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BenQ is a prestigious name in the professional photo editing world and its repute knew no limits and is continually on the rise with its exceptional and best in class performance and this is the reason.

Why BenQ products are the most commonly accustomed monitor screen in lieu with the best buddies of the seasoned graphic artists or professional photo or video editors.

BenQ SW271 Monitor models are also in use by Hollywood artists for their cinematography and for producing highly precise content which is color accurate to the finest of detail and this is a very well acknowledgment of a device’s potential to turn itself to be the best.

This monitor is no exception to the legacy of the manufacturing firm and the artists are not at any odd with the device but rather it is considered as the best model for CAD or CAM users and is the best pick of those customers who are pursuing a device to do the magic for them by helping them create marvelous content.

Features BenQ SW271 Monitor

This BenQ SW271 Monitor has a 27-inch display size which is the most commonly found display screen all through the world in every category no matter whether its the gaming realm or the corporate sector this standard size is being selected by everyone.

This one is surely due to its flexible price range and ability of its utilization as the single unit monitor or being used up for multi-monitor setups, the monitor is good for every use.

The display of a computer is not just about its inches and screen size but rather most of it is seen as its clarity and visual appeal.

Which the model is being hunted and paid for that is the unbeatable color accuracy which is the result of an unparalleled color gamut.

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This monitor is having a color-rich gamut which is having different shades to offer its users giving them the best of both a mild range or the highest possible color spectrum.

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This monitor is coming with 99 percent adobe RGB and in addition to it has a DCI P3 color spectrum both of which add on together to give it the best in color accuracy, the quality for which it is built and which is the prime reason for the buyer’s investment.

In addition to its color gamut, the device is also compatible with the HDR mode and this presents the users a dynamic range of HD pictures that are beyond any flaw and prevent the designer miss anything of the detail of the project they are working over.

What We Like
  • 4k Uhd Resolution
  • Ips Display Panel
  • Hdr Compatability
  • 10 Bit Lut Calibration
  • Detachable Shading Hood
What We Don't Like
  • 27 Inch Display Size
  • Too Costly a Price Tag


This monitor is the ideal device a graphic designer or a photo editing artist is in need of and is the dream product of almost everyone on a hunt for a quality monitor, this famous monitor is also used for its cinematic purposes and is coming with a 14-bit LUT calibration as a cherry on top of its HDR-compatible gamut.

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