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The use of projectors or televisions is always a hot debate as it is difficult to look for a reliable option once and for all. The affordability range of televisions and projectors makes it difficult to acquire both at the same time so can projector replace TV?

Usage Rate :

This question entirely depends on the time you look at the screen. If the user doesn’t watch TV on regular basis, and only puts it for movies or streaming, the more preferred choice is a projector by closing the curtains that block the light and enjoy the home theatre cinema experience. This led to large image projection and quality adventure in much less money.

Affordability Range :

While looking at the affordability criteria of both TVs and projectors, the average TV costs much more than the projectors. Projectors on the other side require safe storage and managing as slight damage to its lens, or operator can make it useless.

Secondly, some of the people don’t bother of using the special screen for projecting, instead, they rely on the wall. This further makes it budget-friendly.

Quality Features :

But the features and specifications of the TV sometimes, outrank the qualities of projectors as well. In terms of contrast ratio, the projector requires special conditions and arrangement in the environment such as completely dark with no ambient light present. The light in the room can wash out the black on the projector as well reducing its quality over time.

Placement :

The placement of projector and television is yet another important factor to notice. The large living rooms that can support the optical zoom distance of the projector can support its performance, while small bedrooms are suited with televisions as they proportionally adjust with room size.

These placements, requirements, usage rate, and size of the room help in suggesting the use of a projector and TV.


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