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AOC is a relatively latest and less known brand in the professional race for color accuracy and graphic arts but the brand has been immensely popular in the gaming world and is breaking the stereotypes of sky catching price tags of the gaming device. Though the brand is more inclined towards the gaming field and the virtual world it doesn’t fall short of any great quality features, both in terms of its efficiency or performance, to help the brand maintain a good slot in the professional competition.

The brand is getting popularity by leaps and bounds and is becoming the best seller manufacturer of many quality products which are proving to be the groundbreaking devices having in their capacity everything to derive an exceptional and unbeatable performance.

AOC 22V2H is partly known for its well-versed performance part of its fame is owned due to its relatively lesser price tag which is proving to be very cost-effective with every model being a worthy purchase having a great deal to offer its users.

In this inexpensive cost, you will be having a device which has the potential of paying you much more than what you have invested for and thus you can have a lifetime product partner (brand) with you with this bare minimum investment if you found the product a reliable one as the prestige of a brand is laying on the shoulder of its products.

Features AOC 22V2H Monitor

This model AOC 22V2H Monitor is coming as the bottom line of the gaming models by the said brand and has the average features with some premium features to make the product an overall great monitor that is worth each penny that you have spent over it.

It has a 22-inch display size which is not a standard one and this lower screen size is a compensation for the low price as you definitely have to spend the whopping sums to get the desired size like a 32-inch screen or a bigger.

But it should be kept in mind that you will be in need of twice the money you will spend over a 22-inch monitor to get a 27 inch one.

It offers its users a full HD display of 1920 by 1080 pixels resolution which is the most common and the standard one in the market and is pretty good for gaming PC.

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The monitor has a flicker-free technology as well as other eye care techs to make the screen experience an ideal one cutting short on the digital eye strain and stress while using the computer.

Blue light filters are another good thing about the model as the reduce the blur light emission from the screen.

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The monitor has a Kensington security slot to prevent data theft. The bottom line of the computer is its 5 milliseconds response time which is not the desired time by gamers.

What We Like
  • Ultra Slim Design
  • Flicker-Free Technology
  • 75 Hertz Refresh Rate
  • IPS Panel
What We Don't Like
  • 5 Milliseconds of Slow Response
  • Few Connectivity Options
  • FreeSync Technology


AOC 22V2H Monitor is a great monitor with FHD Display, 22-inch screen size, 75-hertz Refresh rate, and a flicker-free technology in addition to the blue light filters and an AMD FreeSync Technology, all of these features make it a very cost-effective monitor very well worth the money you would invest over it.

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