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Pets are lively to hop, jump, and move around all day long. The pet owners love to see them juggling around with their lively energy but the pets won’t be looked after for the entire day. This needs a substitute for a human eye that can record the videos and images and later the pet owner can get updates. The pet cameras are designed for such purposes.

The best pet camera can be chosen from any one of the following as they are ranked on their offered features, reviewed my personal usage, and bears positive feedback from its customers.

Top Pick:

Furbo Dog Camera is the best pet camera that provides all the essential features and quality capture required by the pet owners in order to record their pets. The promising feature of this pet camera is audio quality and barking alert that notifies you at an instant about the present condition and situation of your pet.

The upgraded full HD camera captures the details with a wide-angle to have a clear and comfortable view of your pet and its surroundings. The easy installation of the device helps in its quick set up wherever required.

List Of Best Pet Camera


Image Product Feature Price
Top Pick


Audio and barking alert
Full HD camera
Easy to set up
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Built-in responsive microphone
High-definition capture
Smart motion tracking
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128 GB local private space
High-tech optical lens
Broad angle night vision
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Perfect monitoring
High-definition recording
Alexa enabled
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Real-time human detector
Night vision enabled
Easy multiple views
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Automatic motion detector
Wireless working
Instant notification alert
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Wide-angle coverage
Stable treat dispenser
Low-light capture
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WPA2-AES encryption
Easy setup
Provides wide-angle capture
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2-Way Audio& Music Story Playing
Multiple uses simultaneously
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Easy to set up with video guidance
Convenient retrieval of data
Wireless connection
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1.) Furbo Dog Camera :

Furbo Dog Camera is a highly equipped camera with HD full resolution. The clear night vision and live streaming with the easy storage option provide the best of captures and memorable moments. The wide-angle capture helps with full coverage of the place.

The Two-way audio and barking alert instantly push notification on your smartphone following by 10 seconds instant video upon motion detecting. The quick setup of the camera saved your precious time and starts collecting memorable moments.

The camera is ranked as the best pet camera as it helps in easy connection and capture. The easy installation of the camera is yet another feature that saves your precious time.


Furbo Dog Camera is equipped with full HD resolution including night vision clarity as well. It allows live streaming that helps in monitoring the pet is 160-degree wide-angle view in day and night time.

The 2-way audio with barking sensor helps to detect the direction of barking and push notification on your smartphone. It provides an easy connection to keep a check on your pet even if you are not close.

The setup of the camera includes three simple steps starting from plugging in the power outlet through a USB cord. Secondly, download the Furbo app and lastly, built a strong internet connection for operating the camera.

The trick for the best performance of the camera requires a strong internet connection. The pet camera provides a healthy check on your pet for all-time care and protection of the pet and helps in minimizing accidents.


  • 2-way audio and barking alert
  • Enable treat tossing
  • Full HD 1080p camera
What We Like
  • Praise your pet with the treat
  • Keep an eye on the pet
  • Night vision camera and a bark sensor
What We Don't Like
  • Consist of certain restrictions
  • Pricey
  • Could be designed better


Furbo Dog Camera is an affordable yet high-quality camera that bears professional features to capture beautiful and memorable moments of your pet’s life.

2.) YI Dome Camera :

YI Dome CameraWith complete 360° coverage, the YI Dome camera supports 345° horizontal and 115° vertical rotation range along with 112-degree angle captures the full scene with no blind spot. The auto-masking mode provides an extra sense of security and stores the data for up to 8 positions for a bookmark position that can easily return at a single touch of the button.

The two-way audio connection provides an easy communication option with the easy taking of snapshots for later use as well. The enhanced night vision can shoot and record in the dark for up to 3 meters that offers you to look vividly at the angles, motion, and your pet presence in the room.


YI Dome Camera bears high-definition performance with pixels quality of 720 pixels. The 112-degree wide-angle glass lens combined with the 345° horizontal and 115° vertical rotation range for creating a completer and 360-degree coverage.

The advanced technology night vision designed with 8 built-in 940nm infrared LED beads result in extended view at distance up to 3 meters, even in a pitch-black environment. This eliminates the need for the LED light that might disturb the pets in its glare and cause discomfort.

The built-in microphone with an anti-noise filter provides 2-way audio experience as it is designed with advance and responsive technology. The intercom function provides maximum flexibility for talking and listening freely.

The YI Dome Camera is designed with a YI cloud that helps in sustaining the recorded footage safely while reducing the chances of losing it. The insertion of SD cards built up the additional storage for safe, secure, and protected data. The reliable connectivity with WIFI provides easy access to the camera with the YI Home App on the mobile device to get a quick look anywhere around.


  • 720p High-definition
  • Full 360-degree coverage
  • Supports YI cloud
What We Like
  • Sharp and high-definition 1080p video
  • Includes local and cloud storage
  • Automatic motion tracking
What We Don't Like
  • Doesn’t support Google Assistant and Alexa


YI Dome Camera captures wide-angle video and images with privacy protection and advanced features back up the quality.

3.) TENVIS Home Pet Camera :

TENVIS HD Wireless Pet camera is a multifunctional smart camera along with a motion-detector sensor that automatically records on detecting potential motion. The enhanced night vision mode, smart eye technology, and 2-way audio enable built-in to provide useful and precise recording of the videos and photos that can later on posted on social media.

The large local storage of 128 GB helps with easy backup and retrieval of the data. The camera is ranked as the best pet camera due to its quality and advanced features with promising specifications as well.


TENVIS Home Pet Camera is a high definition 1080p device with full coverage surveillance of 355° horizontal and 120°vertical. The high-tech two optical lenses provide required expansion to increase the monitor range and hence cover the wider area.

The Smart Eye core technology consists of infrared lights that automatically work when detects the change in lights for up to 32 ft range. The camera helps in the automatic identification of potential anomalies and hence immediately sends notification alerts and provides all-time footage that won’t let you miss any important information.

The anti-noise microphone and speakers, along with two-way audio provides fluency in conversation with no such interruptions or boundaries to talk to the family. The easy-to-connect WIFI allows easy configuration with a single click.

The local storage in the camera is 128 GB that provides an efficient storage option and hence does not miss any footage. The data can be retrieved for up to 2 months with authorized access to the data.


  • Full Coverage 1080p Surveillance
  • Two-way audio
  • Smart motion detector
What We Like
  • Easy installation and run smoothly
  • Clear images and sound quality
  • Allows remote viewing
  • The coverage area is extensive
What We Don't Like
  • Hardware is a bit bulky
  • Cord is short
  • Doesn’t support 5Ghz Wi-Fi


TENVIS HD Wireless Pet camera is easy to set up the device with remote viewing and extensive coverage option along with local storage option.

4.) Baby Monitor Camera :

Baby Monitor CameraThe Wansview Baby Monitor Home Camera is an easy-to-use and fully featured camera perfect for monitoring pets with guaranteed peace of mind irrespective of your position. The camera offers to the record of super and high-quality video in day and night time.

The two-way audio connection provides easy communication with your loved ones with a real-time motion detector that sends a quick alert with a 10-sec video recording. The storage option provides easy replay of recorded videos with easy voice control with Alexa and hence provides easy use. The camera captures high-quality pictures that enhance details of the pet’s features.


Baby Monitor Camera is designed with 1080p resolution that displays a clear and crystal quality live and smooth video and hence provides an eye on every corner of the room. The camera is compatible with 2.45G WIFI for easy access through your smartphone.

The built-in microphone and speaker with 2-way working allows easy talking and listening back and forth. The installation of Alexa helps in easier control of the camera as well.

The camera allows easy track with full coverage of 350° pan, 90° tilt, and 110° field of view. The non-visible infrared light removes the need for a red glow that can cause any kind of discomfort to your pets.

The automatic motion detector records 10 seconds worth of video when detects a slight movement in the subject. The security of the data within the camera backup by Encryption Technology keeps the data secure with easy saving in the cloud for reducing the chances of losing the saved footage.


  • Equipped with HD resolution
  • Financial Encryption Technology for security
  • Built-in microphone
What We Like
  • Affordable price range
  • 720p quality live video
  • Slim and compact design
  • 4x digital zoom
What We Don't Like
  • Limited night vision
  • No capability of pan or tilt


Baby Monitor Camera provides HD resolution live video capturing that helps in brilliant quality images and videos with the best of camera features.

5.) Netvue Orb Dog Camera :

Netvue Orb Dog CameraNetvue Orb Camera helps you to effectively record pleasant moments of the pets for you and your family. This can act as an indoor security camera as well with a 24/7 easy Livestream along with a two-way audio connection to talk to your family and pets from anywhere.

The camera supports multiple users to use the camera simultaneously and share happy moments. The live streaming with high-quality and clear voice recording provides sharp and detailed footage.

The camera further features privacy protection and cloud storage to enhance the performance and storage options within the device. The wide-angle view enhances the detailing from the environment and captures every nook and corner of the room.


Netvue Orb Dog Camera is a real-time human detector with real-time tracking for slight movement as well. The motion alerts are sent on the smartphone that is connected through WIFI and hence keeps you updated about the potential danger.

The camera is equipped with artificial intelligence technology, a targeted optimization algorithm, and invalid alert filtering to send a precise and accurate alert.

The multiple-view camera helps with the 360-degree panoramic view of every corner and nook of the house. The two-way audio and video with rotation for 360° horizontally and 105° vertically along with the 100-degree field of view. The Netvue camera is equipped with infrared LEDs with auto-switching to the night vision mode when detected dim environment.

The noise filter technology provides crystal-clear two-way conversation. The quick 2.4 GHz WIFI connection provides easy and fast set up of the camera for rolling and saving the footage.


  • 2-way audio feature
  • Night Vision & WIFI Connection
  • Cloud storage and privacy guaranteed
What We Like
  • Installation of user-friendly mobile app
  • Great image quality
  • Easy to set-up
What We Don't Like
  • Can be noisy
  • Small in size


Netvue Orb Dog Camera bears automatic activation on detection of motion and instantly alerts you while efficiently recording the data.

6.) Zmodo EZCam Wireless :

Zmodo EZCam WirelessZmodo EZCam Wireless provides wide-angle image and video recording with brighter and crisp quality images. The two-way audio connectivity and night vision enhance the performance of the camera even in a pitch-black environment. The wireless connection helps in easy compatibility with Alexa through voice control.

The motion alert detector is designed with high accuracy for instant alerts that helps you to detect and watch every single movement of your pet. Cloud storage provides easy access to recorded data that then can be edit, customized, and downloaded. The camera supports a 1-year warranty and claims durability.


Zmodo EZCam Wireless is a 720 pixels HD camera that provides 130-degree wide-angle coverage with the zoom function up to 4 times and results in producing bright and crisp images. The clarity of the images is independent of the night or daytime.

The wireless operation of the camera includes easy voice commands through Alexa. The built-in anti-noise filter microphone provides endless family talks and an enjoyable time.

The night vision sensitivity is an automatic adjustment technology that helps in easy control of infrared night vision to allows you a clear vision from the distance of 26 ft. The activity detection with high accuracy sends a quick alert on your smartphone and provides all the important updates and alerts known.

The automatic detection activates quick video recording for 10 seconds and sends an alert in case of a potential emergency. The data is continuously backup on the cloud so that you can review, edit, and download the footage.


  • Automatic adjustment technology
  • Activity detector
  • Wide-angle capture
What We Like
  • Great Video quality
    Clear and crisp Night Vision
  • Easy to install
  • Mounting is an easy job
What We Don't Like
  • No lock option on the camera base
  • No way to use chrome


Zmodo EZCam Wireless provides easy installation with clear and crispy night vision in pitch black mode as well. It is marked as a wise investment.

7.) Petzi Treat Cam :

Petzi Treat CamPetzi cares about your precious moments with your pets, even when you can’t be around all the time. The new and fun way to look into your pet’s life is an effective quality camera along with a remote treat dispenser to keep your pet entertained.

The camera delivers up to HD quality live video recording with low-light IR video along with wide-angle capture. The smartphone connection through the mobile app is enabled both on iOS and android for easy and remote control. The camera is ranked as the best pet camera due to its promising and quality features.


Petzi Treat Cam provides a fun and easy way to treat and connect with your pet anywhere. The camera consists of 30Fs with an HD camera that delivers up to 720 pixels resolution video. The low-light capture of IR video with wide-angle coverage of 110-degree helps in covering up all the nooks and corners of the room.

The camera is supported and controlled with iOS and Android app as well with all-time control and look for your pet and never miss out on any important event or details of your pet’s life.

The treat launcher keeps pets intact for fun and adventure times as well. The camera is an innovative product for capturing candid moments of your pet’s life that can be shared on social media as well. The storage option is reliable enough to retrieve videos and photos later on. With the installation of the Petzi Treat camera, you can look for excitement on a pet’s face.


  • Fun and easy way to connect
  • Quality recording of images and videos
  • Record and save on cloud
What We Like
  • Affordable price range
  • Highly portable
  • Good video and image quality
What We Don't Like
  • One-way audio only
  • A bit of delay between reality and what is seen


Petzi Treat Cam is a highly portable device with promising features that helps in capturing each and every memorable moment of your pet’s life.

8.) Pawbo Life Pet Camera :

Pawbo Life Pet Camera  Pawbo Life Pet Camera provides you effective, fun, and interactive performance option that enabled better video communication and audio connection. The wireless connectivity enhances its better performance with a better visual experience as well due to quality capture through a wide-angle lens.

The camera provides an easy connection to your pet with easy listening and responding accordingly. It is a true way to keep a healthy bonding between you and your pet. The wide-angle capture helps incomplete coverage of the environment with the best quality recordings that are effectively saved and uploaded on the cloud.


Pawbo Life Pet Camera is equipped with high-definition features that provide 720 pixels worth of live video capture along with a 130-degree wide-angle lens for full coverage with 4 times more digital room to capture and record the precious moments of your pet’s life.

The built-in microphone, laser, treat dispenser, and speaker helps in easy listening, rewarding, talking, and recording. The photos and videos that are recorded are of great quality that can be posted on social media as well. The camera provides multiple control panels that can help in connecting 8 different users at a single time.

The easy-to-set-up camera supports iOS, iPhone, iPad, and iPod; android and all its latest versions. The WIFI connectivity supports speed up to 2.4 GHz with WPA2-AES encryption.

The camera is designed to provide high-quality graphics of videos and images to look after your pet from your smartphones and later on post their adorable high-quality images and videos on social media as well.


  • Built-in microphone and speaker
  • Instant social media sharing
  • WIFI enabled and safe storage
What We Like
  • Easy to set up and install
  • Lots of fun and quality features
  • Great quality of the video
What We Don't Like
  • No presence of night vision
  • Spotty audio recording
  • Treat dispenser can be designed better


Pawbo Life Pet Camera provides you 24/7 live streaming with easy to install and store data so that it can be retrieved again later on.

9.) VSTARCAM Cat Camera :

VSTARCAM Cat Camera is designed for HD live streaming with wide-angle recording and a two-way communication option along with video-chat connectivity. The easy automatic and manual connection with your pet helps you to look after them, even if you are not around.

The enhanced night vision LED IR lights can record in a pitch-black environment up to 10 meters. The automatic motion detector tracks the movement and creates quick notifications. The simultaneous use of the camera by 4 users allows easy control and quick access to data. The easy setup and installation with one key WIFI configuration save up your precious time.


VSTARCAM Cat Camera is a full HD wireless pet monitor camera with a wide-angle view of 107-degree with a rotation range of 355° horizontal & 120° vertical. This enables the whole coverage of every nook and corner of the house.

The dual filters with intelligent IR cut result in high-quality images and videos irrespective of day or night time. The range of night vision is up to 10 m in the pitch black.

The built-in microphone and speaker allow easy communication between you and your pet. The motion and barking detector push a quick notification on your smartphone and enables you to get every single alert in case of emergency. The quick WIFI setup helps in an easy connection between the camera and your smartphone app.

The cloud and device storage of 128 Gb helps in 24 hours video recording without skipping any moment unrecorded. The camera is designed to capture important moments of your pet’s life and helps in having a healthy check on your pet.


  • Interactive Laser Toy
  • 128 GB cloud storage
  • Motion sound detection with easy setup
What We Like
  • Great night vision mode
  • Automatic sound detection
  • Great price budget
What We Don't Like
  • No rechargeable option
  • The talk/listen feature could be improved


VSTARCAM Cat Camera is equipped with an automatic motion detector with an efficient alert system and local large space storage for easy managing of saved data.

10.) Iseebiz Smart Pet Camera :

Iseebiz Smart Pet CameraIseebiz Smart Pet Camera is equipped with easy and fun treat tossing that can be remotely controlled by the free app installed in your smartphone. The upgraded 1080 p camera allows easy sharing, seeing, talking, and sharing of the data. The three-step single setup helps in quick installation and connection through WIFI.

The suction cups and hanging holes complement each other with the flat standing surface that helps in stable and controlled dispensing of food. The camera provides a save storage option to retrieve your data afterward for social media uploading.


Iseebiz Smart Pet Camera enables an easy and remote toss of the threat via a free app that can be easily installed on the smartphone. With the high-definition camera of 1080p, you can now record quality videos and images of your pet that got a store on the camera and the cloud as well for easy retrieval later on.

The easy 2 minutes step-up of the camera includes plugging in the camera in the power outlet through a USB cord. Secondly, to connect it with your smartphone, download the Iseefeeder app, and lastly connect a 2.4 GHz home WIFI network for powerful performance.

The voice control can be added by combining the device with Alexa. The camera is designed in such a way that the suction cups are standing flat without drill holes air escape so that the food dispenser won’t spill off more food than required.


  • Upgraded 1080P Camera
  • Stable suction cups design
  • Enabled treat dispensing
What We Like
  • Programmable timetable
  • Infrared recognition
  • Supports voice recording
What We Don't Like
  • Irregular quantity dispensation
  • Doesn’t provides profound cleaning


Iseebiz Smart Pet Camera provides fun treat dispensation with a stable and flat design that won’t let the food go to waste.

Buying Guide Best Pet Camera

Video Quality:

The good video quality provides you a clearer view of hidden pets as well. If the picture is muddy, it would be difficult to spot the pet easily and hence renders the purpose of the pet camera. The upgraded models offer video quality up to 1080p with live streaming.

Two-Way Talk:

Two-way audio communication needs to be done to keep a healthy check on your pets and remove their separation anxiety. This keeps you in healthy interaction with your pet and hence results in joyous family time.

The pet won’t be left alone, and the pet owner would keep healthy contact with the pet as well.

Remote Viewing:

Regular and timely check on your pets is essential to keep them unharmed. To have a scheduled look at your pets, it is important to have a remote viewing through your smartphone with single app control.

Motion Detection:

Many of the cameras offer motion detection to increase security measures, but this can extend its purpose to track your pets as well. This then allows you to use the feature of two-way talk when the pet is beginning to start its day. This then helps in keeping their sleeping schedule in mind.

Pan, Tilt, and Zoom:

As pets aren’t stationary, the camera must be in the field of view. Their jumps, hops, and movements are needed to be thoroughly monitored from all directions. It is advisable to look for the feature to pan, tilt, and zoom as well.


The wired cameras offer multiple benefits but won’t keep up with efficient tracking of the pets as they are stationary. the wireless camera allows you the easy placement of the camera along with convenient setup and installation. this extends its use for outdoor purposes as well.


The pets are supposed to hop around all day long whether they are kept indoors or outdoor. This then requires a waterproof camera that can be placed in the open and captures from all angles and all the moments.

Built-In Storage:

The recorded videos help in re-watching the events that could have been missed while you are busy. This then helps in tracking incidents and detect pet triggers. This requires local built-in storage that can back up the data and can retrieve anytime. The built-in storage may not be a reliable option and hence it is advisable to check for cloud storage as well.

FAQs(Frequently Asked Questions)

What Is The Best Pet Camera?

The best pet camera is the one that captures high-quality images and videos, efficient storage options, and quality features. Furbo Dog Camera, Netvue Orb Dog Camera, and Iseebiz Smart Pet Camera are some examples.

Should I Get A PET Camera?

The pet camera is an effective solution to look after your pet even when you aren’t around. The pet camera provides you healthy check on your pet hours and enables live recording.

Are PET Cameras Safe?

Most of the pet cameras ate unsecured and hence highly vulnerable to hackers. Look for the built-in security features that keep your data safe.

Do PET Cameras Help With Separation Anxiety?

Pet cameras help in dealing with separation anxiety as it keeps the pets entertained and pet owners with in-touch with them.

Where Should I Put My Furbo?

The Furbo Pet camera must be placed 10 to 20 feet above the floor so that it will be able to record from a sufficient distance.

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