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Bose soundbar 700 occasionally doesn’t connect with the mobile connect application that is available for both iOS and Android versions. The problem doesn’t lie with the Bose soundbar 700 itself but with the settings that you manually set. If the settings are not appropriate, the Bose soundbar 700 will face some software glitches like trouble connecting with the smartphone application.

If your Bose soundbar 700 is currently featuring the same problem then you are presumably at the right spot. This is because, we are here, in this review article to assist you in fixing the technical issues and faulty settings that lead to troubles in connecting with the Bose Connect app.

Bose soundbar 700 won’t connect to an app and can have two possibilities that are stated below.

  1. Bose soundbar 700 won’t connect to an app when you try connecting it for the first time.
  2. Bose soundbar 700 was recently connected with connect app but is now displaying some errors when connecting it again.

Both of these issues will be elaborated on here in this review article and some best tried out solutions will also be given.  Let us first discuss the new connection that is the first possibility as stated above.

New Bose Soundbar 700 Won’t Connect To App

If you are trying to connect your Bose soundbar 700 to the connect app for the very first time then you can follow the following 3 steps to fix any issue that disturb the smooth connection process.

  1. Connecting to the WIFI network
  2. Updating the software to the latest version
  3. Resetting your Bose soundbar 700

Now, let us review each of these methods in detail.

1.   Connecting To WIFI Network:

In many cases when you try to connect your Bose soundbar 700 to a Wi-Fi network a display showcasing the following message will pop out. Oops, something went wrong. This is a common scenario and almost every one of Bose soundbar users must have experienced it. If you are facing a similar dilemma then try out the alternative method to connect your Bose soundbar 700 to Wi-Fi.

This method is based on the configuration of Bose soundbar 700 Wi-Fi network by connecting it first with the mobile Wi-Fi network and then to your home Wi-Fi network. MobileWi-Fi network here is the built-in Wi-Fi of your Bose soundbar 700.

Given below are the instructions to connect to your Wi-Fi network alternatively.

  • Take out your Bose soundbar 70 remote controller
  • Long press the TV icon and skip the back button for about 3 seconds.
  • Now take out your smartphone and open its settings, from there go to Wi-Fi settings from network settings. Search for the available Wi-Fi networks and locate the Bose soundbar 700
  • This Wi-Fi network will be displayed as the Bose soundbar and then its model number will be mentioned with the name.
  • Tap on the name to connect your mobile with the Bose soundbar network.
  • Once you have connected with the Bose soundbar network, now it’s time to open your browser and enter the Bose soundbar IP address. You can try entering or the specific IP address of your model that will be given on the user’s manual of your device.
  • After entering the IP address look for the home Wi-Fi network and enter its credentials like username and password to connect with it. If your home Wi-Fi network is not visible among the available wireless networks you can manually add it there.
  • Click on submit after making changes.
  • Now your Bose soundbar will disconnect from the mobile soundbar network and will connect to your home Wi-Fi network.

In this way, the configuration of Bose soundbar 700 to your home Wi-Fi network is completed and you can easily connect your Bose connect the app with it anytime without any trouble.

To connect the Bose soundbar 700 with the Bose music connect app you just have to open the app and look for the specific Bose soundbar model. After tapping on its name the two devices will be connected.

2.   Updating The Software To Latest Version:

If your Bose soundbar 700 is hell bound on not connecting with your Bose music app even after several tries then you need to ensure that your Bose soundbar 700 is using the latest firmware.

If you have set your Bose soundbar 700 to automatically update to the latest version, then this issue might not be a possibility, but if you are relying on manual updates then you have to update your firmware to the latest version.

You can follow the below-given steps to update Bose soundbar 700 to the latest software version.

  • Bring out a data transmission cable with USB type A to micro USB terminals.
  • Download and install the Bose soundbar 700 software update on your laptop or computer.
  • The update will be by default named the “Product- update zip”. You don’t have to rename it.
  • Now connect your USB data transmission cable with your Bose soundbar 700 and your laptop or computer.
  • Now unplug the power supply cable of your Bose soundbar 700 for 30 seconds and your device will be rebooted.
  • Power it on again and now let your Bose soundbar 700 enter the service mode.
  • Service Mode can be entered by pressing the Bluetooth and skip back button together for 5 seconds.
  • Now open your browser and enter the software update URL that is:
  • After clicking this URL an update screen will be prompted. From the given link download and install the latest software update.
  • An animation showing installation status will be displayed and it will glow from left to right until it is fully installed.
  • After successful completion of installation, the Bose soundbar 700 will be rebooted to run the latest firmware or software version.

3. Resetting Your Bose Soundbar 700:

If installing the latest software update doesn’t seem to make any difference in your Bose soundbar 700 and its connection with the Bose Music app then you should try resetting your Bose soundbar to dissuade the settings that are hindering the connection.

If you have recently messed with the settings of your Bose soundbar 700 and now it isn’t connecting with the connect app then returning the default settings is the best bet you can make.

Reset your Bose soundbar 700 to restore the factory version of settings and do away with your manual measly settings.

You can reboot or reset your Bose soundbar 700 by following the given instruction.

Power off your Bose soundbar 700 for 30 seconds. Once the power is resumed, the Bose soundbar 700 would have been returned to default settings which means no wrong settings are now present.

Bose Soundbar 700 Has Stopped Connecting To Bose Music App:

Now coming back to the second possibility that was when the Bose soundbar 700 has connected to the Bose Music app for a while and then afterward the connection has been stopped. In this case, it can be due to a recent product update that causes the previous settings to crash or it could also be due to recent settings that you have made.

To fix this issue you need to know what you have done with your Bose soundbar 700 before the problem begins. After knowing the specific step you need to reverse it and your Bose soundbar 700 will normally connect to the Bose Music app.

If you can’t recall what you have done then the best way is to restore the factory version and this could be done by powering your Bose soundbar 700 off for about 30 seconds.

Final Words:

Bose soundbar 700 won’t connect to app can be due to some software glitch or it can be due to the messy settings that the users have manually entered. To fix this issue you can try resetting your settings to the default version and it will most likely remove all of the bugs and let your Bose soundbar 700 operate normally.

If this doesn’t work for you then there are chances that the problem is not with settings but with the software of your Bose soundbar 700. In that case, you can try installing the latest software update of the Bose soundbar 700 and your issue would probably be fixed.

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