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Untimely or infrequent power outages in homes require a quick yet easy backup set for convenience. The standby home generators are one main solution that backups all the home appliances without any difficulties to handle.

The Best Standby Generator For Home Use is now ranked for easy tracking with the following products to consider from this buyer’s guide. The generators are powerful yet affordable in terms of their heavy voltages which they offer within each of the products.

My Top Pick:

The best and top-ranked standby generator is Generac 7043 Guardian Generator which is reliable in its performance, durable with its frame and maintenance. the unit is powerful enough to supply whole home appliances set up and assures the protection of sensitive products.

The generator offers a duel fuel mechanism for easy flexibility between fuels. The promising 5 years of warranty prove the sustainable quality and working of the generator.

Best Standby Generator For Home Use

The background feedback of the generator is back up with positive feedback and reviews making it placed on top ranking for standby generators for home use.

1.) Generac 7043 Guardian Generator:

Generac 7043 Guardian Generator

Generac 70043 Guardian Generator marks its way all along in the market assuring complete value and standing best overall among its competition.

The unit is an ultimate choice when it comes to the best standby generator for home use as it is able to power up all the home appliances at once without compromising on a few. Generac 703 works on both natural gas and liquid propane extending its choices to operate.


Supporting a rated wattage of 22000 on liquid propane and 19500 with natural gas, Generac 7043 Guardian Generator is the first choice for backup in case of the power outage and emergency.

The pressure-lubricated engine holds any sort of load until the supply of utility electricity.

The unit offers low oil shut down for keeping the engine from any resistance, Overload Protection, Automatic Voltage Regulation for steady voltage flow, and hour meter.

The Rhino Coat makes the frame of the generator corrosion-resistant working effortlessly in all the weather conditions.

The decibel level of the generator is 67 decibels which don’t interrupt the surrounding atmosphere. The multilingual LCD display helps in a clear indication of battery status and maintenance intervals can be checked.

The Generator is also WIFI capable making it easy to get operated from Mobile Link Remote Monitoring which enables the generator’s control from smartphones. The device offers 5 years long limited warranty.

2.) Briggs & Stratton 40532:

Briggs & Stratton 40532

Briggs & Stratton 40532 is an automatic backup generator that senses power outage on its own and starts operating within seconds. The device assures durability with its static electric flow in the hour of need and powering up the whole domestic appliances.

The unit has an electric start and offers low maintenance with the automatic sustaining operation. A strong, affordable standby for home use generator is a wise investment to make.


Briggs & Stratton 40532 is an affordable range generator that comes with an auto transfer switch. The unit can be operated both on natural gas and liquid propane offering ratted wattage of 12000 watts and 10000 watts respectively.

The frame of the unit is made with Gal anneal steel which is used in the manufacturing of automobiles assuring the long life of the generator.

The unit is installed with low oil pressure shutdown, high-temperature shut down, and has LED digital display for easy indication of oil measurement till the fuel gets empty.

The unit operated at 69dB which is a sustainable noise level. The brushless alternator provides clean steady electricity making it safe for implanting any sensitive electronics such as computers, and laptops.

The generator weighs 318 pounds and guaranteeing a warranty for 5 years.

3.) Duromax Xp1200 Eh:

Duromax Xp1200 Eh

DuroMax XP 1200 EH is a powerful standby generator that powers up with strong voltage reading and steady electric outflow. The unit can be run on propane as well as on natural gas with different voltage readings with amperage tools.

The unit is powerful enough to come handy for job sites working and performance. The generator is made portable with a separate wheel kit that comes in the package in the box.

The box further included the additional accessories of oil funnel, toolset, spark plug wrench, and charging cables. The unit is back up with a warranty of 5 years.


The ultimate DuroMax XP 12000EH is a powerful dual fuel generator that has 457cc DuroMax OHV engine offering plenty of power with 12000 starting watts and running wattage of 9500 on natural gas and at liquid propane, it has 11400 starting watts and 9045 running watts.

With an enormous amount of energy, the generator can easily start any heavy appliances like that of air conditioners and refrigerators.

The multiple outlets for powering up includes two 120V household GFCI outlets, one 120V 30A outlet, one 240V 30A outlet, and one 240V 50A outlet. The MX2 technology helps in getting the maximum energy from one of the 120V or 240V outlet.

The generator is enabled for low oil shutdown option protecting the engine from any resistance. The runtime is approximately provided at half load for 7.9 hours to 8.82 hours.

4.) Champion 3,800-Watt Generator:

Champion 3,800-Watt Generator

Champion 3800-watt portable generator is a powerful back up for all the home essentials including air conditioners and refrigerators. The all-steel frame body provides a durable and protected life to the generator for easy and rough use.

The generator is safe to use and provides steady and monitored voltage to sensitive appliances. The unit guarantees 3 years of limited warranty with lifetime customer care.


Champion 3800-watt portable generator is a standby easy generator with easily foldable handle and never flattened wheels. The fuel tank holds a capacity of 5.9 gallons and provides a run time of 10 hours.

The noise level is 74dB from 23 feet which is low enough for interruption-free conversation around.

The powerful engine of 224cc OHV power up any sort of home appliances with great ease. The outlets on the control panel are 120V 30A locking outlet, a 120V 30A RV outlet, and two 120V 20A household outlets (5-20R).

The generator has Cold Start technology which eases the start of the generator even in hard weather conditions. the volt guard protects appliances and ensures a steady flow of voltage.

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