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Dell is undoubtedly the crowned king if the number and repute of the manufacturing goods in the computer domain is counted and this has been evident with its being the best brand for computer manufacturing for four consecutive years and there has not been any change in the quality of.

Its products with the passing time though the technological advancement and the quality goods of rival brands have pushed it aside for a while.

This Dell S2419H is a prestigious member of the series and comes with the necessary and founding features of the series it is a solid set up in the market which is worth giving a try at any cost.

The dell infinity-edge series is widely acknowledged as the S Series is a strong and immensely popular lineup of computer monitor screen which is well ahead of their rivals both in terms of the visual appeal of the outlook and the performance of the product.

Features Dell S2419H Monitor

After making up mind about its outlook a buyer wants to dig deep into its features and this Dell S2419H Monitor one excite him more as the monitor is coming with a feature-laden package that has the potential to be the best buddy of any serious monitor seeker.

This monitor is coming with an infinity edge design which is its characteristic feature to be part of the infinity edge or S series and this design is marked by a thin bezel-less design termed as the ultra-chic design.

This gives the product a very trendy and glossy outlook which entices the potential buyers from the very first glimpse of it.

The foremost of its consideration is that it is coming with a 24-inch display size with 23.8 as viewable screen and this minimal size make it a good fit for the multi-monitor setups which are on a hunt for the standard screen sizes available in the market to give with them the goodness of being a large monitor screen.

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This monitor has 60 frames per second refresh rate which is the conventional rate being considered as the bottom line in the market and to be very honest this is not the best refresh rate to have in a monitor if you are looking for a gaming screen or if you plan to work in an action-oriented thrilling cinematic view as both situations demand a high refresh rate which is not provided by this computer.

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Another of its feature being worthy of our mention is its smooth transition facility which allows the user to make it either their work partner or the leisure time buddy as.

The monitor could be used for a cinematic view at home and could also work as the common corporate monitor screen, therefore, this transition is a worthy addition in any device.

What We Like
  • Frameless Ultra Chic Design
  • Infinity Edge Display
  • FHD Resolution
  • Built In Speakers
  • Transition Between Gaming And Work Mode
What We Don't Like
  • 24 Inch Display
  • HDMI Connection Only


This dell infinity model with its 24-inch chic design and FHD display resolution are having to offer its users a 4 milliseconds response time and 60 hertz of refresh rate which are good for beginners in the field and this is a good entry-level gadget but looking it for high-end features will not be a wise choice.

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