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Bluetooth connectivity is a fundamental need to operate modern gadgets. Although WiFi connections have severally challenged the authority of Bluetooth technology it has not yet been annihilated and is continually in use due to its less battery drainage compared to wifi connections.

Bluetooth connection doesn’t only solve wired problems but also helps in connecting two devices that can’t be connected using WiFi. For instance, media sharing is usually carried out by Bluetooth connectivity.

One most crucial milestone for Bluetooth connectivity is AirPods and headphones. Nowadays Bluetooth supported headphones are a common commodity being used by common folks.  This Bluetooth connectivity cannot be replaced by wireless WiFi connectivity as internet routers are not available everywhere.

Even if they are made available range, passcodes, security protocols, and many other factors add a strong firewall between the two devices to be connected.

Therefore, Bluetooth technology is still in its limelight although not in its prime. With blessings come hurdles and Bluetooth technology is no different.

There are numerous hurdles in the way of a secure Bluetooth connection. Among the primary hurdles are pairing issues. There are multiple occasions where Bluetooth technology doesn’t allow the pairing of your smart gadgets with desired devices.

The same is the case with Vizio Soundbar which faces severe pairing problems. If you are the one troubled by Bluetooth pairing not working on Vizio Soundbar then you should surely proceed with our review on Bluetooth pairing not working on Vizio Soundbar solved.

Most commonly if Bluetooth pairing is not working you can try restarting the device and see the magic.  If this trick doesn’t work on your device there are plenty of other troubleshooting tricks that can be used. Let’s discuss them one by one depending upon the higher appeal of response.

Before going all out for the troubleshooting you must be somewhat familiar with the underlying cause of the trouble. Bluetooth pairing issues are more common issues of the settings than issues of technology or Device.

There are high chances that you have troubled your device with faulty or incorrect settings that restrict the device to be found by nearby Bluetooth devices or stop them from pairing.

To remove this factor you have to ensure that the Bluetooth settings of your source device are right to the point and have no ambiguities in them.

If you don’t find any issue with the Bluetooth settings then the chances are that you are pairing the two devices in the wrong way.

Bluetooth Pairing Not Working On Vizio Sound Bar

Given below are the most commonly used steps for solving pairing issues of Bluetooth with Vizio Sound Bar.

  1. Restarting Source Device And Soundbar
  2. Remove Already Paired Devices
  3. Remove Any Other Connected Device
  4. Keep Track Of Bluetooth Range
  5. Unpair and Re-pair
  6. Resetting Bluetooth Setting

Let’s dive into the details of these steps.

  1. Restarting Source Device and Soundbar

The foremost step that you have to take for solving Bluetooth pairing issues is to restart both of your devices which are the Vizio Soundbar and the source device from which the Bluetooth connection is initiated.

This source device can be any smart gadget that contains media to be played or shared such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, PC, computers, or any other devices with your desired media.

After restarting both source devices and Soundbar you can try pairing them again and there are chances that devices will pair normally without any further ado.

  1. Remove Already Paired Devices

If restarting has not helped much then you should try to check the list of already paired devices on your source device. Most devices have a certain pairing limit that allows only a specific number of devices to be connected with the device. If you have reached your highest allowed pairing number then your should remove some of the already paired devices and see if that solves your issue or not.

  1. Remove any Other Connected Device

If you have connected your Soundbar to any other devices using Bluetooth the source device will not pair with the Vizio Soundbar. Therefore remove any Bluetooth connection of the Vizio Soundbar and then start the pairing process.

  1. Keep Track of Bluetooth Range

Bluetooth range is important for determining whether or not the connection will be established. Each device has its specific Bluetooth range and in the case of the Vizio Soundbar, the Bluetooth range is 30 feet.

You should ensure that the source device and Vizio Soundbar are within 30 feet of each other. You should also check for any hurdles or obstructions in the way of connection that can interfere with Bluetooth technology.

This 30 feet range is for the working of Bluetooth technology but at the moment of pairing, it is necessary to keep the two devices within one foot of each other. Otherwise pairing will not proceed as planned.

  1. Unpair and Re-pair

If you have already paired your Vizio Soundbar to the source device with Bluetooth technology and no sound is being played, you should try forgetting it. This problem is caused by a scratch on the soundbar that prevents Bluetooth signals to be transmitted.

If you forget the pairing and pair it again the new information will be stored in a place other than the scratched point.

Follow the given steps to solve the Bluetooth pairing issue of the Vizio Soundbar.

  • Forget the already paired Vizio Soundbar
  • Unpair it from the source device.
  • Turn off the Vizio soundbar
  • Power it in again
  • Try pairing the Vizio Soundbar again.

This step will most likely fix any issue with pairing.

  1. Resetting Bluetooth Settings

If none of the above methods work for you, restart your source device settings, precisely network settings, and then start the pairing with Vizio Soundbar again.


After going through this review, you would now have plenty of options to choose from. You can select either be of the method depending upon your ease of action or you can try all the aforementioned tips to see which one works for you. If none of the above-listed methods work for your device you should try to reset the device to factory settings and this will surely help you remove any fault with Bluetooth connectivity or pairing with Vizio Soundbar.

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