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Acer XFA240 monitor is the new stars shining so bright over the horizon that their shine and brightness is evident all through the world and the plethora of products that are falling under the benchmark of this amazing brand.

Acer XFA240 is a name so deeply enrooted in the gaming world that it is every hardcore gamers dream to get his hands on an Acer gaming Monitor.

This model Acer XFA240 is a great gaming computer which is providing all the important and high-end features that offer the users a range of benefits to help them with their gaming journey and this is not just all about gaming monitor as these features are not only good for fast-paced action and thrill.

But rather provide a multi-tasking and multi-functionality which is making the product able for general purpose work as well as the gaming nature for which it is tailored for.

Features Acer XFA240 Monitor

Starting from its size Acer XFA240 Monitor we just can say that it is coming with an affordable and reasonable display screen at the size of 24 inches only and this is not a very delighted feature as everyone wants to have bigger constraints but the gaming features and the high resolution complicates the task of finding a good performing monitor with the bigger screen and desired price tag.

Therefore, has played its part and brought all the worth having features in a small screen which becomes quite affordable for the users who are not ready to give up on performance and rather opt for a small screen.

After cutting over the ambiguities of the display size now it is time for us to move towards its in-depth feature and the best among them is its 1 milliseconds response time.

This is nothing less than a wonder as this amazing response time reduces the input lag and gives the user q very swift transition from one frame to another without causing any stutter or screen tearing.

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To complement this fastest response time the monitor is having 144 frames per second refresh rate which is the most desired refresh speed in the market through the greater refresh rate is also available in the market due to the financial constraints this is the best thing one can long for.

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These two are the dream traits of any gaming computer and to help with that it is having a FHD Display which is giving it a vivid on-screen display to observe your gaming performance with crystal clear imagery and natural performance.

Other than these great features it is also having an ergonomic stand which provides it the ability to be pivoted, tilted, rotated, and also give it adjustability to set the screen level right before the eye level.

What We Like
  • G-Sync
  • FHD Display
  • 144 Hertz Refresh Rate
  • 1 Milliseconds Response Time
  • Ergonomic Stand
What We Don't Like
  • 24” Small Screen


This model is the ideal gaming model which is providing the best of everything a gamer requires such as a G-Sync technology to reduce the input lag and provide a tear-free screen with 144hz. Refresh rate and 1ms of response time.

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