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Dell is a pioneer brand in the computer screens and they are enjoying a top-rated pristine spot in the market that was hardly challenged by any of the competing manufacturers in the near past.

But with so much technological advancement many more great brands are appearing over the horizon and the competition is going on the rise with the addition of so many great products into the continuum of computer monitors with each passing day.

This technological Dell U2717D Monitoradvancement by other firms have slightly push the brand aside of its leading position for four consecutive years but the quality of their products is still the leading one in town.

This dell model is a member of the UltraSharp series which is the cream of the brand and has helped the brand in gaining the acknowledgment that it is enjoying up to date.

Features Dell U2717D Monitor

The Dell U2717D monitor is the richest lineup by the brand offering FHD, 2K QHD, 2K WQHD, and 4K UHD resolution depending upon the customer choice and obviously their budget constraints. Having a 4K Resolution at 27 inches will sometimes get out of the budget limit.

Therefore, dell has launched its 2K WQHD monitor having 2560 by 1440 pixels which are giving much more color clarity and visual appeal than.

FHD display and this wide viewing pixels give it comparable to 4K Resolution though not certainly the same but good enough to do the job for a begging level graphic artist or a photo editor.

This monitor is having a backlit technology which is although great to have with an LED display but what worsens the matter is its effects on the eyes and the possible digital eye strain which is aggravated by the back lightening.

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To prevent this from happening the model has a flicker-free technology that prevents screen flickering and reduced blue light filters are also there to do their magic on the screen and absorb the extra blue light being emitted from the screens and this prevents the users from the damages of the harmful blue light.

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In addition to its flicker free technology and blue light filters this dell monitor is also having a screen glaring control owned by its anti glare 3H hardness level screen and all of these eye care techs act together to fight against the health hazards associated with the long work hours before the computer screens.

This model is also presenting a flexible connectivity option with HDMI and a much desired yet rarely found USB Type C port which allows you to charge your smart cell phone while at work before your screen.

What We Like
  • 2K QHD Resolution
  • IPS Panel
  • Infinity Edge
  • VESA Mounting
  • Backlit Technology
  • Adjustable Height
What We Don't Like
  • 60 Hertz Refresh Rate
  • 4 Milliseconds Response Time


This 27-inch screen is having an IPS Panel offering a color-accurate resolution of 2K QHD display and backlight technology, the praiseworthy feature of the model is its extensive range of eye care techs which entail in it a flicker-free technology with anti glaring screen and reduced blue light emissions.

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