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Upgrading New Ram:

The RAM speed helps in running the laptop effectively and loads things faster. In case of insufficient RAM, the laptop slows down which can be annoying and delay your work which eventually lowers your productivity.

The question surfaces can you upgrade RAM on a laptop? The answer is yes with two methods including freeing up or upgrading RAM on the laptop.

Checking The Size Of Ram:

If it is possible to upgrade the RAM, the next intriguing question will be how to upgrade the RAM on a laptop. It is important to confirm that your laptop can effectively upgrade the RAM without needing additional devices or how much size is supported by the laptop.

To look for the RAM size, go for “System info”, from the search box, click on “System information” and find Installed Physical Memory (RAM) that determines the size of the supported RAM in the laptop.

If the RAM size is less than 8GB, the upgrade of the RAM is recommended, if the RAM size is equal to or greater than that of 8 GB, free up the RAM space.

Replacing Of New Ram:

Check for the additional option for RAM. First, open the File Explorer and choose Properties from the option of This PC. This shows the OS version which can be either 32-bit or 64 bits. In the case of 32-bit OS, the RAM can be upgraded up to 4GB and not above.

Next, if the RAM is sealed in the motherboard, open the panel. The upgrade of the RAM can be done by purchasing additional RAM. If there is only one slot available, then replace the older RAM with the larger new one.

In the case of two slots, both new and old can function side-by-side. Both of the RAM must be the same or else it will result in incompatibility.

Model Of Ram:

To figure out the model of the RAM, press Windows and R keys and type “cmd” in the Run box and enter. Type “wmic” in the Command Prompt and press Enter. Next, type “memory chip” that displays the information such as clock speed, capacity, interface, and serial number.

Adding Ram:

For adding RAM to the laptop, turn it off and open the panel that covers memory banks. Replace the new RAM with the older one if there is only one slot or place the new one in case of two slots. Insert at a 45-degree angle where the gold edges are facing down. Push the RAM in so that the clips will be held well.

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