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Acer is a relatively economical brand that has broken his inexpensive image by launching this gaming PC touching the $1000 price tag. This is the cream of the brand which is aimed at serious professionals only providing them everything that we’re looking for in bits and pieces.

Thus those hardcore enthusiast users can get their hands on such a powerful device which has fine specs and extraordinary performance allowing them to have a single device good for the variety of needs you want to pursue with your monitor like you can use it for photo editing, day trading or forex trading,

You can even use this Acer XR382CQK device for corporate usage and with its 38-inch large screen size in the shape of a curved display and a WQHD display, it can prove to be the best buddy for you home entertainment and a true cinematic experience.

But the ideal task for which the monitor is designed is the gaming realm, yes this Acer is a gaming monitor having all the mid-range features which can prove to be very valuable in the gaming journey but this doesn’t diminish its specialties for using it in other fields.

Features Acer XR382CQK Monitor

The most notable and the praiseworthy feature of this Acer XR382CQK Monitor device is its 38-inch large screen size with a curved display.

The monitor is coming with a frameless ultra-slim body which prevents the screen size to be undertaken by the edges and this way you can have a viewable screen of 37.5 inches which is the best.

The most desired monitor size but don’t forget that for this bigger size you have to invest in a whooping sum of money which is the biggest hindrance to its sales.

This much fortune is only spendable by elite professionals or serious enthusiasts and hardcore gamers.

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The reason for which the brand has not got any breakthrough any gaming world is that it provides all-round performance and is a great general-purpose tool which is the jack that is master of none.

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But you can use it very well as a general-purpose which is great to have as this device is great for midlevel users of any field and this is a great thing to have.

It has a wide QHD display which is offering a higher resolution than the QHD display with 3840 by 1600 pixels and to give the best of color accuracy this model has an IPS Panel and an AMD FreeSync Technology which cut short on the tearing and shuttering produced by the input lag of the PC.

What We Like
  • 37.5-inch curved screen
  • 1 milliseconds response time
  • 4K UHD resolution
  • 2 X 7 watt built-in speakers
  • AMD freeSync
What We Don't Like
  • Most pricey option


The Acer is a great monitor, only if you can afford it, as it has 1 millisecond of best response time, 75 hertz of refresh rate WQHD Display and an AMD FreeSync Technology to let you have a shutter and tear-free screen experience.

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