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Alexa voice assistants are used widely across the globe to control home features like turning on and off the house lights, answering your questions, searching the web for you, and so on.

But you know what these devices can provide you beyond controlling the smart homes? These Alexa voice assistant gadgets can also be used to play your podcasts, your media like music, and any other audio like that of a movie.

Isn’t it cool to have a Bluetooth speaker and a mini Alexa voice assistant in a single device? Yes, that’s pretty amazing and you can get the best bucks out of your device by converting it into a Bluetooth speaker rather than only a voice assistant powered by Alexa. 

You must be curious about how to do it? Stay tuned with us to know can Echo dot be used as Bluetooth Speaker.

Amazon Echo Dot is the most used and premium Alexa voice assistant that is known far and wide by voice assistant users. It is a top-notch product that is designed to deliver crisp clear audio with clarity and loudness. Therefore, it will prove its worth by being a Bluetooth speaker in addition to the manufactured Alexa voice assistant. 

How To Connect Echo Dot With Bluetooth Speaker?

Now that you are aware of the possibility of using your Amazon Echo Dot as a Bluetooth speaker, you need to know how to do so. You can pair your media device with the Alexa voice assistant by Amazon Echo Dot and let it play the media you desire. 

For First Time Connection With Amazon Echo Dot

Follow the given instructions to use your amazon Echo Dot as the Bluetooth speaker.

  • Open the device settings on your smartphone and go to the Bluetooth settings.
  • Turn on the Bluetooth by toggling the oval button towards the green window.
  • After the Bluetooth is turned ON, you will see the My Device and Other Device sections. These buttons were not accessible before enabling the Bluetooth connectivity but can now be accessed due to the Bluetooth being powered ON.
  • After enabling the Bluetooth connectivity on your media source device, you need to power on the pairing mode of your Amazon Echo Dot. 
  • For that purpose, keep your amazon Echo Dot speakers within a nearby range (Close enough to listen to you speak)
  • Now command your Alexa-powered Amazon Echo Dot to disconnect all existing connections by saying Alexa, Disconnect.
  • Now you need to turn on the pairing mode on your Amazon Echo Dot device. 
  • To turn on the pairing mode of your Alexa Amazon Echo Dot you need to keep it within the Bluetooth range of your media device. 
  • After that command your Alexa to enter pairing mode by saying Alexa, Pair. Or you can try saying Alexa, Bluetooth On. The Alexa will confirm the command by resounding “Searching”
  • Now go to the Bluetooth settings of your smartphone and look for the available devices under Other Devices. 
  • Tap on the Amazon Echo Dot name to pair it with your Alexa.
  • After successful pairing, the Alexa will indicate a solid blue flash and will confirm it by resounding the confirmation. 

These steps will be the necessary commands for the first time and after repeated pairing, you can directly turn on Bluetooth on your smartphone and Alexa and connect them with a few simple commands.

How To Connect Echo Dot With Bluetooth Speaker: For Secondary Pairings?

 If you have paired your Alexa voice assistant with your smartphone let’s say it is your iPhone and now you want to pair it again after a few days. You don’t have to go through all the steps mentioned earlier and this is because you can take a detour that you are already familiar with the route. 

You just have to enable Bluetooth on your iPhone by following the earlier stated steps of powering it on. Depending upon the specific model of your iPhone the exact steps of enabling the Bluetooth may differ.

After turning on the Bluetooth now power on your Alexa and Command Alexa to Pair.

 After a moment command it to connect with your smartphone by speaking its name as

Alexa, Pair with (Your Device name).

In this way, your Amazon Echo Dot will be used as a Bluetooth speaker and you can listen to music, podcasts and other media played on your smartphone and other media devices connected with them. 

How To Connect Echo Dot With Bluetooth Speaker: Using The Alexa App?

If you want to quickly pair your Alexa voice assistant and your media device you can make use of the Alexa app that is available on the app store. Follow the given steps to turn your voice assistant powered by Alexa into a portable Bluetooth speaker.

  • Enable Bluetooth connectivity on your media device.
  • Launch the Alexa app on your smartphone.
  • On the top right corner of the Alexa app, you will see devices.
  • From under the Devices section look for Amazon Echo and Alexa
  • Then under the amazon Echo select the specific model that you are using. In this case, you would have to select Amazon Echo Dot.
  • Now you echo Dot have entered pairing. 
  • Select available Bluetooth devices on your smartphone and pair them with your Amazon Echo Dot.

Both devices have been paired and you can confirm it by playing media on your smartphone. 

Final Words:

Can Echo dot be used as Bluetooth Speaker? It is a common query among most Alexa voice assistant users. With Amazon Echo Dot being the most commonly used Alexa voice assistant the need to convert it into a Bluetooth speaker is indispensable. You can give a few simple commands to your Alexa voice assistant and let it be used as a mini Bluetooth speaker. 

You must be curious about how to connect the echo dot with a Bluetooth speaker. For that purpose, you have to follow our given commands and let the Alexa voice assistant namely the amazon Echo Dot be used as your Bluetooth speaker. The success of this conversion can be checked by playing your media like music, podcasts, and movie audio through you’re Alexa voice assistant turned Bluetooth speakers.

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