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Dell has been the leading monitor manufacturer for four uninterrupted years and within this long time span, the brand has been able to garner a strong base of customer support and satisfaction which is helping the manufacturer enhance its sales and show its manufacturing expertise which is depicted in the quality of their products.

This U3818DW is a curved screen member of the immensely popular dell UltraSharp series which are the mouthpieces of the precision and excellence.

The most praiseworthy feature of dell products is the durability of their models and one distinguishing feature of these model from all the competition in the market is their unbeatable color accuracy which makes them able to be utilized for photo editing and trading jobs with many other tasks to excel with this Dell U3818DW monitor.

The dell manufacturers and are widely accepted by the masses owing to their exceptional 4K Resolution and a feature-rich package which is literally enough to entice the users with mere its description.

Features Dell U3818DW Monitor

A viewable Dell U3818DW Monitor of 38 inches with an infinity edge gives users a 360-degree field of view reducing the eye movement and create for them an immersive environment.

This is the base for a thrilling cinematic experience and provides for them a productive screen experience by cutting short on the distractions and capturing the focus of the users.

With its 4K WQHD Resolution, provides the sharpest visual clarity in town and is the best in class for its IPS Panel and this produces the best color quality and visuals on the screen which are unbeatable by any of its rivals with 4K UHD resolution.

This is because of its wide viewing angle and the rich color gamut which is the base for its image quality allowing it to be the best choice of the photo editors and professional graphic designers.

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Its wide aspect ratio of 21:9 gives it a wider view than the 16:9 standard aspect ratio and the best thing about this model is its extensive eye care technology which is the cherry on top of the feature-laden package of the dell U3818DW.

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It provides users blue light filters and flicker-free technology both of which act together to prevent digital eye strain and make it easier for them to use their monitor for extended hours without using protective glasses.

The only downside of the monitor is its too costly price tag which is beyond $1000 range and thus it is only committed for elite users only which have good enough of a fortune to be spared up for spending on their desired products.

What We Like
  • 38 Inch Curved Screen
  • 4k Uhd Resolution
  • Bluetooth 4.0 And Usb C Connectivity
  • 56w Optimized Power Consumption
  • Kvm Switch
What We Don't Like
  • Conventional 60 Hertz Refresh Rate
  • 5 Milliseconds Response Time


Dell U3818DW is a 38-inch curved monitor with a viewable screen of 37.5 inch giving appealing visuals and unbeatable color accuracy owned by a 4 K UHD resolution of 3840 by 1600 pixels. Encompassing a true infinity edge borderless glass gives an immersive cinematic view and a TUV certified eye care to help users prevent eye strain over extended screen usage making the monitor the ideal choice (only if you can afford it).

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