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The dream of every football lover is to be at the ground watching his favorite game all day long and enjoying the sight of their favorite players running across the field before their very own eyes cheering them up from the stands they are sitting in.

But if that is not feasible for the moment, the second-best thought that a football freak will go with is watching the game on a big screen in their living room and for that.

They need a quality projector that needs to stand out in the overwhelming competition in the market. To having the best projector before your eyes have a look at our review of the Best Projector For Football.

My Top Pick:

Busy enough to not read the complete review? Hold on have a look at our top pick! DR. J Professional HI-04 is the best candidate for the spot and has several worthy features to give you a crystal clear display at a very reasonable price tag.

Best Projector For Football

It is an FHD supported LCD screen coming at 2000:1 contrast and a 40,000 hours lamp life which gives it durability and enough reliability to invest in.

1.) PRANK WiFi Projector: (Best For Budget)

POYANK WiFi Projector

The POYANK WiFi Projector mini projector is a very budget-friendly projector in our list of the best projector for football and is the cheapest one of all the listed items here with its price tag of under 150 USD, it has several premium quality high-end features.

Which are the driving force marking its appearance in the race of best projectors for multi-purposes ranging from sports and dorm rooms to movie nights and night outs with friends.

This mini projector is of a kind device that is very lightweight and portable and can easily be carried away from one room to another or even outside the house obviously close to a power source and placement walls.

This is a WIFI-supported screen that makes it preferred by the users who want to get rid of the entangling wires and extension cords that need to be carried all the way along with the projector making it a messy device to set up.

It provides conventional input and output ports as well with its wireless connectivity and remote control to hit on both types of customers.


It is offering its users a native resolution of 1280 by 780 pixels which is the actual resolution at which the content will be displayed over.

The screen but like the most common resolution of the prevalent content is FHD at 1920 X 1080 pixels, this projector has a supportive FHD resolution which allows the FHD content to be displayed in 780 pixels.

 With 4500 LUX value it provides a best combo of luminosity and ambience to let the users enjoy their game in day time under bright daylight.  

What We Like
  • WIFI Connection
  • FHD Supported Resolution
  • 720 Pixels Native Resolution
  • PS4 And TV Box Compatible
  • 4500 LUX Value
What We Don't Like
  • Cheap Quality On Board Speakers


This great projector is offering its users a lamp life of 50.000 hrs. which makes it durable for the coming 15 years and its contrast ratio of 2000: 1 and 4500 LUX number make it a worthy investment.

2.) BenQ HT2050A: (Best For Native FHD)

BenQ HT2050A

BenQ HT2050A is quality and world-renowned brand in the monitors and TV screens world and is equally known for its highly color accurate projector screens which are some of the dream screens in the market today but the largest barrier to these devices.

Their sky-mounted price tag which is placed beyond $1000 and comparing it with $100 devices will not be a wise comparison but the reason for doing so is the inclusion of premium features in those 100 USD devices which is a commendable thing.

Apart from its color accuracy, this BenQ projector has a sharp color contrast and an enriched color gamut which makes it a professional device and watching the football match over.

This screen will give you the feeling of being on the ground and let the smell of the fresh grass of the ground pass before your imagination with its in-depth and crystal clear display.


This device is coming with a 1920 X 1080 pixels resolution which unlike the supported one is its native resolution which means that there is no need to convert the 1080 pixels content into the native resolution.

The projector will be able to directly play the FHD media without any extra processing or conversions.

As far as this HD resolution of 1080 pixels is concerned, this is not the only factor behind its sharp lifelike display but rather that is an interplay of various factors.

Which its color gamut encompassing 96% Rec. 709 visible spectrum is a most important one and this is the spectrum frequently seen in the majority of the professional devices in addition to the adobe RGB and sRGB color spectrum.

What We Like
  • 1080 Pixels Native Resolution
  • 96 Percent Srgb
  • Rec. 709
  • Keystone Correction
  • Low Input Lag
What We Don't Like
  • 2200 Lumens Only


Being a native FHD projector with Rec 709 color gamut having 96% coverage of it and a 2200 LUX Value with 50,000 hours lamp life it is an ideal projector screen which a user can have for a splendid and highly color-accurate display.

3.) LG HU80KA: (Best For 4K UHD Resolution)


This LG HU80KA is a consumer goods manufacturing brand that doesn’t stand any chance of not known in recent times and everyone here must have heard about their electronic home appliances and their utility items that are widely acknowledged among.

The masses and have gained enough popularity in the near past that it is almost impossible in recent times to displace them from their spot of a royal manufacturer.

LG is generally known for the durability of its product more than its performance and appeal and this fact is making its products lifetime investments which allow the users to have the LG products beside them for many years and even decades.

Another of its focal point in the market is the skyrocketed price tag and there is no surprise to sky highly costly price tag of LG products as it is a common practice and most of the LG devices are normally twice the price of their competition with the latest and less known models.


This screen is better deserving to be called a professional JumboTron if you plan to specify its use for watching football games as the projector has a 4K UHD resolution which is literally enough to make it a focal point of sports lovers and big screen binge-watchers.

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This ultra high definition resolution of 3840 X 2160 pixels is hard-earned by splashing your fortune of beyond $2000 to own it.

Other than its resolution it has 2500 lumens which doesn’t make it a great projector for bright light and this reason along with its uneconomical price tag was the reason for not choosing this projector as our top pick since the market has a number of other affordable options as well.

What We Like
  • 4K UHD Resolution
  • Laser Light Projection
  • Cinebeam Projector
  • Table Top Mounting Type
  • Table Top Mounting Type
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
What We Don't Like
  • 2500 LUX Only


This 4K UHD projector is like a dream project which only a few can afford to purchase and if you are lucky enough to have that for you, must give it a try to have a splendid and thrilling home cinematic experience.

4.) DR. J Professional HI-04: (Best For Football)

DR. J Professional HI-04

DR. J HI 04 mini projector is a great quality mini projector that is a bestselling brand for video projectors allowing the users to watch their favorite sports and play their liked games viewing their moves on a big screen.

This projector is a portable projector that is aimed at making the screen time comfortable and maneuverable that is it can easily be transported to the ideal place you want it to be placed such as someday you want to watch your gamer on your lawn with all your friends and family.

Some other day you may want it to play a movie for you which you want to watch while sitting in your living room or either in your bedroom, the point here is that being a portable screen it could be used wherever its need arises.


It is a 100-inch screen which is good enough for a mini portable projector and especially a budget-friendly one giving you the best of both worlds by bringing high-end premium features of a good quality projector screen in a mini screen at a very reasonable price tag.

It is coming with an FHD supported resolution which might be a downside to some and the relief for many as having the ability to play FHD content is a prerequisite for watching your favorite sport over a projector screen and this DR. J professional fulfills that.

It has also a good enough lamp life of 40,000 hours and a contrast ratio of 2000:1 along with its aspect ratio of 16:9 and the projection distance of 1.5 to 5 meters.

What We Like
  • 100 Inch Screen Size
  • Tv Stick, Tf, Aux, Av Compatibility
  • Video Gaming Interface
  • Outdoor Usage Compatible
  • 40,000 Lamp Life
What We Don't Like
  • FHD Supported Display


This is the best projector one can have for watching the football matches while not being harsh on their pockets as this very budget-friendly projector coming with 100 inches screen and FHD supported content is a great product to invest in.

5.) QKK Upgraded WiFi Projector: (Best For Wireless Connectivity)

QKK Upgraded WiFi Projector

QKK Upgraded WiFi Projector is a wireless projector with the conventional connectivity of HDMI and VGA to make it compatible for watching sports on your projector screen as live broadcast requires your projector to have a built in app for playing.

The broadcast and if not this WIFI connection is used to play that live game from google Chromecast and if that is also not the case HDMI connection can be used for sharing your multimedia from some other device over your projector screen.


This is a 120-inch screen that is the typical screen size which is frequently encountered in both mini projectors and portable screens making their maneuverability easy and simplified.

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It is coming with an FHD supported resolution which, to some might not be a pleasing factor particularly after going through 2K QHD or 4K UHD devices but it is big relief to be able to play 1080 pixels media over this 120 USD only device in comparison to those beyond $2000 4K UHD devices.

 It is offering higher lumen values than those highly colour accurate device and its 4500 LUX value make it a jack of daylight as well as it is good at playing the FHD content at night with same color accuracy and visual clarity.

What We Like
  • FHD Supported Resolution
  • 3800:1 Contrast Ratio
  • TV Stick, TF, AUX, AV Compatibility
  • Video Gaming Interface
  • 40,000 Lamp Life
  • 4500 Lumens
What We Don't Like
  • Speakers Not Included In Projector


This 120 inches screen coming with FHD supported content is a great product to invest in and literally a quality projector one can have for watching the football matches while not being harsh on their pockets as this very budget-friendly price tag.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How Can I Watch Football On A Projector?

For watching the live game on a big screen your projector must be having a compatible application either built-in or installed in it to play the live sport or rather it offers wireless connectivity to play the gamer directly over google Chromecast or Miracast using HDMI connection.

Can You Watch Sports On A Projector?

Absolutely yes, one can watch hundreds of live and recorded sports and games on a projector screen whenever he wants to but there are certain considerations for that as to whether the device will let you play live games via a WIFI connection or you have to play it recorded with some external multimedia sharing portal.

What Is The Big Screen Called At Football Games?

The football big screen is known as Jumbotron or Jumbovision which is a video wall first introduced by Mitsubishi Electric company in partnership with Sony in the 1980s and the merger brand was named JumboTron, this term was coined in 1985, five years after its launch.

What Is The Best Surface For A Projector? 

The best surface for a projector is the one that is coming with a high white contrast ratio and less focused on grey parts, high contrast of the device is indicative of high black contrast and thus the grey surface of a highly contrasted screen is not a problem.

Buying Guide

Sports screens in a football game, known among the masses as JumboTron is a worthy purchase demanding you to splash your money in either a 4K UHD or FHD screen and having high luminosity to let you enjoy the ambiance. For having the best of a projector’s performance the users must be aware of the necessary features to make sure that they are buying the best quality projector for the living room.

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The topmost consideration to begin your hunt for a quality projector is to have a look into the pixels the device is offering you, as either FHD, 2K QHD, or 4K UHD resolution but most of the users owing to their budget constraints go for buying an FHD projector or if the budget allows for everyone want to have a dig at 4K UHD screen and there is no other thought to that.

The sports projectors common in the market are supporting an FHD resolution and anything less than that will not be a favored decision.


The brightness of luminosity of the screen is determined by its lumen number or LUX value and the luminosity will determine how much ambient light will be suitable for the crystal clear display the screen is tailored for. Most of the budget-friendly projectors are coming with 3000 to 4000 lumens.

This means that the screen will be better functionality in a dark environment comparative to the brightly lit room, and for their ideal function, better picture clarity and visual appeal are needed which is in turn need of higher LUX value.


For having a great and quality time before the screen watching your favorite game, large screen size is a great choice certainly if you can afford it. The most common projector screen is coming in 150-inch sizes and a 200 inch will be a great addition to your living room.

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