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Most people buy cats probably because they think these beasts require low maintenance. You are wrong! Just like other animals, these cute furry pets also need top-notch maintenance to look pretty and cute.

For this, you need to have a cat clipper with you. If you are looking for the best clippers for cats with mats then read our article. After doing extensive research we have narrowed down the list to 10 products each one of which displays astonishing features and functions. Let’s see what features each of these products are armed with.

In the end, a buyer guide has been provided to guide you on this journey of choosing the Best Clippers For Cats With Mats.

Things To Consider Before Buying!

There are various features that you need to consider

LightWeight: The first and foremost feature is the weight of the Grooming Tool. Your Grooming device has to light in weight so that you can work on bigger projects.

You can effectively deal with your pet’s thick coat and won’t feel tired at all. Therefore, purchasing a heavy tool will certainly affect your pets’ cutting.

Robust Motor: Your clipper motor should be powerful and savage. It should be strong enough to provide you with sufficient torque to effectively deal with thick coats.

Price: Look for a device that lies within your budget. You need to make sure how much the total price, transport cost, and maintenance cost of the device.

My Top Pick:

Oneisall Dog Shaver Clippers is the top-rated product on amazon. It is the best clipper for cats with mats. This is a versatile tool that is battery powered and provides versatile features and functions. It is an amazing product that has the best bang for the buck.

Best Clippers For Cats With Mats

1.) Oneisall Dog Shaver Clippers:

Overall Dog Shaver Clippers

Armed with a lot of cool features, oneisall Dog Shaver Clippers brings its clients great pleasure and joy. This is an intense tool that will provide you with ignorance performance. The design is perfectly ergonomic and comes with excellent durable features making it a perfect tool for you.

It is compatible with all breeds. Whether you have a cat or a dog, one is all Dog Shaver Clippers provide you with excellent results. Let’s dive deep into its excellent features.


Overall Dog Shaver Clippers is launched by the brand in gold color with the brand emblem imprinted at its front, providing the whole unit a classy look. It is a truly ergonomic clipper that comes with a non-slip handle. It is energized by a 1200mAh lithium-ion battery.

It is a rechargeable battery that requires 2.5 hrs for compile charge up. To keep you up to date about its charging needs, a battery indicator has been installed in it. The red light indicated charging and green illustrated the full battery. After it’s fully charged, it can effectively work for about 150 minutes.

It has a high-speed motor that provides 2-speed settings. For excellent performance, the tool has 2 blades upgraded stainless steel fixed blades and ceramic moving blades. They both work to provide your pet with excellent hair. The blades are detachable which makes its cleaning quite easy.

The Grooming kit includes durable stainless steel scissors, stainless steel comb, bottle oil, and 6 guide guards which are 3/6/9/12/15/18mm. While operating. It produces very little vibration and noise that is only 50db. It may be quiet but it’s powerful.

Before using this tool, make sure that your pet is bathed, then comb its hair, use scissors to short ten the long hair, and then in the end-use this tool to shave hair.

What We Like
  • Good quiet operation design
  • Durable and versatile
What We Don't Like
  • Expensive


Oneisall Dog Shaver Clippers is a versatile tool that is the best clippers for cats with mats. It has the best bang for the buck.
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2.) Wahl Clipper Pet-Pro Dog Grooming Kit:

Wahl Clipper Pet-Pro Dog Grooming Kit

If you want fewer trips to a professional groomer then Wahl Clipper Pet-Pro Dog Grooming Kit is certainly an ideal option for you. It provides its clients with pro Grooming at home, hence saving your hard-earned money.

The tool is quite durable and provides robust performance. It is very versatile and comes with various accessories which include: scissors, cleaning brush, oil, blade guard, 4 guide combs, etc. It is an awesome clipper that provides a perfect blend of features and functions.


Wahl Clipper Pet-Pro Dog Grooming Kit is a 1.23 pounds tool that is excellent against matted hair. The tool has been designed to deal with thick coats for which a robust motor has been installed in it.

It’s patented power drive system generates 30% torque that aids in perfectly Grooming thick coat animals. For a smooth finish, it has high carbon blades that provide snag-free cutting. The Wahl clippers provide ultra-quiet operation. They are corded and provide unlined run time.

For storage of its accessories,  a storage case has been provided. It is an awesome tool that is equipped with easy to recognize colored guide combs. While using this tool, your pet won’t get nervous or feel pressured bg its noise.

Similarly, with its robust blades, the pet won’t experience any sort of discount through cutting or pulling. It will smoothly glide through the hair providing a quality finish. Before using it, make sure your pet has been bathed.

Use scissors and a comb to remove the mats and reduce the hair length. In the end, use the clippers for a quality finish.

What We Like
  • Ergonomic design
  • Impressive motor
What We Don't Like
  • Corded


Wahl Clipper Pet-Pro Dog Grooming Kit is an impressive Grooming tool for pets as it offers high carbon blades that are sharp. It is the best clippers for cat with mats 2021
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3.) ARBORS Dog Grooming Clippers Kit:

ARBORS Dog Grooming Clippers Kit

Grooming your furry friend is extremely important and difficult at the same time. In the past, pet owners used scissors to groom their furry friends.

Well, now those days are gone. With the use of arbors Dog Grooming Clippers Kit, you can instantly make your furry friend look gorgeous and handsome. It provides you with a neat and quality finish that is on par with pro groomers.

The black ergonomic design of these clippers makes them the best clippers for cats with mats. The ARBORS brand is very proud of their invention and has armed it with a plethora of features. Let’s have a look at its various aspects.


ARBORS Dog Grooming Clippers kit is a one of a kind pet tool that is launched in an exclusive pitch-black color with a non-slip ergonomic handle, providing a strong grip. Whether it’s knotted hair, curly hair, or thick hair, this clipper can provide you with epic performance with the aid of its powerful rotary motor.

The robust motor provides the Savage torque required to get rid of the thick coat. It has a sultry quiet operation and produces less vibration providing stress-free Grooming. One of its prominent features is the titanium ceramic ultra-sharp 35 teeth blade that provides pro performance. Your pet won’t feel any pull or snag while cutting.

It smoothly glides over your skin without hurting you in any way. It is armed with 4 adjustable blades which include:1.0mm/1.3mm/1.6mm/1.9mm. It is a versatile tool that provides awesome functioning.

What We Like
  • Excellent design
  • Sharp blade
What We Don't Like
  • Corded


ARBORS Dog Grooming Clippers kit is an impressive clipping tool that requires 12V power for quiet operation. It is corded and provides you with sharp blades making it the best clippers for cats with mats.
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4.) ENJOY PET Dog Clippers Cat Shaver:

ENJOY PET Dog Clippers Cat Shaver

Want to enjoy Grooming your dog? Want something that is effective and provides you with robust performance? Then give a chance to enjoy pet dog clippers and cat shavers. Enjoy pet is among the many renowned brands which strive to create alluring and impressive pet care products.

The ENJOY PET Dog Clippers Cat Shaver is one such product that is launched by this trustworthy brand. It is launched to the clients in alluring gold color with ergonomic design and sharp blades. For top-quality Grooming at home, this versatile tool is certainly an ideal option. It sports many interesting features and functions.


ENJOY PET Dog Clippers Cat Shaver is an excellent groomer as compared to its various competitors. It is Energized by the Li-ion battery which is quite robust as compared to the NiMh battery.

This lithium battery charges in a few hours and provides you with extensive working hours as compared to the NiMh operated tools. The battery indicator is another convenient feature that guides the user about how much the tool further needs to be charged.

It boat’s  3.7V, 15W motor power providing  Up to 9,000 revolutions per minute. It offers you immense power without the hassle of unclogging. Sharp Blade is another amazing feature offered by this remarkable tool.

Whether you own hairy, thick, or soft hair cats or even rabbits, the enjoy pet dog clippers will back you up with their impressive features. Usually, while working, less noise is generated by this rustproof gadget, making it an excellent tool worth your money. The noise generated is just 50 to 60db.

What We Like
  • Excellent design
  • Sharp blade
What We Don't Like
  • Single-speed motor


ENJOY PET Dog Clippers Cat Shaver is one of the best clippers for cats with mats as it offers quite spectacular features and functions. It is certainly worth your investment.
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5.) Andis 22340:

Andis 22340

Andis is a well-known brand that has been known for decades for developing extravagant pet care supplies, one of which is  Andis 22340. This trimmer or Shaver works like a cannonball as it is packed with many impressive and spectacular features.

The tool weighs about 2 pounds and offers sharp blades that provide you with defective shaving and trimming without causing any harm to your pet’s skin. This decent feature aids in Grooming thick coats effectively as your arm won’t be tired. This amazing product has many awesome features.


Andis 22340 is developed brillinagled by the Andis brand. The pitch-black color provides the tool with a mysterious look and depth. It has a robust motor for operation. The torque produced can aid in dealing with the thick coats of various animals.

The two-speed rotary motor provides Savage performance. Another prominent feature is the detachable blades. You can easily remove the blades. This feature is effective in cleaning the tool which would be difficult if you can’t remove them.

To protect your tool from any accidents, a shatterproof case has been provided with it. This will keep the pet clipper safe and completely secure. Usually, pets undergo quite a lot of stress when they are being groomed however, with this baby around they won’t feel or hear a thing as it produces only 50db sound and won’t cause your pet any discomfort.

To provide you with unlimited run time, this device is power corded. It has a 14-inch cord to provide free movement. It remains cool even when used for extensive periods.

What We Like
  • Detachable blades
  • User friendly
What We Don't Like
  • It’s corded


Andis 22340 is an innovative pet tool that is lightweight and is armed with detachable sharp blades along with a power cord. It is a tool that has the best bang for the buck.
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6.) Sminiker Low Noise Cat and Dog Clippers:

Sminiker Low Noise Cat and Dog Clippers

As a professional, what you need is a good clipper that expertly deals with your pet’s messy hair. Pets are not some creatures that you can just purchase and forget about. You need to take care of their hygiene and basic needs.

If we are talking about Grooming then nothing beats the spectacular and astonishing  Sminiker Low Noise Cat and Dog Clippers. This clipper is designed by the innovative moniker brand that has always made remarkable inventions when it comes to pets.

This tool is totally reliable and trustworthy and has perfect features to offer.


Covered in a sparkly and shiny red paint, the Sminiker Low Noise Cat and Dog Clipper’s shocks or clients with its versatility and functionality. The device offers rustproof bands, ergonomic design, and extensive accessories to provide pro-level Grooming to your pet. Whether it’s a cat or a dog, no matter the type of fur, this device is compatible with all sizes and breeds.

The robust copper axis motor Energized the tool to get rid of the thick coats. It is powered by a 2000 A lithium battery and works like a Bomb. It requires 100 to 250V input power. The lithium-ion battery requires 2 to 3 hours for charging whereas, for working time, it needs about 6 to 8 hours.

It offers safe and sharp ceramic blades that can easily cut through the matted hair and protect your hair from becoming a parasite nest. For even trimming, 3/9/6 and 12 mm guide combs have been provided. This is a low noise tool that doesn’t generate any loud noise. It provides a 4 years warranty.

What We Like
  • Ergonomic design
  • Versatile
  • Battery-powered
What We Don't Like
  • Battery life is short


Sminiker Low Noise Cat and Dog Clippers are one of the best clippers for cats with mats as it offers titanium alloy shaver loaded with 33 cutter heads. It is a must-buy product indeed.
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7.) Oster Golden A5:


Oster Golden A5

While trimming or shaving your pet, you come across many sensitive areas like the abdomen, ears, face, and feet, etc. If your clipper has no adjustable speed setting then certainly there is a risk of your pet falling a victim to severe injury.

To avoid such tragedies, Oster Golden A5 has been designed by the marvelous oster brand that excels in engineering marvelous pet care supplies. The other golden tool is packed with many new features and functions that aid in cleaning the sensitive areas more effectively. This time-efficient tool is packed with many amazing features and functions.


Oster Golden A5 is a heavy-duty clipper that is equipped with a Savage motor which provides 2-speed settings. With the enormous torque generated by this motor, you can smoothly deal with thick coats.

With just a flick of a switch, you can switch from high speed to low speed. Low speeds provide you with precision while high speeds provide you with great shaving performances. The motor is covered with a chew proof covering that can endure the test of time.

This immense tool is equipped with cryogenic blades that are quite versatile and long-lasting. They are stubborn and provide quite awesome cutting performance. If your pet has long hair then you can cut the hair into even lengths with the help of versatile comb guides.

They provide you with eleven trimmings. Just remember that before cutting the hair, comb it and cut it even with a pair of scissors before trimming it.

What We Like
  • 2-speed settings
  • Robust motor
What We Don't Like
  • Blades are sharp and can discomfort


Oster Golden A5 is a robust and versatile Grooming tool that provides 2-speed settings and can efficiently deal with thick pet coats. It is the best clippers for cats with mats.
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8.) Oster A6:

Oster A6

The major issue faced by many pet groomers is that their tool often tends to overheat hence making it difficult to continue their pets clipping.

Similarly, the noise of the tool is so much that the pet tends to get uncomfortable and resists which ultimately has a bad result. Many tools also come with only 1-speed setting which means you can change the speed according to the type of pet area you are going to trim.

If versatility is what you are aiming for then Oster A6 is a perfect option for you guys. This cool device weighs 0.96 pounds and is loaded with many impressive features and functions making it one of the best clippers for cats with mats. Let’s have a look at its various aspects.


Oster A6 comes in shades of sea blue and black providing the whole unit quite a cool and classy look. The tool has an ergonomic design. It is resistant to heating issues. No matter how long you use it, the heat generated by its robust motor won’t overheat the unit and hinder your Grooming.

It tends to remain cool which is quite impressive. Another important feature is the 3-speed settings provided by it which include high-speed 4,400+ SPM, Medium speed 3,600 SPM, and  Low speed of 3,100 SPM.

Apart from these versatile speeds, it has vibration isolators at the motor’s center whose main function is to absorb all the excess noise and vibration. Its blades are quite sharp and long-lasting as well. The detachable 10#The cryogens blade is compatible with all the comb guides and blades. It is one of the best clippers for cats with mats 2021.

What We Like
  • 3-speed settings
  • Ergonomic design
  • Cryogen X blades
What We Don't Like
  • Expensive


Oster A6 is an impressive cool tool with durable and long-lasting Cryogen X blades. It is certainly worthy of your money.
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9.) Andis 23160:

Andis 23160

Many times it happens that the trimming tool is packed with various awesome features but the main thing that it Lacks is a comfortable grip. The nonslip handle and short power cord both work simultaneously to make your pet Grooming quite bitter.

If you don’t want to face such shortcomings then Andis 23160 is an ideal option for you guys. This device is the epitome of technology. It doesn’t overheat, comes with rust-proof blades, and an ergonomic design that supports excellent Grooming. It is the perfect amalgam of functionality and durability. Let’s take a look at its features and functions.


Andis 23160 is a beautiful tool painted in shiny dark blue color with a switch in the middle. The whole operation of the tool can be controlled with this single switch. The bridal design of the handle aids in strengthening our grip.

It is packed with a rotary motor that provides good shaving performance. It washes to detach ceramic blades that are quite sharp and can effectively cut off your pet’s hair without causing any sort of harm or discomfort.

It is a secure tool that provides low noise and makes your pet feel comfortable due to the excellent massage it provides. Your pet may even sleep during this Grooming process. It has 2-speed settings which provide precision and great performance.

The 14-inch cord helps in movement and provides unlined run time. The shatterproof case enables the whole unit to endure the test of time. It is an awesome tool indeed.

What We Like
  • Durable and versatile
  • 2-speed rotary motor
What We Don't Like
  • 14-inch power cord


Andis 23160 is the most trustworthy product of the Andis brand packed with durable rust-proof blades and a shatterproof case. It is among the best clippers for cats with mats.
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10.) HFAN Dog Clippers:

HFAN Dog Clippers

HFAN is a trustworthy brand that has developed many good and reliable pet products for ages. This brand is composed of brilliant engineers who have to strive day and night to develop astonishing pet care products.HFAN Dog Clippers is one such product that is quite innovative.

It has many beautiful features and functions to offer. Your furry friends would be able to cut a fair hair cut thanks to this tool. It is long-lasting and is armed with various aspects. Let’s have a look.


HFAN Dog Clippers is a lithium-powered cordless tool. It means you can freely move around the cat and won’t be restricted due to the cord’s short length. The battery requires 5 hrs of charging. Its working hours are 120 minutes which is quite a decent time.

For charging this tool, a USB adaptor is provided. For blades, it’s equipped with titanium and ceramic mobile blades that provide precision cutting and impressive performance. The R-shaped obtuse angle of the teeth cutters aid in cutting without any snag.

Your pet won’t be injured because of this secure design. If you want an even trimming, then you need to even the long hair through comb guides. You can use 3/6/9/12mm combs for various lengths. They are easily detachable and provide you with easy cleaning.

The noise and vibration produced by this tool are quite low as a result of which your pet can easily allow you to trim its hair. It is an extremely valuable tool for pets with matted hair. For maintenance of the blades, make sure you clean them and oil them so that their performance remains unhindered.

What We Like
  • Ergonomic design
  • Lithium-ion battery
What We Don't Like
  • Pricey


HFAN Dog Clippers are quite flexible and versatile as they offer multiple features and functions making it one of the best clippers for cats with mats. 
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How Do you Dematt a Severely Matted Cat?

First, sprinkle some cornstarch in the area of the mat. Rub the cornstarch gently and then try to remove the mat with your hands. If your cat shows any resistance then try to calm it down and continue with the process

Is it Cruel to Shave a Cat?

If you want to give your cat a summer cut then it’s totally OK as it reduces the mats and hair shed. However, it’s not recommended that you entirely shave the cat because its skin is super sensitive and thin. There is a high chance that you can scratch its skin and injure the cat, also making it prone to several health issues.

Why is My Cat’s Hair Suddenly Matting?

Matting can be a sign of a disease. If your cat is matting rapidly it may indicate that your cat is not feeling well. Many cats under stress,  hyper groom themselves as a result of which they get bald spots at various places.

Should you Trim Long-Haired Cats?

Most veterans don’t recommend cutting cat fur however there are some cats whose fur becomes easily prone to knots and matting. For this, it’s advised that their long hair can be cut down.

What Do you Mean by Matted Hair?

Just like we human beings require regular combing of our hair, the same is the case with our furry friends. They have hairs on their skin. If you don’t comb them then they tend to tangle a lot. The hair becomes curly and knotted making it extremely difficult to smoothly comb the hair. These are matted hair.

Mostly while combing matted hair, the hair of your pets is pulled and snagged causing discomfort to your pet. For these various Grooming, kits have been launched to smoothly get rid of the matted hair without causing any discomfort to the pet.

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Buying Guide

What Features to Look For While Purchasing the Best Clippers For Cats With Mats?

There are many other features that you need to look for. Only then you would be able to find one of the best clippers for cats with mats.

Strong Grip and Comfortable Handle:

Look for a tool that provides an ergonomic design. Only then you would be able to fully successfully groom your pet.

Durable Blades:

Look for blades that are sharp and long-lasting. One which provides a smooth finish and can efficiently handle all the mats


Pick a tool that has a greater warranty. A greater warranty is equivalent to less maintenance cost.

Wrap up:

In the end, you can either choose from the top 10 candidates or you can go for your own clipper by considering the features that have been mentioned above.

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