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ACER is more inclined towards its gaming realm than towards its other product range and this is main reason why most of the bestselling and great gaming computers are coming under the Acer benchmark.

All of this hype is due to the feature-laden package of each model and the striking combo of high end features to be built for hardcore gamers only and the most reasonable of the price tag.

ACER XF252Q bmiidprzx has a massive range of many great quality products which are one of its kind in every field they are being built for but when it comes to gaming manufacturers and the capabilities Acer enjoys a pristine position and even in non the gamers corporate users have must hear of their products due to their so much hype that these models have created in the market.

This proves to be very effective as everyone wants to have a heavy-duty product coming at the price of an average product and this is making Acer ace the sales and continually win the hearts of its users with its best in class performance.

Features Acer XF252Q bmiidprzx Monitor

It has a frameless body Acer XF252Q bmiidprzx Monitor with a three-sided borderless design having a thin bezel to give the maximum of its screen size and this way users can see more of the screen than of the borders.

As far as its display is concerned it has a 2K WQHD resolution with a wide view angle of 78 degrees to obsolete distractions from the sides and gives the users an immersive screen time capturing the focus of the users to the most.

This 2K resolution usually give better performance than the FHD display and this is no surprise as it has higher pixels and is designed for better image quality and visual clarity as it has a color-rich pallet and an amazing color gamut but to the surprise.

This monitor with 2K HD Resolution is more like the FHD display and cannot produce crisp clear clarity and this is because of its display panel which restricts its color reproduction capabilities.

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The model incorporates a TN panel unlike the immensely popular IPS panel and due to its lack of IPS Panel, it has a much-reduced color reproduction capacity which overshadows the image quality and resolution though it is significantly improved than an FHD and TN combo.

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This TN Panel has allowed it for quicker and swiftest gaming action which was impossible otherwise with an IPS Panel ad that’s the reason why this model has 1 millisecond of response time as the standard TN Panel rate.

Which makes the display panel type the most common gaming panel as the hardcore gamers are not concerned with the color accuracy as the priority and for them, TN would make a good choice if the fast experience is allowed for.

What We Like
  • 2K QHD Resolution
  • 1ms Response Time
  • 144hz. Refresh Rate
  • TN Panel
  • Ergonomic Built
What We Don't Like
  • 23.8 Inch Size
  • AMD FreeSync


This model is a great gaming computer with its 1440 pixels FHD display and a TN Panel with AMD FreeSync and a lot many options for multimedia sharing like standard HDMI, DVI and Display Port as the connectivity options making the model an overall great choice of the gamer on budget.

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