option which is offering a 144-hertz refresh rate along with the 4K UHD resolution the two of the most desires features in any monitor.

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