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Harman Kardon speakers are high-tech audio devices that have garnered many highlights in recent years. The reason behind their hype in the market is the quality of their sound and the efficiency of their performance.

There are plenty of high-end premium audio devices that are worth the bucks in terms of their effectiveness.

But these devices commonly face some issues like inappropriate settings and faulty controls that make them unfit for long-term use. If you are looking for an audio device that will prove its worth and stand the test of time you should surely try Harman Kardon’s premium sound devices.

One such product by their franchise is Harmon Kardon speakers. These speakers are truly a valuable asset in terms of an external audio device that will give you the true cinematic feel and a home theater-like experience.

Harman Kardon speakers are at the top of their game but you can add an extra layer of efficiency to them by connecting two or more Harman Kardon speakers together.

Curious about how to connect or pair two Harman Kardon speakers together? Stay together with us and get hooked to your screens for finding out the answer to your query. Below given are some of the ideal ways of pairing two Harman Kardon speakers together that don’t require you to spend anything on them.

With a few simple tips, you can improve the sound quality and intensity of the audio coming out of your speakers.

Hardware requirements to Connect/Pair Two Harman Kardon Speakers Together

Before heading for the process of pairing two or more Harman Kardon speakers you must first be familiar with the hardware requirements to do so. Although Harman Kardon speakers feature the pairing of two devices, not all devices can do so. Pairing two Harman Kardon speakers together require a connect plus feature and not all speaker models have that facility.

To ease the situation all the latest Harmon Kardon speakers have a pre-installed connect plus feature that allows them to pair together. If you have an old model that lacks connect plus facility you should try customer support by Harmon Kardon to see if there is room for a software upgrade that can install connect plus on their devices.

These old models are rare to be seen and thus you won’t have any difficulty in pairing two or more Harman Kardon models.

Connect/Pair Two Harman Kardon Speakers Together

There are two methods of connecting two or more speakers by Harman Kardon. These methods are stated below

  1. Party Mode
  2. Stereo Mode

Party mode is the one we described earlier as connect plus feature. Most of the Harman Kardon speakers are connected using this mode and it works just fine for most of the users.

The second mode goes by the stereo mode and gives more powerful and loud audio but has countless issues with it that leave the users more than satisfied with the party mode.

Let’s now discuss the party mode of connecting two Harman Kardon speakers using the connect plus feature and turning on their sync.

1. Connect/Pair Two Harman Kardon Speakers Together using Party Mode

Make sure that the Harman Kardon speakers that you are going to pair together have Connect + button on their media interface. After locating the button follow the given steps to make the connection.

  • Power on first Harman Kardon speaker.
  • Press the Bluetooth button located at the front face of the speakers.
  • Pair the powered-on speaker with your media source devices such as smartphones, laptops, tablets, or PC.
  • Ensure that pairing between the Harman Kardon speaker and source device is successful by playing the music through external speakers.
  • Power on the second Harman Kardon speaker.
Note. For pairing the first speaker you have pushed the Bluetooth button but don’t push that for the second button. 
  • Push on the Connect plus button of the first speaker (the one already pair with the media source device).
  • Similarly, for the second speaker push the connect + button to turn on the pairing mode.
  • After that you have pressed the connect button on both speakers they will be paired together the media will start playing through both these speakers.
  • To ensure that the pairing has been successful you can play any media or music, the sound will be heard from the Harmon Kardon speakers, at the same time.

2. Connect/Pair Two Harman Kardon Speakers Together, Using Harman Kardon Mobile Application

Connect Plus feature requires you to pair the two speakers that are placed within one foot of each other. But you can increase this connectivity range using the Harman Kardon official smartphone application.

This mobile application will allow you to play your favorite music through Harman Speakers placed within different rooms (nearby). It is a very simple process nearly similar to the one using connect plus feature. To make do with this method follow the given steps.

Power on the speakers and connect them together using the steps mentioned above.

Select the song to be played from your source device (supposedly, the one having the Harman Kardon application).

You can select the song, location, and speaker from your Harman Kardon application. You can choose to play two different songs from the two connected speakers controlled by the application. Or you can play a single song simultaneously from both speakers.

Note. This mobile application is more for controlling purposes and not to make a connection between two speakers. For connection purposes, you would still have to make use of the connect + feature and then control the speakers placed in different rooms using the application.

Final Words:

Harman Kardon speakers allow two or more speakers to be connected together for a more powerful and loud sound. You can make use of the connect + feature to initiate a connection between two devices. To control the speakers you can use the Harman Kardon mobile application. For further assistance, you can consult Harman Kardon’s customer support.

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