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The world is moving at a fast pace. Everyone is struggling in some way or another which includes a category of individuals who are slow workers and have their deadline approaching but their project is still not completed. Well, for such slow workers, having an extremely fast monitor would be really a blessing. Just imagine how quickly they would be able to finish their work. They would be able to provide a better result than prior to using a responsive monitor.

The type of monitor ASUS VG258QR that you own is extremely important. The greater the features and functions a monitor offers, the more excellent and enhanced your productivity is going to be. The same is the case with your entertainment. Your entertainment experience as well as the gaming experience will boost up as well. Anyhow, if you are looking for a perfect multifaceted monitor then buy ASUS VG258QR.

Specifications ASUS VG258QR Monitor

Hard Floor 60 minutes 5.88 Pounds2 years
SHARK ION F80Hard Floor, Carpet 80 minutes 8.51 pounds7 years
SHARK ION P50 - IC162Hard Floor, Carpet, Dual action

50 minutes 12 pounds5 years
Hard Floor, Carpet, Dual action65 minutes 6 pounds2 years
Carpet Till plugged in 0.48 pounds5 years

ASUS VG258QR Monitor is quite a shiny and lustrous monitor that comes with ultra-thin bezels and a very durable and flexible built in stand having a shiny and glossy rectangular base. This monitor’s built-in stand is quite unique as it provides the perfect ergonomics that most users desire.

You can easily change the orientation, height, or even tilt the monitor according to your preference. The flexibility of the monitor makes it easy for the user to view comfortably.

The back side of the monitor contains five buttons to get access to the screen menus settings. Among all these hard buttons, one is the power button and the other is the navigation joystick that is pretty convenient. The monitor back offers a smart cable management hole. The back also is a home to some air vents. Its exclusive air vent design is pretty amazing.

This monitor totally rocks as its features are totally mind-blowing. It’s a perfect combo of features and functions. The Asus brand has incorporated many valuable and need of the time features in it that certainly make it worth buying.

The back also serves as a home to various ports which includes the dual link DVI, HDMI, earphone jack, audio in and display port. The monitor offers a 2W stereo integrated speaker to help you have a rich and realistic everlasting experience.

The screen size is 24.4 inches which is pretty decent for work purposes. Its resolution is full HD. The next is the panel which is pretty amazing.

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That is the TN panel that is known for its faster response rate. The TN panel is marvelous for gaming as it fires up the responsiveness of the monitor.

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The response rate that is offered by ASUS VG258QR is 0.5ms which is super-fast. The refresh rate is pretty good as well which is 165HZ.  You won’t be able to experience any ghosting and motion blur when watching or playing some action games. This monitor is G sync compatible and offers the eye acre technology.

What We Like
  • G sync compatible
  • 0.5ms response rate
What We Don't Like
  • No color uniformity

Bottom Line:

VG258QR is a good monitor that offers extremely fast response rate. It is an amazing monitor that provides reduced motion blur and ghosting!

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