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BenQ 4K Monitor:

What We Like
  • 2K QHD Display
  • 1ms Response Time
  • 144-hertz Refresh Rate
  • Built-in Speakers
  • HDR Compatibility
  • AMD FreeSync
What We Don't Like
  • Uneconomical
  • 27-inch small screen

BenQ is an amazing monitor brand that has revolutionized the whole appearance of the monitors and is continually improving the outlook and the appeal of monitors. This brand is aimed at maximizing the color accuracy of the brand and this is the most notable factor for which the users are investing their money in any BenQ product.

These products are producing some of the best in town display graphics and the sharp quality images which are literally unrivaled and unparalleled in the market and this is a solid foundation beneath the customer base of the BenQ manufacturing firm.

Though all BenQ monitors have exceptional visual clarity and but some models are specifically built for giving a highly color-accurate display that spellbinds the audience before the screen and gives them a thrilling and unforgettable experience which is worth living for.


This monitor has a 27-inch display screen that has a stunning borderless design with 3 sided frameless body making it an ultra-slim model and giving the maximum display as the viewable screen. This display screen is set at 2160 X 1440 pixels 2K QHD Resolution which an improved far enhanced version of an FHD Display and gives a performance improved manifold than the earlier one.

QHD Resolution is not the only contrasting feature of the model but rather it is also equipped with an in-plane switching display panel or more popularly known as the IPS Panel which has a maximum color reproduction capacity in the market compared to another display panel available all through the market like Twisted Neumatic or TN or VA type panels.

This monitor has a 144-hertz refresh rate which makes it a great gaming buddy reducing the input lag and intensifying the gaming action giving the users a smooth tear-free performance swiftly moving from one frame to the other at a speed of 144 frames per second.

To complement this fast action quick response time is also a mandatory requirement of a gaming PC and this monitor rightly fulfills that by coming up to the mark with its 1 millisecond quicker response which significantly prevents the device from input lag.

Built-in audio is a most fascinating yet rarely found feature in most of the monitors and this model has a three tonal audio perception which enables the users to choose from the three given options their preference and the necessity according to the situation. These modes are differentiated on the basis of its dual 2W speakers and a second line of defense is provided by the 5W Subwoofer while the third line of defense is its DSP input and all three of these activities on to produce a very immersive screen time which is very well worth the money you will spend over it.


This monitor is an amazing device that has a feature package having to offer its users such as 1 millisecond response time with a 144-hertz refresh rate and a 2K QHD resolution with 27 inches frameless body making the monitor an ideal gaming monitor.

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