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Carrying Of Laptops In Luggage:

Laptops are considered as a sensitive technology that people hesitate to put in the luggage. But the problems surface at the airports concerning electronics handling that includes lithium batteries. The same goes for laptops as they consist of lithium batteries. Sensitive appliances carry greater risk for traveling and people got concerned about the security issues.

Bearing such problems and risks, are laptops allowed in checked baggage? This article will explain the requirement and rules regarding the carriage of multiple laptops of different brands. 

Expectations On Macbooks:

You are allowed to pack all kinds of laptops without worrying but there exist few restrictions for MacBook users. The MacBook models produce from 2015 to 2017 carry lithium batteries that can overhear and caught fire. This leads to the banning of all the recalled models at airports by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration).

When there was a universal ban on the recalled models only, Virgin Australia banned all the models of the MacBook irrespective of its issue and dates. The current situation states that almost all laptops can be carried in the luggage at the airport, except for the MacBook that is banned by most airlines.

A number Of Laptops Allowed:

The number of laptops to carry in the checked baggage isn’t set at any figure by TSA (Transport Security Administration) and able you to carry multiple laptops with you on the plane. One can get concerned about the number of laptops as they consist of lithium batteries. So, TSA and FAA have limited the carriage of spare batteries and the power banks one can carry. However, integrated batteries are allowed.

Packing Laptops In Checked Luggage:

Though some sources have mark ban on a laptop in the checked luggage, this isn’t practiced strictly as FAA states that the laptops supporting removable or non-removable batteries can be packed safely inside the checked luggage. This stance is covered under “personal electronic devices containing batteries.”

The FAA recommends carrying the electronic devices with the lithium batteries in the hand luggage but doesn’t restrict on packing them in the checked luggage. Only, space and additional batteries and power banks aren’t allowed. The laptop must be turned off with activation protection and packed in a way that it won’t carry any chances of accidental damage.

The restrictions of FAA and TSA are limited to the US and other countries might carry other regulations such as a complete ban on laptops. So, it is advisable to re-confirm the regulations and rules of the specific country and airlines.


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