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BenQ is the relatively less known model in the professional market comparative to the electronic tycoons like Dell, LG, Philips, and many other top names but what surprises the customers and the critiques is its amazing lineup of high-end premium features.

Which are hardly found in other devices of the comparison and its prestigious specifications which have garnered the brand a massive lineup of customers and their undulating support?

BenQ BL2711U Monitor has adopted itself so firmly in the market that it is difficult to challenge its position and many of its products are the best ones in class such as its ZOWIE is undeniably the best gaming monitor which is the dram product of every hardcore gamer and similar.

The case with professional graphic designing and photo editing world where their products have created much hype owing to their brilliant color accuracy and well-versed features.

Features BenQ BL2711U Monitor

BenQ BL2711U Monitor is a 27-inch screen which is the standard monitor size at the market and it provides the best combo of price and performance which is the top priority of the users who are looking for their desires specs in their limited budget.

This standard display size also provides you a 4K UHD Resolution which is the most appealing and desired feature of any monitor and literally this proves to be the casting vote for buying the monitor.

With this much resolution users are better suited to observe the fine details and this make the monitor the best choice of graphic designer who are looking for the best color accuracy for their professional CAD and CAM work.

To give this color accuracy an upper edge this monitor has a rich color gamut which is entailing in it a 100 percent sRGB along with a Rec. 709 both of which add on to give this the best in class image quality which is enhanced by the 10-bit LUT calibration.

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With all these color-rich features and a brilliant lifelike natural imagery, this monitor is the cream of the brand for graphic artists and seasoned photo editors and to make.

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The model is suitable for home entertainment the model is also coming with two onboard speakers of the wattage of 3 watts which are although not up to the standard of an external audio source but are good enough for the notifications and badges.

Which alert one for the allowed contents and alarms and this is a good addition which most of the model are not having onboard and it is great to have with your monitor as it will save the user from having an external audio device with them all the time.

What We Like
  • 4K UHD Resolution
  • IPS Panel
  • 100% sRGB
  • Rec. 709
  • Best For CAD/CAM
What We Don't Like
  • 60 Hertz Refresh Rate


This CAD/CAM monitor is having a 4K UHD Resolution in a standard 27-inch screen with an exceptional color-rich color gamut having a 100 percent sRGB and Rec. 709 which give the model an unbeatable color accuracy and visual appeal and this also comes up with the enhanced eye care technology like flicker-free screen and a low blue light mode to prevent the digital eye strain and this makes the model a very worthy investment.

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