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The monitors today at the market are top-notch. Each excelling and competing with each other with their screen sizes, resolution, and contrast ratios. The more a monitor has to offer, the greater the monitor holds value in the eyes of its customers. If you plan on creating an awesome image or video then you definitely would need the help of a monitor that comes with spectacular specs.

A monitor likes Dell S Series S2419HM is an amazing monitor that is loaded with impressive features that will blow your mind. This monitor with its shiny aspects is offered by the heroic Dell brand that is known in the production of display electronics that are packed with aspects that are certainly worth your time and money.

Specifications Dell S Series S2419HM Monitor

Hard Floor,
Upholstery, Carpet
1.28 Liters 20.9 pounds 10 years
Dual Action 1.77 Liters 17.64 pounds 5 years
Hard Floor,
Upholstery, Carpet
1.0 Liters 9.1 pounds 2 years
Dual Action, Hard
N/A 8.7 pounds 5 years
Hard Floor, Carpet 4.47 liters 11.4 pounds 7 years

The more thin and slim looking a monitor is, the greater is its value. Dell S Series S2419HM Monitor is an amazing looking ultra-thin bezel monitor with a 24-inch display screen. For having an intense and inhumane gaming experience or working experience, you don’t specifically need the assistance of a 4k or a 2k monitor.

Buying a monitor with Full HD resolution will do the trick as well. This resolution is offered by . The Dell brand is particularly proud of their invention and has designed this monitor to hold the TN panel.

For those, you don’t know what TN panel is, it’s actually an abbreviation for Twisted nematics. This panel is designed to boost up the response rate of the monitor.

Dell S Series S2419HM offers a strong stand with connection slots designed on it. It offers the connection slots for HDMI, audio line ports, and power connectors.

If you want to view dazzling brights and purest blacks then Dell S Series S2419HM is the one that can provide you with such features. Dell S Series S2419HM provides a brightness of about 400cd/m2. This brightness is pretty spectacular.

With its ability to support the HDR, the brightness is boosted up to 600nits which is quite impressive allowing you to have a brighter view of the scenes.

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Dell S Series S2419HM offers a contrast ratio of about 1000:1. Its color depth is about 8 bits and offers a color space greater than the 99% sRGB and 85% DCI-P3. As a result of which you get to experience striking visuals.

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If you plan on playing games on this monitor then you certainly are going to enjoy playing it as it offers the AMD free sync feature which smooth’s the experience making it quite spectacular.

What We Like
  • Good images with bright colors
  • Ultra-thin design
What We Don't Like
  • Limited adjustability of the built-in stand
  • HDR and AMD can’t work simultaneously

Bottom Line:

Dell S Series S2419HM is a bit on the pricey end providing you with about 24-inch FHD screen along with the AMD free sync and HDR support. Although this monitor is pricey its aspects certainly have the bang for the buck!

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