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Asus monitor is the latest addition to the reality of electronic consumer goods widely acknowledged among the masses due to the rare and unrivaled quality and reliability of the products.

Which are continually winning the hearts of their customers and critiques thereby giving tough competition to the rivals?

Asus is known for its ProArt Calibration and the Eye Care Technology which are the benchmark of the Asus manufacturing expertise and this is the reason why every ASUS PA329Q device is having eye care techs in it at all price tags and falling in any category.

This model is a 32-inch monitor whose most noteworthy skill lies in its color gamut and the best capability of the monitor is also its color accuracy which is the interplay of its color gamut, high-end resolution, and Asus ProArt calibration along with the delta e2 accuracy certification.

Features ASUS PA329Q Monitor

As we stated earlier that this model ASUS PA329Q Monitor is all known for its color accuracy therefore its most notable feature worthy of our is the enriched color gamut having 99.5 Adobe RGB in it which gives it true color reproduction capacity and to enhance this skill it has another continuum falling under Rec. 709.

This is not all about it as it also features a DIC-P3 and Rec. 2020 standard color along with the most common sRGB and Rec 709.

To give this professional color clarity this model has a delta e2 color accuracy certification and a 14bit LUT technology with the factory preset calibration to make it evident to the users the difference that is clearly noticeable with this display and the rival 8bit LUT display.

This color gamut is not the only force behind this amazing accuracy but rather a significant role is of 4K UHD resolution over an IPS Display Panel and when this coming at a 32-inch display size this is promising something amazing and the users must be sure of a thrilling cinematic experience at hand.

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This monitor has four contrast levels as four temperature points and one can easily choose from the given options the value that suits them the best.

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Connectivity ports are also great in this monitor and multimedia sharing is no longer a problem with this model at hand as it allows the user to connect their device with other compatible devices using the onboard 4 X HDMI and 1X Display Port.

Mini Display Port is also there to do its job as a compensation for the traditional VGA ports. This monitor doesn’t have a USB port whose addition will make the monitor a pro in connectivity.

What We Like
  • 4K UHD Display
  • 99% sRGB and Rec. 709
  • IPS Display Panel
  • 32” Large Screen
  • KVM Switch
  • Eye Care Techs
  • Ergonomic Stand
What We Don't Like
  • 4 Milliseconds Response Time
  • 350 Bits Brightness


This monitor is the best buddy of the professional photo editor who is in pursuit of a best in class color gamut and a factory-calibrated 14-bit LUT compatibility giving the unbeatable color richness and accuracy which is rarely found in other devices of same specifications and this monitor offers a flexible range of connectivity along with its extensive eye care technology and ProArt Calibration.

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