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Dell is the most prestigious and the reputed of the computer manufacturing brand and it enjoys the pristine of being the ultimate best brand for manufacturing some of the greatest computers and monitors.

The entitlement goes uninterrupted for four successive years and in its great journey, the dell manufacturing excellency has bought them a strong customer base which is nothing less than the firm foundation of the brand.

This Dell U4919dw model is an exceptional model by the firm and it has the amazing repute to be the first-ever computer screen with a 49-inch display size to be decisive about the 2K QHD Resolution and this thing has attracted a lot of.

The customer who was looking for the desired feature they are hunting for to be found in a large screen and dell has done its magic by bringing them it to their large screen all in one monitor which has become the epitome of their excellence.

Features Dell U4919dw Monitor

Dell U4919dw Monitor most notable of its features is its large display size of 49 inch which gives users a display screen twice the size of a standard 27-inch monitor and this way users are more prone to focus on their tasks they are doing before their screen and part of this is done by the creation of an immersive environment.

Which do its magic over the users and they are spell bounded by the enticing display of the screen before which they are sitting?

This much screen size is not the only thing to boast about this amazing model as it has a good deal of features to entice its potential buyers of which its high resolution is a strong one to rely upon.

The monitor offers its potential customers a  2K QHD Resolution which is the latest one at this size as no 49-inch model before this dell monitor has tried to go for a 2K resolution and this is really an amazing thing to boast off making the model a fashion statement for yourself and for your house.

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Other than this obvious visual appeal it has a brilliant In-Plane Switching IPS Panel which is known for the best color reproduction capabilities in the market and having 2K resolution with an IPS type display panel is something to be fond of as.

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They two must-have combos give the best in class color accuracy which captures the attention of the users beforehand and this makes it easy for them to concentrate on the task they are performing at the moment.

This model is great to be utilized for forex trading as they are in need of multi-monitor setups and this large curved screen monitor can single-handedly provide them that facility, other than that it is also good enough for the home entertainment and cinematic view.

What We Like
  • 49 inch large display Screen
  • QHD resolution
  • USB type C connectivity
  • Exceptional multi tasking
  • VESA mount
  • Ergonomic stand
What We Don't Like
  • Too pricey


This dell monitor is offering its users a large 49-inch screen with flexible connectivity options and a highly color accurate 2K QHD Resolution with an IPS Panel making the monitor great for having a thrilling cinematic view at home.

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