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Most smart TV users complain about the bad quality of their smart TV’s internal speakers. This is true in the case of some low-cost smart TV screens that have introduced some very thrift speakers with 2 or 5 watts.

But if you have bought yourself a top-notch high quality smart TV by spending a fortune you are supposed to get the desired sound quality out of it. 

If you’re smart TV still can’t give you the desired sound quality even after spending a mighty fortune then you should try to look the other way around. This is because a poor quality TV speaker is not always the cause of the bad sound quality.

You might have messed with your audio settings and created havoc there. Audio settings of your TV, be it Samsung, LG, Vizio or Philips are crucial in determining the sound quality of your TV speakers. 

This is because there is not a single sound setting that matches all the things your TV is supposed to play. For example, you need to have different sound settings for watching the news, movies, sports channel, or some documentary station.

This is not a very practical approach as you can’t possibly change your audio settings each time you switch to a different genre of the TV media. But to make it feasible for you, you can set your audio settings to the type you watch most.

For instance, if you love to binge-watch dramas and movies you can set your audio settings to that specific type and enjoy the desired sound quality for the most part of your screen time.

For other genres like news and sports that take only a few minutes of your daily screen time, you can compromise on the sound quality. 

Now, that you have determined the type of audio settings that you want to have, you must be curious to know how you can adjust your settings. For that purpose, you need to go through our review article to know the Best Equalizer Settings for TV.

The Best Equalizer Settings For TV-Samsung, LG, Vizio, Philips

The type of sound you listen to on your TV will determine the best equalizer settings for your TV. As we have stated earlier that for binge-watchers setting the equalizer to that sound type will be ultimately pleasing. 

This could be understood by considering the example of talk shows. If you are listening to a talk show, instead of having a loud sound, you would need a crisp clear pitch that will help you in listening to each dialogue clearly. But for listening to a music channel, you would prefer the louder sound instead of clarity.

If you are a music geek and want to enjoy the bass and clarity, you need to know that no TV has launched internal speakers that will provide you with the bass. Therefore, you should look for external sound sources for having your desired sound quality with the perfect bass level.

For enjoying music with bass, you can try the stereo speakers as these are the best audio devices with customizable levels of bass. If you want to enjoy movies and series then a great quality soundbar will be the ideal choice for you. 

Although internal TV speakers are not up to par with external audio devices. There are some brands that produce quality devices that have internal speakers well enough for games and movies. For example, Samsung TV has top-notch speakers that will be the best bet for gaming geeks and movie nerds. 

After going through our guide, you must be clear that your equalizer needs to have different settings when you change the type of sound. Now let’s move forward with The Best Equalizer Settings for TV-Samsung, LG, Vizio, and Philips. 

Dramas And Talk Shows:

When you are listening to a talk show or watching a drama you need to focus on the dialogues and hear each sound clearly.  You must have noticed that when listening to dialogues you can’t hear properly too few dialogues. 

The reasons for this inability could be one of the given reasons:

  • Poor quality built-in speakers
  • The location of the TV is not appropriate for speakers or is blocking the speakers.
  • The talk show sound is being played in surround sound while your TV doesn’t support the 5.1 audio channels.
  • The sound level of the people in the show is very low
  • Music effects are disturbing the dialogue sound. 

To counter these reasons you can set your equalizer to your preferred frequencies to adjust the sound to your liking. 

  • Open your equalizer and enter the editing mode.
  • All the frequencies in your graphic equalizer will be at zero level when you enter the editing zone. 
  • You can cut or boost this frequency depending upon your choice. 
  • Since we are discussing the best equalizer sound settings for drama and talk shows, you can start by reducing the bass. 
  • Reducing the bass level will decrease the musical effects and you can clearly hear the dialogues of the people in the show.
  • By bass, we mean the low frequencies of 250 Hz and the lower. Thus you can cut on these low frequencies below 250 hertz and see if the dialogue clarity satisfies you or not. 
  • You shouldn’t directly move to the extreme lows but rather start by lowering the frequencies a bit and then increasing them higher a bit. In this way, you can get your desired frequency. 

For Action Movies:

You can set the high-frequency sound for enjoying the thrill and loud action sequences. The same set of equalizer settings can be applied to the game settings. You can also increase the bass for movies and games because these types of sounds are preferred with some musical effects ad not the original sound of characters is desired like the one in talk shows. 

For Music:

Music is all about high bass and therefore you aim for the clarity of vocals together with a high bass level. You can set your equalizer settings for music by tuning both lows and highs to get your desired frequency. 

These sound settings were generally discussed for Samsung TVs but you can follow the same equalization criteria for LG, Vizio, and Philips TVs. 

Final Words:

In this review article, we have tried to explain to you the best equalizer settings for your TV of any brand including Samsung, LG, Vizio, and Philips. You can decide on the type of sound you want to hear and then set the right frequency as mentioned in our review by adjusting the frequency level in the equalizer.

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