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BenQ is a leading monitor manufacturer when it comes to professional monitors being used in multinational firms in the field of graphic arts and photo editing and the scenario is quite similar in all other field types ranging from the gaming realm to the corporate sector dealing with the spreadsheets on daily basis.

This repute and excellence of BenQ are hard-earned due to a massive lineup of well-versed monitor screen which is best in every aspect and is not lacking anything which is mandatory for the job for.

Which they are tailored for and what is most enticing to the users and the potential buyers of the brand BenQ BL2420PT that the color accuracy that.

BenQ devices provide is far from the description and are a worthy investment that has no way out to miss it.

Features BenQ BL2420PT Monitor

This monitor offers its users a 24-inch display screen which is not a very welcomed feature and to some extent, we can say that this is the only downside that we have experienced in this monitor as the small display screen is never a desired thing.

If the financial implications of any tool are set aside, everyone wants to have in their reach a bigger screen which provides them an immersive screen spellbinding them to the enticing display.

But this not the scenario with this monitor and a 24-inch screen offers the users a plethora of premium features in the shape of its feature-laden package and these specs somewhat overshadow the display size and counterbalance it with an affordable price range.

After display size, the display resolution is worth mention and this BenQ monitor doesn’t dishearten the users in providing a 2K QHD Resolution of 100 percent sRGB and Rec. 709 color gamut with an in pane switching panel and these three features are the heart of the display and its visual appeal and missing any one of them distort the quality of the imagery produced on the screen which is not the desired thing and must be avoided at any cost.

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This monitor has all the necessary features to present before its audience a very lifelike screen view that display the best picture quality and have superb color accuracy and color reproduction capacity owing to its IPS type panel.

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The ergonomic stand is another worthy mention of this product and this allows the users to enjoy a stand offering them height adjustability, pivoting, and tilting features to customize your monitor right before your eye level reducing the stain and neck stiffening.

To reduce the eye strain to the maximum extent this monitor has an extended range of eye care techs like the anti-glare screen along with flicker-free technology and reduced blue light mode, all three of them add on to give the users a screen experience worth trying for.

What We Like
  • 2K QHD IPS Display Panel
  • 100 % sRGB And Rec. 709
  • Ergonomic Stand
  • Flicker Free Technology
  • Blue Light Filters
What We Don't Like
  • 24 Inch Small Screen Size


This monitor has all the potential to be your best buddy no matter whether you are looking for home cinema or official usage it has something to offer everyone with only its small screen as the main downside of the computer.

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