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Projectors are turning out to be the need of the hour with so much benefits to offer the audience and the use of these devices in classrooms is particularly on the rise.

With an overwhelming number of choices in the market, it is difficult for the school owners to decide the best projector for their kids, and to help them with that we have got this review of the Best Projector For Classroom, have a look at this for an in-depth review of each product.

Best Projector For Classroom

1.) Optoma ZH406ST Projector: (Best For Conference Room)

The Optoma ZH406ST Projector brand is a well-known brand in the digital market widely acknowledged for its range of budget-friendly to a very cost-effective range of projectors that entail in them every kin, of projectors be it home theater, corporate screens, or classroom projectors, Optoma has something for everyone.

Optoma series for classroom projectors are considered as some of the most commonly encountered screens and the diverse variety of features and budget constraints that these devices aim at is remarkably pleasing and this is literally what garnering a sold customer base for the brand.

Optoma ZH406ST Projector is the top-rated projector for conference room and presentation halls making it the most widely cherished brand model which is proving its worth and making a huge contribution to the customer base of the brand.


It is an FHD screen projector which is aimed at short throw as it has a limited throw ratio and the projected image has to be thrown away at a distance of 4’-4’’ which is good among the short throw projectors making it great with a ceiling mount.

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This 120-inch large screen projector is coming with a vibrant contrast ratio of 300,000 to 1 ratio with 4200 lumens give the device enough clarity and luminosity under brightly lit conditions in the classroom and business.  

The brightness of the screen is given a step up with its HDR 10 compatibility which make it a visually appealing screen to have in your classroom. This projector is also great for 360 projection of the images making it great for educational purposes to study in depth features of the displayed content.

What We Like
  • FHD Short Throw Projector
  • 4200 Lumens
  • 4K HDR
  • Laser Light Projector
  • Four Corner Adjustment
What We Don't Like
  • Costly Option


This is a great projector which is literally the best to have in your classroom for conference or presentations with its 120-inch short-throw projection and 4200 lumens it gives the best performance which is greatly enhanced with its HDR-compatible display making it a worthy purchase.

2.) Optoma EH460ST Projector: (Best For Short Throw)

Optoma EH460ST Projector

Optoma EH460ST Projector is a mid-range classroom projector that is one of our best among short throw classroom projectors and the vibrancy and visual appeal of its display is such a great surprise at this affordable price tag.

This is by far the best budget pick of best projectors for classroom and this reason is singlehandedly enough to boost its status in the market but the makers have laden it a feature-rich package to make it a worthy purchase.


This projector has a 152-inch large screen display which is offering its users 1080 pixels screen resolution with color support from sRGB and Rec 709 color gamut.

Which is the standard spectrum for color accuracy and vibrancy, to enhance this visual clarity the optima has added in it 4200 lumens which are good enough to give it a luminous display under low or high ambient light conditions.

Additionally, this screen has 10-watt built-in speakers which is such a relaxing thing to have in the classroom projector and this generally cut short on the necessity of an external audio source to be attached to the projector. 

It is coming with a range of connectivity options including 2 X HDMI, VGA (both in and out), USB, USB reader, and RS 232C.

It is a relatively latest model and is breaking grounds in the market with its 2 years limited parts warranty and customer support services.

What We Like
  • 152 Inch Screen
  • 1080 Pixel Display
  • 4200 Lumen
  • Flexible Range Of Connectivity
  • Hdcast Pro
What We Don't Like
  • 5.5 Feet Throw Distance


Optoma EH460ST Projector is a very cost-effective device which is great for budget road users who want to have the ultimate best for their bucks and this screen has 1080 pixels with 4200 lumens and 0.5 throw ratio which make it great for short throw projectors and is earning it a great spot in classroom projectors.

3.) Sony VPL-PHZ12 Projector: Best For Luminosity

Sony VPL-PHZ12 Projector

Sony VPL-PHZ12 Projector is a brand that doesn’t need any introduction and is making a bold appearance in the consumer world with its literally best in class home electrical appliances and there is no second thought to that, though the prestige that.

The brand used to enjoy in the near past has dwindled to a large extent it is still strong and applauding enough to echo in the minds of the masses. Sony projectors are no exception to the legacy of their manufacturers and are earning wide applause all over the world for their best in class picture clarity and image quality of the display screen.

The only downside of Sony projectors, like all other products, is that these products are relatively costlier than their competition and the recent technological developments are making it possible for the users to have.

The best bang for their bucks as many quality variants of the same product by different brands are available in the market to boost the morale of the customers.


It is a laser light projector which has a Z Phosphor source to give it a straightforward high accuracy projection at the screen with 3LCD engine and the luminosity of the model is so satisfying at 5000 lumens level giving the users a vivid and vibrant image displayed before them.

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It has a long lifespan of 20 thousand hours which means that if a projector runs for 100 hours annually it will be durable till 20 years at the very least if due care and attention is given to its proper use.

Reality creation is literally the best trait of this device which allows it to fix the pixels and other brightness control settings of the device to produce natural lifelike imagery on the screen.

What We Like
  • 3LCD Projection Engine
  • Laser Light Z Phosphor Source
  • 5000 Lumens
  • Reality Creation Tool To Enhance Picture Quality
  • Contrast Analyses
  • Infinite Black Contrast
What We Don't Like
  • Sky Rocketing Price Tag


Sony laser light projector is a best quality yet expensive projector with 5000 lumens, reality creation and 20,000 hrs. average lifespan to have in your classroom.

4.) Panasonic PT-VMZ50U Projector: (Best For Daylight)

Panasonic PT-VMZ50U Projector

Panasonic PT-VMZ50U Projector is recently the crowned king if the number of electrical home appliances annually produced is given weightage and the scenario will be quite similar if the quality of the products is concerned.

Panasonic has the prestige of developing the world’s lightest projectors coming with an LCD Display Screen and a 1.6x zoom inability to focus and align large picture format images on the display screen.

This Panasonic projector is a prestigious member of the lightest projector series and has a laser light projection source over an LCD having a 7.2 pounds weight only making it portable enough to easily roam it around different classes and rooms, generally where the need arise.

It has a brightness control feature with solid integration support and a number of other worthy of inclusion feature to make it a cost-effective device which is generally placed at such a high price tag which is not very welcomed by low budget has ridden users and is aimed at elite conference rooms with serious investment in their display projectors.


This Panasonic projector is the world’s second-best classroom projector after Sony’s projector discussed earlier and it has such a vivid display that gives glimpses of a home cinematic theater in school classroom while viewing multimedia presentations and conferences.

It has a compact and durable body which is a prerequisite for a school product as students are mischievous enough to break the fragile devices, apart from that its daylight view is the best feature that makes any projector counted among the best projectors for the classroom, as classrooms cannot be prone to ultimate darkness as in conference halls.

Therefore, a bright view under high ambient light conditions is what makes this projector best for classroom projectors.

What We Like
  • 1080 Pixels FHD Display
  • 5000 Lumens
  • 3M:1 Contrast Ratio
  • 20, 000 Hours Of Average Lifespan
What We Don't Like
  • LCD Projector
  • Uneconomical


This Panasonic projector is specifically built for bright light conditions of classrooms and gives a vivid display for that under 5000 lumens and FHD 1080 pixels picture quality making it a worthy and profitable investment.

5.) Optoma EH412ST Projector: (Best For Budget)

Optoma EH412ST Projector

Optoma EH412ST Projector has marked another entry in our selection of best projectors for classrooms and this time, it is their most budget-friendly product with all the necessary shots to make it a worthy investment.

This model is although less costly compared to the competition yet it is equipped with all the must-have features that are found in some of the high-end devices with highly pricey price tags and demanding whooping sums of money to be splashed over them.

This optimal model is another short throw projector that is specifically built for classrooms, conference halls, and office use for multimedia presentations and has a range of premium features enhancing.

Its performance along with a flexible installation setup to saves a considerable amount of teachers’ precious time.


This a 1080 pixels FHD screen with short-throw projection and the throw ratio of the device is 0.5 to 1 with optical lens shift and an enriched color profile with two of the most common and highly recommended color spectrum in the market.

That is sRGB and Rec 709 giving it excellent color reproduction capabilities and resulting lifelike visual clarity of the images on the screen.

Having 10 watt built in speakers is literally a very praiseworthy addition in a projector screen, particularly the classroom projector, allowing the display of both audio visual aids effectively in a classroom.

What We Like
  • 20, 000 Hours Of Average Lifespan1080 HDR Gaming Display
  • 4K HDR Content Support
  • Short Throw Projector With 0.5 Throw Ratio
  • 709 HDTV
  • Built In Speakers
  • Economical
What We Don't Like
  • 4000 Lumens
  • 15,000 Hrs. Lamp Life


This budget-friendly classroom projector is worth having a projector wit 4,000 lumens, FHD 1080 pixels display, and 10 watts onboard speakers to make the teaching-learning process effective and interesting for the students and the teachers themselves.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How Many Lumens Do I Need For A Classroom Projector?

Classroom projectors will be best functional at the least lumens of about 4000 to 5000 but 2000-3000 lumens will also be good enough for the classroom projectors but the general rule of thumb is that higher the lumen number better will be the display under bright ambient light conditions in a classroom.

What Is Better For A Projector DLP Or LCD?

DLP projectors are portable and lightweight devices that are meant to be carried away at the spot of their need and are therefore more functional in educational setups where there are a number of rooms to provide projectors.

While LCD projectors provide the sharpest image quality which is the main reason for their common encounter in high schools and colleges.

How Do I Connect My Laptop To My Projector With HDMI?

The classroom projector requires the laptop or a computer system to be attached to them and the process is the same in both devices taking to simple steps to complete it.

At first, you have to plug the power cord of the projector and turn it on if you haven’t auto-tuned the projector choose the laptop function manually from there and then connect the HDMI port with the laptop and the other side of the cable with the projector, that’s all to begin the display with.

What To Look For In A Best Projector For Classroom?

Best projector for classrooms must have a number of features to be looked upon like, it should be large enough to be viewable at the back of class, bright enough to be evident under daylight conditions and affordable enough to have one in each class other than these general precautions following technical aspects should be given importance before the purchase..


A great classroom projector should be having enough luminosity to enable it for displaying a vivid and clear image under bright light conditions. The luminosity of the projector is measured by its lumens and the typical classroom projectors are coming with 4000-5000 lumens though the 6-7 thousand lumens are quite great for the job as well.

Plug N Play:

Another most sticking consideration for classroom projectors is their ease of use and this make them plug n play devices that doesn’t require any special technical support before powering them on each time and this is must to have in classroom projectors as it is not feasible for teachers to spend their lecture duration in setting up the projector.

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