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ACER SB220Q Monitor:

What We Like
  • FHD Display
  • IPS Display Panel
  • Wide View Angle
  • AMD RADEON FreeSync Technology
What We Don't Like
  • 22-inch display screen
  • 4 milliseconds response time

Acer is literally the uncrowned ruling king which is prevailing its regime over the gaming world with such fierce competition that is hardly possible for the rivals to break in through the technological advancement has made the intrusion slightly possible Acer is hyping the challenge and is continually coming up with something not less than a wonder to have beside your sides.

Acer products are revolutionizing the market and the ideal thing about these heavy-duty yet enticing tools is their budget-friendly economically sound price tag which is attractive to both the newbies and the seasoned professionals alike as the features are worth trying for at all cost level but when these are coming at reasonably low cost it is no point to not invest in something so unique and so amazing.

This Acer model is no exception to the legacy of its manufacturing firm and is offering everything a monitor should have offered to its potential buyers like its splendid display and the appealing outlook which is attracting a massive lineup of customers who want to get their hands on this device.


This monitor is coming with a 22-inch screen size which after taking into consideration its framed body leaves behind only a viewable screen of only 21.5 inches which is to a certain extent the smallest one in the competition and undeniably the biggest drawback of the devices as bigger screen are never out of fashion.

Though it is evident as the shining sun in the up so high sky that everyone or most of the users like to have a bigger screen before them but it is no wonder that these small-screen devices are still making their way into the industry and this is because the giant has not cut short on their requirement and budget constraints are putting these tools as possible and worthy alternatives to the dream products.

This small screen is not falling short of its basic necessities and is offering an FHD display resolution with 1920 by 1080 pixels and this gives the device a visual clarity which is enhanced manifold than its 786 pixels counterpart and thus this 1080 pixels resolution leads towards a more satisfying display which is worth giving a try.

Other than its FHD resolution, another good thing about the computer screen is its in-plane switching panel which gives it the maximum color reproduction skills and the best in class color accuracy owned due to a rich color gamut which is a mandatory part of any device.

This Acer monitor is also offering a 4 milliseconds response time which is not the ideal one in the market and certainly not the biggest downside as this response time is actually not bad for nongaming performance but if you are on a search for a gaming monitor than a response time within 1-2 milliseconds will be great to have.


This monitor screen comes with a 21.5-inch viewable screen and an FHD 1080 pixels resolution is offering the bottom line features which are supposed to be a mandatory part of a monitor screen and thus make the device good for multi-monitor setups.

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