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AOC 24B2XH Monitor:

What We Like
  • 106 % sRGB
  • FHD Resolution
  • IPS display panel
  • kensington security slot
  • AOC eye care techs
What We Don't Like
  • 24 inch display size

AOC is a latest monitor manufacturing firm which has achieved some groundbreaking success in the electronic world and more precisely the consumer goods which are aimed at digitalizing the world and this Chinese manufacturing firm is aimed at breaking the stereotypes of industry’s leading business tycoons which are earning massive bucks for producing user-specific products and AOC is doing the same but at a much-reduced cost and this is the thing which is attracting the potential buyers and helping them in deciding the tool which they have to get their hands on.

This AOC model is a 24-inch screen that is offering a 23.8-inch viewable display screen and this is because it is coming with an ultra-slim frameless body and this thing is preventing its display to be rolled up around edges leaving behind just a few inches of display which are not good for anything.


This monitor is offering its users an FHD resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels and this is the bare minimum which must be present in a monitor if you are looking for an amazingly crisp clear visual appeal and image quality as it is not possible otherwise with a 786 pixels resolution. This FHD Resolution is certainly not the best among the resolution types prevalent in the market but if carefully analyze your budget limit and look for the benefits of any pixel combo FHD 1080 pixels combo would definitely be the winner out of all.

Other than its 1080 pixels display this monitor is also coming up with an in-plane switching panel which is the most recommended and widely used display panel type among the monitor world and all this hype that this panel has created is due to its superb color reproduction abilities which are definitely unbeatable in this IPS panel type comparative to other panels like TN or VA display panel.

This monitor also has a 106 percent sRGB color spectrum which is far better than many high-end devices which are coming with only 99 percent coverage of this sRGB continuum and many are coming below this with only 75 % or lesser coverage. This high-end color spectrum allows it to reproduce far better imagery with natural lifelike visuals on the screen which makes the monitor a very well of use for a thrilling cinematic experience and this is enhanced by its onboard speakers.

Another good side of the monitor lies in its Kensington security slot which is definitely the latest yet a worthy addition in a number of devices and this is built for protecting the device against cyber-attack and making the data theft a kind of impossible thing.


This monitor is a great quality budget-friendly pick with under 100 USD range and offers its users a number of features which drive an amazing and worthy of a try performance having an FHD resolution with IPS Panel and Kensington security slot, this monitor provides some of the basic features which are reasonable to have in this economical device.

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