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Are you tired of playing games on that same old Pc that doesn’t have anything new to offer? Old monitors are not for you to play your games on. To enjoy games and have the best experience you, my dear friend! should consider buying these Best Ultrawide Gaming Monitor For The Money specially designed for you that are worth your money.

Things To Consider Before Buying 

Resolution: It is the number of pixels that occupy your screen. The greater the quantity, the better the results. Opt for HD, FHD, or 4k resolution for high-quality results.

Contrast Ratio: The greater the contrast ratio, the stunning the visuals would be. 

Panel Type: For gamers, the VA panel is the most ideal one as it is best in providing stellar contrast and excellent response rate

Response Rate And Refresh Rate: The higher these two features are, the better would your gaming. You would be able to enjoy buttery-smooth games through these features.

My Top Pick:

ASUS ROG Swift PG348Q is a perfect blend of flexibility and versatility. Hooked with 3440x1440p resolution, IPS panel, and 5ms response rate, this unit can provide you with a stellar gaming experience.

Best Ultrawide Gaming Monitor For The Money

This best-selling monitor will surely provide you with the spice you are looking for!

1.) Samsung  CRG9 Curved Gaming Monitor:

Samsung  CRG9 Curved Gaming Monitor

For hard-core gamers, Samsung presents a fast refresh rate and low latency rate Samsung  CRG9 Curved Gaming Monitor.

This award-winning monitor is a perfect blend of various features. Loaded with awesome resolution, stellar contrasts, and various ports, this device works like a cannonball. 


CRG9 is a 49-inch QHD resolution monitor that will spice up your gaming experience. This monitor size is equivalent to the dual 27-inch QHD monitors that are placed side by side to each other. Instead of purchasing 2 27 inch monitors with the same resolution, you can easily make do with a single 49-inch monitor.

Brushed in black color, this thin bezel monitor provides a well-built design along with a flexible stand. Samsung  CRG9 Curved Gaming Monitor is certainly your cue to enhanced productivity. 

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For providing true-life colors, this ultrawide monitor has stellar contrasts. Such dynamic contrasts are a result of the VA pale installed in it.

This monitor is known for its exceptionally low latency rate and high refresh rate. With a response rate of 4ms, you get to enjoy your game without any disturbances. The AMD freesync technology further upgrades your gaming experience with its synchronization feature.

Samsung  CRG9 Curved Gaming Monitor supports crisp HDR content. The brightness level supported by HDR is 1000 nits, which is remarkable. 

For hardcore multitaskers, the monitor is packed with split-screen features which include picture by picture. This function is very handy in optimizing the overall productivity level.

Samsung’s CRG9 Curved Gaming Monitor has the capability to connect to various devices with the help of USB and HDMI ports. 

To protect your eyes from harmful monitor emissions, it has an eye saver mode installed, allowing you to enjoy gaming for longer periods!

What We Like
  • Stellar colors
  • Amd free sync
What We Don't Like
  • No built-in speakers

Bottom Line:

Samsung  CRG9 Curved Gaming is the best ultrawide gaming monitor for the money. This monitor has a plethora of specs to offer and has certainly the best bang for the buck!

2.) LG 29UM69G-B:

LG 29UM69G-B

As a gamer, you might have this urge to be always at the top of your game. You won’t want to have a bitter gaming experience by losing to your rivals.

LG 29UM69G-B is a fast gaming monitor that will help you emerge victorious in various competitions as it is loaded with tons of features that will optimize your gaming. This whole unit weighs about 12.13 pounds with tons of features that will pique your interest. 


LG 29UM69G-B is a valid candidate for the best ultrawide gaming monitor for the money. Hooked up with a 2560x1080p resolution and IPS panel, this monitor can provide excellent visuals that are close to real life. The crispiness and sharpness of the graphics are quite spectacular.

With this resolution, you can view every blade of grass in their real colors.  The screen size is 29 inches which is quite decent for gamers. For its stellar colors, it offers a 1000:1 contrast. the colors displayed are a perfect blend of consistency and uniformity.

The whole unit is quite decent and graceful to look at. The stand attached to the monitor is flexible and allows you comfortable viewing.

Its aspect ratio is 21:9. The monitor is well-known for its motion blur reduction function. This function aids in eradicating the annoying screen tearing during games.

Hence, a smooth gaming experience without any trouble. To top it off, this monitor has AMD free synchronization technology to prevent any blurring or ghosting to ruin your fun. 

For gaming, it offers black stabilizer mode which steadies and deepens the blacks in the background for more clear viewing as well s dynamic action sync for a buttery-smooth experience. It has 5W integrated speakers to level up your fun!

What We Like
  • Excellent and well-built design
  • AMD free sync
  • Integrated speakers
What We Don't Like
  • Audio quality is not good
  • Average brightness

Bottom Line:

LG 29UM69G-B is an excellent gaming monitor with various features and functions to offer. Its excellent built-up, low latency rate and high refresh rate makes it an ideal option for hardcore gaming!

3.) AORUS FI27Q:


AORUS FI27Q is an excellent gaming monitor that will spice up your experience with its plethora of features and functions.

The unit as a whole is quite charming and pleasing to the eyes. This superb monitor is the successor to the previous AD27Q. It is an innovative and creative invention of the gigabyte brand and has plenty to offer!


AORUS FI27Q is an amazing 27-inch monitor with a lustrous design. It has an excellent built-up providing sturdiness to the whole unit. It has a widescreen with an aspect ratio of 16:9 ratio. AORUS FI27Q sports QHD resolution which enables you to enjoy crispy and sharp visuals.

The IPS panel ensures wide viewing angles and excellent color uniformity. This results in you having an epic gaming experience. No matter at which angle you view your monitor screen, you won’t find any change in the picture quality.

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The ergonomic and flexible stand adds to your comfortable viewing. It provides versatile adjustments that level up your gaming. The monitor is capable of displaying 1.07 billion colors on its widescreen and offers 1000:1 static contrasts. These features make the visuals more lifelike and realistic. You can see every grain of sand on the screen!

For easy and handy adjustments, it has an OSD sidekick. With this, say goodbye to the old-fashioned monitor buttons. The monitor is capable of supporting HDR content where you get to enjoy epic visuals.

For connections, it has 2 HDMI, DisplayPort, and a pair of-USB 3.0 hubs. It also has a headphone jack and sports microphone with ANC!

What We Like
  • Excellent design
  • G sync compatible
  • Ergonomic stand
What We Don't Like
  • Pricey
  • Lacks stellar contrats

Bottom Line:

AORUS FI27Q is although expensive but offers plenty of features that will enhance your gaming and productivity. It is certainly the best ultrawide gaming monitor for the money!

4.) ASUS ROG Strix XG32VQ:


While marathon gaming sessions, you might have felt the need for a monitor that marvelous and crips visuals at all angles.

One which provides you with comfortable viewing with little to no distortion factor!. ASUS ROG Strix XG32VQ is an excellent option for you.

This gaming monitor not only provides you with a widescreen but a curved one on top. The unit has excellent aesthetics that will level up your gaming room!. The monitor is an excellent and unique novation of the Asus brand and is equipped with plenty of aspects!


While gaming, some games require seamless multi-monitor set-up. ASUS ROG Strix XG32VQ has a thin bezel design with less distraction and is ideal for multi-monitor set-up. This device has a chassis look and comes with quite robust features. The monitor has a display screen of 31.5 inches which is ideal for gamers.

The monitor has a curved design with 1800R curvature. The elegant feature of this design is that it ensures that each point on the screen is at an equal distance from your eyes. This enables comfortable viewing of the visuals. The graphics displayed are crisp and razor-sharp as it sports WQHD resolution.

The sturdy stand can endure the weight of the monitor and has a flexible tendency. This marathon ready monitor has Sync RGB lighting installed at its back and has LED lighting projection in its base, providing the whole unit a classic and professional look.

The VA panel installed ensures dynamic contrast as a result of which you get to enjoy amazing graphics. To enjoy extensive gaming, eye care technology has been incorporated to ensure the safety of your beautiful and precious eyes. The AMD free sync technology guarantees a ghosting and a tear-free gaming experience!

What We Like
  • Excellent design
  • Stellar contrast
What We Don't Like
  • Color consistency could be improved

Bottom Line:

ASUS ROG Strix XG32VQ is an innovative invention of the brand with plenty of features to offer. Considering the stellar and vibrant graphics this monitor provides, it’s certainly a valid candidate for the title: the best ultrawide gaming monitor for the money!

5.) ASUS ROG Swift PG348Q:

ASUS ROG swift PG348Q:

Are you looking for a gaming monitor? Then consider looking at ASUS ROG swift PG348Q as it is a highly advanced and technical monitor that would be able to give you the best gaming experience that you have always wanted.

It has such great graphics and resolution that your brain and eyes would feel as if they were really inside the game.

It is a curved ultrawide gaming monitor that would enable you to play and enjoy games in any position you want as ASUS ROG Swift PG348Q is now known as the best ultrawide gaming monitor for the money as it is worth all your investments.


 ASUS ROG Swift PG348Q is a 34-inch ultrawide gaming monitor that has the capability to produce a 3440 x 1440 QHD panel that comes with a pixel density of 109 pixels per inch so that you can enjoy watching movies and playing your favorite games with extreme fullness and satisfaction.

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It has a curved edge to edge display that enables the gamer to get fully immersed in the games. It can also connect itself with other monitors of its kind for a greater degree of immersion as it is baseless. It has a 100Hz time refresh rate that ensures smooth gaming with zero to non-time lag.

This means you can play all types of heavy games on this monitor as it won’t blur the image. It has been designed with NVIDIA G SYNC tech installed in it that gives you a mouth-watering experience without any stuttering and slow input lag.

What We Like
  • It has a sleek and intricate design
  • It has NVIDIA G- SYNC technology
What We Don't Like
  • It has low volume and speakers are not very strong
  • IIt’s a bit expensive

Bottom Line:

This monitor can provide you with the best gaming experience without any time lag and stuttering.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are Ultrawide Gaming Monitors Worth It?

Ultrawide gaming monitors have a larger display and they are best suited for multitasking. Moreover, it makes your gaming experience good, so the simple answer is, they are worth it.

What Is The Cheapest Ultrawide Monitor?

LG 29″ Ultrawide monitor is the cheapest ultrawide monitor because it has the best features in its price tag.

What Monitors Do Professional Gamers Use?

BenQ XL2536, ASUS VG248QE is the best monitor for professional gaming because they have a 1080p display and a very smooth (144 Hz) refresh rate.

What Is The Best Curved Gaming Monitor?

Samsung CRG9 is the best-curved gaming monitor because it comes with a super smooth 120Hz refresh rate, HDR, 4ms response time, and last but not least its steep price.

Buying Guide

How To Buy The Best Ultrawide Gaming Monitor For The Money?

It may seem difficult, but if you keep in mind the following features, your purchase will certainly be worthwhile!

Consider The Screen Size Of The Monitor:

Since you are going to be gaming, you should get a monitor with a big screen size. Screen size of 32 inches or greater is ideal for passionate gamers.

Consider The Panel Type:

The next step is to consider the panel type of monitor. There is a total of 3 panels

  • IPS
  • VA 
  • TN

For gamers, VA panels are ideal, therefore opt for VA ones

Consider The Resolution:

The crispness of the content is because of the resolution. Therefore, the higher the resolution of your unit is, the clearer and sharper would be the content.

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Consider The Ergonomic Stand:

The stand of the monitor is equally important. A flexible and ergonomic stand excels in providing an epic gaming experience.

Consider The Ports:

The versatility of the monitor is measured by the number of ports it possesses. The greater the connection ports, the higher are the chances for you to enjoy an epic gaming experience.

Wrap Up!

If you are in a dilemma to choose from the variety that occupies the market place then choose one from our 5 candidates for the best ultrawide gaming monitor for the money. Instead of just buying whatever suits your budget, go for one which is packed with the above-mentioned features.

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