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Acer is an immensely popular consumer good manufacturing brand whose excellence and expertise are at a peak when it comes to gamer-centric devices and this is unarguably the strength of the ACER and the focus point of gaming enthusiasts who are out there on a hunt for the best gaming devices. Among all its products coming under its banner, the ACER Predator series have garnered so much attention and repute which is unmatchable by any other lineup of gaming monitors.

To know why these monitors have created all that hype one needs to dig into the features and specs of the monitors and the epitome of these lies in its 32-inch model which is offering all its parent features with certain compensations to help balance the price tag and preventing it from reaching sky (although it is already been skyrocketed).

This Acer Predator XB321HK is a 32-inch display screen which is more of a device built for home cinematic purposes and can also be used as a great gaming device but to use it precisely for gaming options is not a wise option as it has a rich base of multi-functional features.

The compensation is provided in the shape of reducing the refresh rate and response time and this is not a very welcoming thing for the gaming geeks who tend to show their inclination more towards gamer-centric traits than towards these thrilling experiences and cinematic visuals.

Features Acer Predator XB321HK Monitor

This Acer Predator XB321HK Monitor offers a 4K UHD resolution with 3840 X 2160 pixels which are a rarely found feature in gaming devices and its presence is enough to turn any device into a great home theater device giving a splendid view with thrilling experience to capture the full attention.

The audience before it and this is maximized by its immersive and large screen display with a highly color accurate gamut.

The color gamut is enriched with its 99 percent coverage of sRGB and DCI P3 and in addition to that this monitor is also having an HDR 400 compatibility.

This gives it an appealing display tend to offer lifelike visuals that are unbeatable in image quality and picture clarity.

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This Acer Predator XB321HK is also coming with built-in speakers which are another rarely encountered addition to the monitor screens and its presences tenfold the thrill and cinematic experience and this is also important as.

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These onboard speakers enable the monitor screen to be utilized for various purposes even without the presence of an external audio device and this is a much-relieving feature to have in your device.

With all these remarkable and praiseworthy specs this monitor has few downsides as well and these lies in its 4 milliseconds moderate response and 60-hertz conventional refresh rate which is not very attractive point for the gamers.

What We Like
  • 32”Ips  Display
  • 4k Uhd Resolution
  • Nvidia G Sync
  • Built In Speakers
  • Widescreen Display
What We Don't Like
  • 4 Milliseconds Response
  • 60 Hertz Refresh Rate
  • Highly Pricey Option


This monitor is a great monitor which is coming with a 4K UHD display with an IPS Panel and a 4ms response time along with the 60-hertz refresh rate and is being admired for its natural visuals with the highest color accuracy and gives an immersive screen experience with the onboard speakers.

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