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If you are looking for the ways to keep your newborn calm and ensure for them a good night sleep then you are certainly at the right spot as here we are going to review the best night light projector for babies and will help you decide that which one of these great quality night light products will be ideal for your baby and their good night sleep.

Projector soother is one of the best-considered ways to enhance the sleeping time of the baby by capturing their attention and providing them a plush top which they can drag and drop the way they like while playing with their toys.

This toy in return will grab the attention of the baby and after a tiresome play of colors and sounds the baby will calmly go asleep.

These Best Night Light Projector For Babies are not just for baby’s sleep as these soother projectors are meant for a good night sleep, so, the tool will be an ideal product for the wellbeing of the mother keep her sane and allowing her to perform her motherly role better in the day after relaxing at night.

So if you have made up your mind to get your baby a night light soother projector, then give our article heed and go through the in-depth review of these best quality night light projectors.

My Top Pick:

Are you busy enough to skip reading the article until the end? Don’t worry we have held you covered and have brought you our top pick of the best night light projector for babies to save your time and help you make a wise decision. Night Light Star Projector by Cloud b is the best choice for a soother projector which will be the plush toy for your baby as well as the projector aiding them with a good night’s sleep.

Best Night Light Projector For Babies

This is a no-sound baby turtle constellation that is designed in the shape of a turtle that projects a starry sky which eases the baby’s fear of darkness and lets them pass the night comfortably.

1.) Fisher-Price Deluxe Soother: (Best For App Control)

Fisher-Price Deluxe Soother

Fisher-Price is a brand which is enjoying a reputable spot, in the baby products consumer market, which is desired by many and envied by even more and this position and standing are all due to the manufacturing expertise and excellence of the manufacturers who are burning the midnight oil to get a very reliable and durable Fisher-Price Deluxe Soother being produced.

This model is starry sky projecting night light which is coming with a smart timer control and a lot more fancy feature to make it a worthy device which is well worth of each penny you will invest over it.


The best thing about this baby night light projector is its smart app connectivity which renders this projector best in the said category of smartphone-connected night lights.

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This smartphone connectivity is a modern and less common approach but is widely recognized as a necessity and is highly recommended by the critiques in the latest models and upgraded versions.

Apart from that this device has a backlit facility which makes it easier to tune it under darkness not disturbing the baby under sleep by turning the lights in the baby’s room.

Sound types are also very reliable here taking your consideration into notice and allows you to customize it according to your need by choosing from white noise, soothing music, and natural sounds.

What We Like
  • 3 sound types
  • 3 lightening options
  • Smart app connectivity
  • Back lightening
What We Don't Like
  • Uneconomical
  • No battery power


This fisher price soother is a very well reputed baby night light projector coming with 3 modes of sound and 3 lightening options which will allow the night light to be customized according to your need and preference.

2.) Cloud b Night Light Star Projector: (Best Without Sound)

Cloud b Night Light Star Projector

Cloud b turtle constellation night light is the best baby projector for Cloud b Night Light Star Projector allowing your baby to have a comfortable sleep enabling him to play and focus your baby’s attention to over the sky constellations or have a hedgehog, sloth, and other given designs.

This is a very durable projector which is coming with a  wildlife display theme to make your baby familiar with cute animals to feel them at home with their tiny friends at bedtime.

The biggest challenge for any baby product is that it has to be of utmost care to the needs and aspirations of the parents and be very sensitive to the baby’s wellbeing as parents will only give green light to purchase only if they are deeply satisfied with the outcomes.


This baby turtle constellation projector is coming with a kid activated mode to let the baby either stay awake or let them fall asleep depending upon the lightening mode and colorful projection of the designs which are projected with it.

Another good thing about this device is that it has a starlight display as well as a wildlife theme which allows you to select from the two options the one that suits your better.

Other than that you can adjust the volume of the sound which your projector is playing and the also sense motion using the 9 sensory discoveries that this model of baby night light allows for.

What We Like
  • Starry sky projection
  • Beta constellations
  • Auto shut off
  • 3 color cycle
  • Three color variants
What We Don't Like
  • Lack sound


This star and moon displaying baby night light will be the best projector that you can have as either for your baby or as a baby shower gift for your known ones since this is a perfect gift that will really make a good vibe with the recipient.

3.) SOAIY Sleep Soother: (Best With Aurora Borealis)

SOAIY Sleep Soother

The SOAIY Sleep Soother is a runner up baby night light projector which has all the amazing feature to make it stand firm among the toughest competition ever and has a very respectable standing in the consumer market generally and baby products precisely.

This brand has a long line up of trustworthy and notable products which are nothing less than the ultimate best and has many outstanding features which are not found anywhere else.

This model of night light projector is another one coming with the sound allowing you to set bedtime lullabies and rhymes for your baby which will boost your baby’s grasp of his surroundings and will shift his attention towards the product itself grabbing it from unwanted chaos that baby most expectedly create at night, this will be the biggest relief for the new mother.


This model has a built-in storage of 128 MBs which is asserted into it as a removable SD card coming on board with the projector and this removable memory has pre-installed in it 12 lullabies.

Which will be a treasure for your baby at night as their night time will comfortably be passed by listening to those nursery rhymes and lullabies.

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This is a remote control projector and its operational distance is 32 feet which means you can control the baby night light projector while sitting inside your room when the baby crib or the room is about 30 meters apart from yours and this is much relaxation to roam around at night.

What We Like
  • 12 installed Lullabies
  • Built in speakers
  • Timer control
  • Mood lights
  • 8 light modes
  • Auto shut down
What We Don't Like
  • Lack battery power source


This quality light projector has a time control and offers 8 color combos to choose from along with its mood control settings to choose the color pattern according to the mood of the baby-making it worth the cost.

4.) Fisher-Price Projection Soother: (Best For Timer Control)

Fisher-Price Projection Soother

This is another night light projector coming from the same Fisher-Price Projection Soother brand and this time the manufacturers have hit hard on the market by launching their deluxe model which is a very talked-about model in the baby’s product consumer category earning them good fortune and obviously the repute.

This is a sibling to the earlier mentioned Fisher-Price brand and this too comes with the smart app control and remote connectivity which makes it a worthy product enjoying the peak and privileges of the great quality features.


This is coming with smart connectivity which means that you can hook up you a baby night light projector with your smartphone and then you have to install the compatible app of the projector after that you will be in a better position to tune your projector from the very owned smart device turning it into a remote control.

This hype of app control is due to the fact that buyer will be in a better position to regulate the settings, modes, lights, shutoff and turning on time of the baby nigh light from a distant place by mere a press of the mobile home which has the compatible application for the projector installed in it.

What We Like
  • 3 stage operation to choose from
  • Let the baby fall asleep or stay awake depending upon the noise type
  • Star Light projection
  • Rotating lights
  • 9 sensory movements
  • 25 minutes of music
What We Don't Like
  • Lack a Timer


This is an overall great baby light that has 25 minutes of sound play and has smart app connectivity along with volume control and rotating lights which take a 360-degree turn after completion of each round changing the color pattern and light forms to make it aesthetically appealing to the baby.

5.) AnanBros: (Best For Music)


This AnanBros is a relatively less known manufacturing firm but those who are familiar with it know that they are producing some of the very reliable and durable products.

Which will stick by your side for a long time period compelling you to count on them and this is a praiseworthy point of any product particularly the baby’s consumer goods.

This is yet again another star and moon projecting night light strengthening the notion that starry sky is the trendiest projection to come up in night light projectors and when this comes with a moon and constellation projections this is something worthy to count on.


This night light is coming with a feature-rich package of which the sound of the music player is the most notable one, yes you read it right this tiny plush toy supposed to be placed in a crib or side table has the potential to be a good quality music player.

As far as baby sound is concerned this MP3 compatible device is coming with on board storage of 128 MBs which is coming as SD inserted removable memory and has built-in 12 lullabies.

This will let your baby have a warm bedtime falling asleep by listening to his fav nursery rhymes ( you have to feed them into the device as they are not coming built-in)  and lullabies.

What We Like
  • 12 installed Lullabies
  • Remote control ability
  • Timer control
  • Starry sky projection
  • Rotating lights
  • 9 color combos
  • 9 color combos
What We Don't Like
  • Lack a wall charger


Anan bros is a strong MP3 compatible night light having 3 stage operation and 9 color combos to choose from each coming with rotating lights and star and moon projection sky which could be projected to a ceiling or the sidewall drawing the baby’s attention.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Do Night Light Projectors Help Baby Sleep?

Baby night lights are turning out to be more liked partners of cribs than any other toy which are customizable found in cribs but these night light plush toys are turning towards universal items that every parent wants to have for their child.

What Color Night Light Is Best For Babies?

Orange or red light is generally thought of as best for night lights and this breaks the stereotype which considers blue light more beneficial and this is because blue light is an activator that will draw your attention and let the baby stay awake attending to the light.

What Is The Best Night Light Projector?

Ocean wave projector is ranked as the best night light projector and it is offering its users a combination of 7 different colors and 12 LED lights which make it aesthetically appealing to the bedroom and leaving behind a very comfortable and soothing environment.

What Is The Best Baby Light Projector?

Chicco Goodnight Stars light is considered as a great quality night light projector for babies coming with 4 projection modes and 3 battery powered energy source. This is a washable plush toy that makes it a durable model to have and is offering a safety hook for its proper attachment.

Buying Guide

Night light projectors if consistently used at bedtime will act as an alarm for your baby who will perceive it as the time to go asleep and these night light projectors will also be beneficial to make the bedtime calm and soothe which will add on to increase the sleep time.

But for a better experience and ideal features, one must be wise enough to check in-depth features and specifications of the product they are opting for their baby. For that, they must go through the following considerations to make a judicious decision.

Remote Control:

Remote control ability is a strong factor to look for in a baby night light and plenty of good enough projectors are supporting it, if present in a device this remote control facility will allow you to directly control your baby night light from afar of your baby room, though you have to stay in the mentioned radius for signal transmission.

Auto Shutoff Timer:

Auto-shutoff is a very worthy of consideration feature which will prevent the night light to stay on functioning for all night long and this happens only if your baby light projector is coming with time and therefore you would be able to set a time after which your device will be automatically shut off.


Sound is also a sticking feature which is although not mandatory but a great feature to have. This feature will be most functional if it is coming with built-in storage and lullabies to make your bedtime soothing and enjoyable.

Certainly, many people want to have a noise-free device and many good options are available for that and if you want to have only white noise instead of music you can also opt for that.

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