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For all those people who are bound by the limits of their limited budget and are not ready to set for anything less than the best Asus is a great choice as it offers its users all the very amazing and high-end features which the users are looking for in LG, SONY, SAMSUNG, DELL and so many other well-established models in the market who are recently far away from the reach of the majority of the buyers due to their sky-reaching price tags.

Which these tycoons can’t even think of for a tiny moment and obviously they are not in need of lowering their price tag as their benchmark is enough to do the magic for them.

The new coming brands ASUS PA278QV in the competitive category is creating a much hype by challenging the consumer goods tycoons by bringing fine quality and performance at such an affordable price rate

This Asus model is a groundbreaking monitor with a plethora of features and specifications that are hardly found in a single monitor though prevalent in bits and pieces in a number of devices but despite its feature-laden package and well above the belt performance the brand has not mounted its price to reach the sky and still it is very well within the reach of the ordinary people having their budget range under $250.

Features ASUS PA278QV Monitor

The Colour gamut is its most striking and praiseworthy feature which is giving the monitor a prestigious and unbeatable picture quality which is hard to be found elsewhere and ASUS PA278QV Monitor is because of its 2K WQHD Resolution.

Which is an improved version of QHD Resolution having 2560 by 1440 pixels resolution and this high-quality resolution with an amazing color gamut is enhancing the visual clarity?

Its color gamut is composed of an sRGB 100 percent spectrum with a Rec 709 and delta e2 color accuracy which give it factory calibrated visual appeal and picture quality.

Part of its color reproduction strength is due to its IPS panel and part of it is due to the color gamut.

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The ergonomic stand is a great addition to its VESA mounting feature which offers screen pivoting, tilting, and rotation abilities along with the adjustable height option to match your eye level and preferences.

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Eye care techs are another notable and praiseworthy feature of the Asus Pro art monitor which has a flicker-free screen and a reduced blue light emission owned due to the anti -flickering technology and blue light filters respectively.

These eye care techs along with the anti-glaring panel give the model a strain-free experience very well worth your money which you will spend over the monitor.

What We Like
  • 100 Percent sRGB
  • Rec. 709
  • Delta e2 Color Accuracy
  • Eye Care Techs
  • Numerous Connectivity Options
  • Ergonomic Stand
What We Don't Like
  • Few Connectivity Options


The Asus ProArt monitor being a 27-inch screen has a 2K WQHD resolution along with the Rec 709 color gamut in addition to the sRGB and delta e2 color accuracy of an IPS PANEL with a range of connectivity ports offering Display port, mini-port, DVI, DP HDMI, and DVG ports to give it the most flexible multimedia sharing prestige and the best in class certified eye care technology to make the screen time a bliss instead of the boon.

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