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Vacuums help in easy and quick cleaning that is sometimes automatic and sometimes allow automatic cleaning mechanism. It is then evolved with respect to its power, suction mechanism, surface recommendations, dust bag capacity, and weight with increasing competition. The Best Lightweight Vacuum For Hardwood Floors leads to a separate and distinct category that requires a sensitive measure of suction power for top-notch cleaning.

Things To Consider Before Buying

Hardwood floors require careful consideration in cleaning purposes as it is related to their smoothness and quality preserved cleaning. some factors that are essential to consider are:

Dust Bag Capacity: The dust bag capacity relates to the working performance of the vacuum in such a way that it minimized the work hours when a large capacity dust bag or canister is installed within. It is better to prefer a large capacity dust bag that ensures quick working and less emptying of the bag.

Suction Power: The suction power ranges according to various floors and carpets. It is essential to purchasing a vacuum that is perfectly fit and safe for your home flooring.

Surface Recommendation: Surface recommendation ranges and includes various settings to adjust. It is preferred to include hardwood flooring into consideration and mention prior purchasing.

My Top Pick:

Shark HV382 Rocket DuoClean allows the best of cleaning performance with prolonging reliability of 5 years with Shark. It is made for thorough cleaning of floors, windows, ceilings, and stairs with a lightweight body making it easy to carry around. The ultra-slim body allows elongated use to hard to reach areas and helps in cleaning with a powerful suction mechanism.

Best Lightweight Vacuum For Hardwood Floors

This vacuum stands to the top pick in the category of best lightweight vacuum for hardwood floors and carpets.


Dust Cup CapacitySurface RecommendationsWeightWarrantyPrice
SHARK HV382 Rocket Duoclean0.91 QuartsCarpet, Bare floor9.9 Pounds5 Years Check Price
TINECO A10 HERO Cordless0.5 QuartsHard floor, Carpet, Dual action5.03 Pounds2 Years Check Price
ORECK Commercial XL2100RHS11 QuartsCarpet, Wooden Floor, Laminate Floor, Bare and tile floor9.00 Pounds1 Years Check Price
SHARK NAVIGATOR LIFT-AWAY NV356E2.2 QuartsPet Hair, Carpet, Hard Surface, Bare Floors13.7 Pounds5 Years Check Price
HOOVER LINX Bagless Vacuum1.32 QuartsFloors, Rugs, Carpet10.63 Pounds2 Years Check Price
2.3 QuartsHard floor, Carpet, Dual action10.23 Pounds1 Years Check Price
DYSON Upright Vaccum Cleaner1.7 QuartsDual Action, Hard Floor, Carpet15.6 Pounds5 Years Check Price
DIRT DEVIL RAZOR1.7 QuartsHard floor, Carpet, Dual action13 Pounds1 Years Check Price
EUREKA Mighty Mite 3670
2.7 QuartsFloor, Car, Upholstery, Tiles, Carpet, Stairs11.6 Pounds1 Years Check Price
0.7 QuartsDual Action7.44 Pounds1 Years Check Price

1.) Shark HV382 Rocket DuoClean: (Top Seller)

Shark HV382 Rocket DuoClean

Shark HV382 Rocket DuoClean is an ultimate powerful yet lightweight vacuum that allows the best of the cleaning. The unit is capable of cleaning out small, large, and stick on particles that can be removed and vacuumed even in high piles or at minimal capacity.

The ultra-slim body of the vacuum helps in overall cleaning throughout the house including carpets, directly engaged floors for a polished and thorough cleaning, and ceilings. the quick clean up, easy maintenance, and easy installation suits every easy clean up around the house. The unit is back up with 5 years of warranty.


Shark HV382 Rocket DuoClean is known for its lightweight structure that entitles you to the best of cleaning around the house. The brush roll system helps in deep cleaning while used directly at the floors for getting a polished look.

The unit is capable of collecting out large mess and debris and at the same time cleans off any of the small particles of dirt. It additionally cleans out the sticky particles that sometimes leave a mark on the floors and cannot be cleaned but scratched out suspecting scratches at the floor ruining its polished surface.

The unit is built for lightweight handling that allows versatile cleaning upon the floors and carpets. The placement of brush roll can be easily accessed in case of cleaning and maintenance. the pet multi-tool helps in capturing pet hair on all sorts of surfaces.

The installation of LED lights on the floor nozzle enlightens the hidden spots for thoroughly cleaning with an elongated light cord that extends the cleaning from floor to ceilings. The unit is powered by lithium batteries that eliminate the limited coverage area.


Shark HV382 Rocket DuoClean is an exceptional and quirky lightweight vacuum that is best for hardwood floors by cleaning them up through a direct engaging mechanism leaving no stains and debris left.

2.) Tineco A10 Hero Cordless: (Versatile Usage)

Tineco A10 Hero Cordless

The compact Tineco A10 Hero Cordless vacuum is suited for daily cleaning chores and rated as the best lightweight vacuum for hardwood floors. It comes with additional tools that extend its versatility and its use on multi-surfaces.

The vacuum can be used as a hand handled vacuum or with its lightweight cordless stand for easy reach that leads to thorough cleaning. This vacuum is ranked for pet hair cleaning as well that modifies and extends its use for pet owners. The device is back up with 2 years of warranty along with 24/7 customer care.


Tineco A10 Hero Cordless vacuum cleaner is the best fit for your indoor cleaning including hardwood floors, carpets, and dual-action abled for directly and automatically switching for various surfaces without compromising on the quality of suction.

The high-performance suction power is rated at 350W that provides deep, thorough, and multi-surface cleaning. The cordless and lightweight unit enables its extended use with no limited area to approach with easy maneuvering. The run time of 25 minutes enables uninterrupted cleaning.

The versatile use of the unit from hand handling and versatile attachments provides thorough cleaning at corners, stairs, ceilings, and windows eliminating separate customized cleaning tools. It is perfect for indoor home use with no dust, debris left to manually clean.

The filter system of the sealed HEPA mechanism captures 99.97% of dust particles allowing you to breathe in the clean and fresh air. The easy to clean dustbin helps in the one-touch mechanism that eliminates any dirty hands. The storage dock helps in cleaning charging and storing purposes.

The unit includes 3 brushes of specialized quality i.e. multi-tasker, high-torque and mini brush. The product box further includes a dusting brush and crevice tool for extended use.


Tineco A10 Hero Cordless vacuum is an all-rounder vacuum cleaner that holds the best of cleaning performance, with the best additional tools and reliable working performance for a durable time period.

3.) Oreck Commercial XL2100RHS: (Large dirt capacity)

Oreck Commercial XL2100RHS

Oreck Commercial XL2100RHS is a corded unit that helps in safe cleaning eliminating any bumps in the walls or furniture keeping them protected from any sort of scratches. It is designed for prolong working capacity and minimizing the replacement of dirtbags more often.

Its extended use beneath furniture is able due to the bumpers installed in the handle that allows safe cleaning. The unit allows easy maintenance with a quick cleaning of brush rolls. It is back up with a 1-year warranty and upholds a reliable market image for use.


Oreck Commercial XL2100RHS is a large capacity vacuum cleaner that works and performs longer due to its capacity of extra carrying bag along with a lightweight body. The thumb control on/off switch is an easy control providing easy convenience.

The all-rounder usage of this lightweight vacuum helps with easy reach hard to approach places and lays flat under furniture with maximum cleaning satisfaction and bumpers protect walls and tables. The unit is powered through corded electric making extended reach with help of a long cord of 35 feet that eliminates the hassle of re-plugging to a new location.

 The lightweight model of 9 pounds helps in easy carry of the vacuum with no extra strength to move the vacuum around. The installed extra-large vacuum bags enable the collection of more quantity of dirt and debris which minimizes the replacement of bags often.

The 12 inches large area allows thorough cleaning with quick work. The unit is a perfect cleaning partner for carpets and floors with pet hair removal extending its usage for pet owners as well with its regular use.


Oreck Commercial XL2100RHS allows you a thorough cleaning and reliable use around the house with efficient and safe working due to large capacity vacuum bags.

4.) Shark Navigator Lift-Away NV356E: (Best Filtration)

Shark Navigator Lift-Away NV356E

Shark Navigator Lift-Away NV356E is the best lightweight vacuum for hardwood floors that allows easy portability for extended cleaning options and usage. The unit is being installed with a HEPA filter for removing any allergens inclusive to dust particles leaving fresh air to breathe in. The overhead cleaning and easy-lift away due to modified handle help in easy cleaning around.

The control button for brush roll-on/off helps in adjusting the suction power varying for carpets and bare floors. The unit is corded electric and works at 120 volts. The 5 years warranty ensures the brand quality and usage.


Shark Navigator Lift-Away NV356E is an efficient vacuum cleaner with canister technology with swivel technology that allows easy maneuvering on the floors, rugs, and carpets. The unit allows easy cleaning with lift away mechanism with the mere pressing of the button with easy reach for maximum cleaning around.

The anti-allergen seal technology with HEPA allows capturing of 99.9 percent allergens and dust parties leaving the air fresh and clean. Overhead cleaning isn’t any difficulty with 5 feet long hose.

The carrying handle allows easy lift for cleaning above the ground with easy stairs cleaning and maneuvering. It is designed to tackle pet hair by including a pet hair tool and leak-proof large and small crevice tool. The brush roll shutoff allows deep cleaning options for carpets and gentle cleaning for the floor area.

The high suction power technology allows maximum cleaning around the house with a large hose and no loss of suction in between usage. The unit is designed for ultra-quiet operation with satisfying cleaning performance that allows peace of mind including the Shark 5 years warranty for reliable backup.


Shark Navigator Lift-Away NV356E is a reliable vacuum unit that offers versatility when it comes to all-rounder cleaning options and requirements.

5.) Hoover Linx Bagless Vacuum: (Bagless Mechanism)

Hoover Linx Bagless Vacuum

Hoover Linx Bagless Vacuum provides efficient cleaning reliability with no use of dirtbags for collecting debris, dirt, and another particle. The cyclonic technology allows improved working with a better suction mechanism for minimal leakage.

The hassle-free cleaning and wind tunnel technology provides durable cleaning performance that allows you peace of mind in terms of top-notch cleaning. The unit is back up with 2 years of warranty including customer care and reliable usage.


Hoover Linx Bagless Vacuum provides a consistent cleaning reliability experience due to no loss of suction technology and easy reach with a recline handle. The cyclonic technology allows maximum suction for that it eliminates the requirement of dirtbag, instead, it carries all the collected dirt and debris within the canister that is easy to clean without any hassle.

The multi-floor cleaning is enabled with the transition from carpets to hard floors with great ease due to brush roll shutoff. The wind tunnel technology keeps in all the dirt with maximum holding capacity that refrains the dirt collectibles from any sort of leakage.

The automatic height adjustment allows easy reach when it comes to under area cleaning majorly due to the low-profile base and wide cleaning mouth. The powerful reach is measured in 20 feet cord extension. The risible filter allows maximum usage of it improving its efficiency for better performance.

The edge cleaning bristles allows easy cleaning at hard to reach edges with maximum precise performance. The lightweight structure allows easy lift and maneuvering of the unit for extended usage.


Hoover Linx Bagless Vacuum is an incredible suction lightweight vacuum for hard floors and carpets that allows the best of cleaning around the house.

6.) Bissell Zing Canister: (Powerful Suction)

Bissell Zing Canister

Bissell Zing Canister is a perfect home suited vacuum cleaner that allows the best of cleaning performance with utmost reliability and durability. The Bissell always contributes to the welfare and support of the pet foundation by contributing due to every purchase of their products. Furthermore, it customizes its products for the betterment of the pets.

Similarly, the vacuum is made for an efficient collection of pet hair from all kinds of surfaces. The powerful suction and cyclonic technology with smooth airflow allow the best of working maximizing the efficient capture of dirt, debris, and spilled particles. The unit is back up with a 1-year warranty.


Bissell Zing Canister is a bagless vacuum best suitable for hard floors and carpets allowing quality and thorough cleaning. This bagless unit is capable of running on canister technology with easy maintenance and installation eliminating any more fuss for replacements of bags timely. The canister holds on maximum dirt due to 2 liters of capacity.

The brush roll switch allows easy transmission from carpet cleaning to bare floor cleaning in no time. The dusting brush and crevice tool helps in additional features support and dusting of furniture. The filters installed are made to be washable and are re-useable. This then eliminates all the excess and additional charges making the unit price point affordable.

The electric corded source measured 15 feet in length for cleaning the extended area and retracts for storage convenience including automatic cord rewind.

The easy-clean and empty dirtbag allows mess-free cleaning and the lightweight structure is made more convenient with a carrying handle for comfortable maneuvering. The multi-surface cleaning mechanism of the unit extends its working on various floors with an adjusted mechanism.


Bissell Zing Canister is a bagless vacuum system that allows maximum cleaning with powerful suction technology and easy maintenance.

7.) Dyson Upright Vacuum: (Root Radial Cyclone Technology)

Dyson Upright Vacuum

Dyson Upright Vacuum Cleaner is a trusted model and vacuum cleaner by Dyson which always includes its latest technology in advancing for a cleaner and healthier environment. The unit is installed with radial root cyclone technology that ensures the maximum capture of dirt, debris, and allergens across the room and in the air; making it fresh and allergen-free.

The self-adjusting mechanism for various surfaces allows its versatile usage and that holds the best of the cleaning performance. the unit is back up with 5 years warranty that ensures its reliability and long-term durability.


Dyson Upright Vacuum Cleaner is a self-adjusting vacuum that allows the cleaning of all sorts of surfaces including carpet, wood, vinyl, and tile floors due to upright structure and powerful suction mechanism. It includes advanced features that aren’t experienced in older versions of vacuum cleaners by Dyson.

The radial root cyclone technology helps in the maximum removal of dirt particles that have a higher percentage of suction than any other competitor vacuums. The release wand allows the removal of the rod for extended cleaning beneath furniture and high reaching areas. The maximum reach can be 40 feet with this vacuum allowing thorough cleaning around the house including ceilings, walls, staircases other than floors.

The hygienic cleaning of the canister is done through the push of the button that removes all sorts of collectibles directly into the bin. The cord lengths 31 feet that help in easy cleaning around without re-plugging the unit several times that effects the motor.

The ball technology allows in easy maneuver with the turn of the wrist. The machine’s filtration system ensures the maximum capture of bacteria, dirt, debris, and allergens that allows the best cleaning of the air for fresh breathing.


Dyson Upright Vacuum Cleaner is an automatic adjustable vacuum cleaner with its ranking for the best lightweight vacuum for hardwood floors and carpets. The advanced cyclone technology with incredible suction mechanism allows the best cleaning experience.

8.) Dirt Devil Razor: (Pet Friendly)

Dirt Devil Razor

Dirt Devil Razor is an amazing vacuum cleaner with multiple functions of offer that allows you top-notch and satisfactory cleaning of the house.

It is categorized as the best pet hair removal vacuum as it includes TurboClaw and Premium Pet Brushroll that ensures complete removal of cats and dogs’ hair.

The extension wands help in extended cleaning that helps in maximum cleaning outcomes. It is back up with 1-year of warranty with customer service.


Dirt Devil Razor is a powerful vacuum cleaner that enables you thorough cleaning with efficient performance. The Swivel Steering allows low profile mechanisms for best cleaning under furniture including minimal effort.

The Spin4Pro Premium Pet Brushroll is designed for its use on carpets and floors to remove pet hair with great ease. The powerful suction allows all the dirt particles to capture leaving no left-outs. It is designed lightweight for easy portability and maneuverability.

The 10 inches instant cleaning wand extends the usage of the unit for hard reaching areas. The customized TurboClaw pet tool is designed to tack with stubborn hair that keeps getting stuck and hard to remove. The risible filters are reusable that minimizes its maintenance expenses.

The unit is overall a versatile vacuum cleaner that enables the best of the service with the easy installation including the surface areas of hard floors, carpets, and dual-action for easy transmission.

The capacity of dirtbags is 2.7 quarts that carry large amounts of dirt within minimizing the replacements. The Turbo Tool further increases the chances of using the vacuum for extended cleaning purposes.


Dirt Devil Razor provides thorough cleaning around the house and it’s the best fit for pet owners as it completely removes any pet hair stuck along the furniture laid on the floor.

9.) Eureka Mighty Mite 3670: (Multi-Surface Cleaning)

Eureka Mighty Mite 3670

Eureka Mighty Mite 3670 is designed for effective usage and cleaning that is optimal for cleaning indoors and outdoors. This vacuum allows the mechanism of blower port which is best for use in the outdoor area for blowing away of any sort of leaves.

The indoor cleaning is best done with a powerful suction motor and extended wand. This vacuum cleaner is a perfect cleaning partner for your daily routine as it allows quiet operation and reliable functionality. The unit is back up with 1 year of warranty and offers a suited cleaning partner for your house.


Eureka Mighty Mite 3670 is a canister vacuum cleaner with a compact frame and body that is optimal for home use. It consists of 2.5 liters of dust cup capacity which allows quick cleaning as it sustains along with all the dirt material and substance.

The blower port extends its use from the vacuum and includes blowing away certain leaves in the garage or garden area. The unit allows best and safe use upon bare floors including fingertips controls, nozzle for bare floors, and deluxe floor brush.

The adjustable suction allows you to alter the power and control the suction for various flooring. The 20 feet extend wand with quick release mechanism helps in thorough and easy reach cleaning. the various surface areas that Eureka Mighty Mike 3670 is able to vacuum includes Floor, Car, Upholstery, Ceiling, Tiles, Carpet, and Staircase.

The cord wind allows easy on-storage on the vacuum. The lightweight design helps in its easy maneuverability and portability across the house. It also allows easy to clean dirtbag with no mess.


Eureka Mighty Mite 3670 is an all-rounder canister vacuum that includes multi-surface cleaning around the house with maximum efficiency.

10.) iRobot Roomba i7+: (Automatic Technology)

iRobot Roomba i7+

iRobot Roomba i7+ is an ultra-advanced vacuum robot that allows you an automatic cleaning system that upholds for best of the cleaning experience with minima; human interaction and controlled through the installed smart technology for mapping out the floor, auto-recharge and, scheduling the cleaning.

The personalized schedule of cleaning is best when it enables you to continue your daily life routine without worrying about cleaning as it is easily controlled with the robot vacuum.

The robot is made ideally of the homes that bear pets, which then can assure dual multi-surface rubbers brushes that sweep clean all the hair without entangling. The brushes got adjusted and stay in contrast to further trapping of cats and dogs’ allergens.


iRobot Roomba i7+ is an advanced automatic vacuum cleaning system that allows the Automatic Dirt disposal with Clean Base that allows it for easy self-emptying for 60 days. It isn’t a problem to keep a check on your vacuum to clean and to maintain the device.

The three-stage cleaning system offered by the vacuum helps in powerful suction mechanism and cleaning system. The installed AllergenLock bag helps in keeping the pollens and mold from any kind of leak with the precision of 99 percent.

 The smart navigation guidance of Islam adapts the layout of home customizing the maps and navigate around the area for expert cleaning and effective performance. the auto-charge enables the unit to get charged on battery running low and resumes the unfinished work.

The voice assistance holds the command for easy and preferred cleaning as including the easy control. The smart mapping also allows the robot to detect the sensitive locations and its way through them. The automatic mopping is made possible due to Imprint Link Technology that allows the best mapping for mopping.

The advanced hardware helps in increasing the vacuum’s efficiency for its intelligent features that are offered today in the product.


iRobot Roomba i7+ is a self-cleaning robot vacuum that allows minimum human effort and cleans around with precision and sensitive control.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Is The Best Vacuum For Hardwood Floors And Carpet?

The best lightweight vacuum for hardwood floors and carpets includes powerful suction and large dust bag capacity. The vacuums such as Shark HV382 Rocket DuoClean and Tineco A10 Hero Cordless vacuum are listed for the best performance.

Is It Better To Sweep Or Vacuum Hardwood Floors?

It is better to vacuum hardwood floors as adjustable suction power allows best and careful cleaning with sustaining the polish of the floor, whereas it is difficult to attain a new and polished look of the floors with sweeping.

Is It OK To Vacuum Hardwood Floors?

Hardwood floors vacuums range differently in their suction power that then allows careful suction and saves the floors from any scratch.

What Is The Best Hard Floor Vacuum?

The best hard floor vacuum includes Shark HV382 Rocket DuoClean, Tineco A10 Hero Cordless vacuum, Oreck Commercial XL2100RHS and Shark Navigator Lift-Away NV356E.

Buying Guide

Buying a guide for the best lightweight vacuum for hardwood floors is a must consultant factor that clears the decision path of the potential buyer and helps in making a reliable and correct choice according to the needs. Few factors that are important to consider includes:


The weight is an important factor to consider while purchasing a vacuum cleaner as it suggests the time period that can be worked with it. It is preferred to look for and choose a lightweight vacuum cleaner that ensures easy maneuverability and portability around and it is less tiresome to carry.


The manufacturing includes the model and structure of the vacuum that is essential and contributes to its position which then decides the storage and usage of the model. The upright structure of the vacuum cleaner allows a stable position for the unit that is then easy to move around and doesn’t require any specific maintenance. The placement of the bag helps with the look of the vacuum and its turning directions.

Noise Level:

The noise level is related to the engine of the vacuum which should dissolve in the household environment and doesn’t interrupt peace for people near you. it is better to ask for engine maintenance as rust sometimes can cause unwanted noise that then compromises the performance of the vacuum cleaner.


The handling of the vacuum allows you to carry it around in addition to a lightweight structure. The handle or wheels further add to your comfort and enable quick cleaning around without carrying it around all the time.

Extension Cord:

The extension cord for corded electric is preferred to be of a longer length that then can be carried and extended easily. This eliminates the unwanted interruptions in between and minimized re-plugging that can affect the motor of the vacuum.

Wand Length:

The wand length and its connection, as well as quick release, is important to consider as it adds to your convenience and versatility to work for hard to reach areas or low-profile places under furniture, also windows when vacuums can be turned to hand handles options.


The warranty of any unit or product is important to consider as it helps in making assumptions about a specific product’s quality. High-quality products usually offer a longer period of warranty than that which includes standard pr general motor installation.

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