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AOC 27B1H is the latest model in the consumer goods realm and the most inspiring thing about this Chinese company is that it is producing monitors and all other electronic products at much-reduced price value.

The rival brands and this is undoubtedly the hallmark of Chinese manufacturing excellence which is taking the world by its storm, despite being a Chinese product the success that has achieved is far from imagination and these monitors are very reliable and durable and this is most probably the reason behind their extended sales.

This AOC 27B1H model is a 27-inch monitor screen which is the most commonly found screen size in the market and this size allows one to enjoy the features which are somewhat missing in small screen monitors.

The most notable one of them is obviously the bigger screen, other than this relatively bigger screen this size also offers an affordable price range which is the attractive point of standard size monitors.

Features AOC 27B1H Monitor

It is coming to AOC 27B1H Monitor with a Full HD Display of 1920 X 1080 pixels and this resolution gives it a vivid and crystal clear imagery which is the result of a combination of many factors including an IPS Display and a 99 percent sRGB color gamut both of which together with an FHD Display gives a natural on-screen visual clarity and color accuracy worth investing for in any device.

Other than this feature the monitor is coming with 75 frames per second refresh rate and is considered as the starting point of a great gaming computer and all the conventional monitors including both gaming or non-gaming computers are coming with a 60-hertz refresh speed.

Therefore if you are looking for something like a great gaming tool than it must be having something extra and unique.

This is provided as a 75-hertz refresh rate which is exactly not the best one in the market but as a beginning level tool, this rate is best at this price tag and lets the users enjoy the relatively fast gaming experience which is totally worth the investment.

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With this refresh rate, it is having 5 milliseconds of response time which is not a very desired time and is considered as the downside of the monitor as many great models are coming with the 1-2 milliseconds of response time and considering that in mind this 5ms is not a good one for gaming.

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Other than these features this model is offering its users extensive eye care technology with flicker-free screen low blue light mode to make its use less hazardous and stress-free.

What We Like
  • Fhd Display
  • 3 Sided Frameless Body
  • Flicker Free Technology
  • Hdmi And Vga Connectivity
  • Kensington Security Slot
What We Don't Like
  • 75 Hertz Refresh Rate
  • 5 Milliseconds Of Response Time


It is a great model for entry-level gamers with its 75-hertz refresh rate and 5 milliseconds of response time, it is offering an FHD Display with IPS panel and flicker-free techs to make the extensive use of computer comfortable and reduce the digital eye strain.

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