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Dell is the all known computer manufacturer who owned the crown of being the best monitor and computer manufacturer brand for consecutive four years and this time span of being the ultimate best have garnered the computer manufacturing brand a mass of dedicated customers.

Who are not ready to shift their loyalties despite so many technological advancements in the field and the addition of so many great computer models by a number of great brands but their addition doesn’t challenge the position.

This Dell Ultra Sharp U2518D supreme and giant manufacturing firm who is continually wooing the hearts of its customers and critiques alike due to their massive range of quality products and the inculcation of great and unbeatable features and specifications in these models.

This UD2518D is a prestigious member of the Dell UltraSharp series which is the hallmark of the company’s precision and color accuracy aimed at the professional photo editors and forex traders whose sole concern is the image quality and color accuracy and this is literally what the brand is selling them to help boost their career and expertise with the best in class on-screen imagery.

Features Dell Ultra Sharp U2518D Monitor

This model Dell Ultra Sharp U2518D Monitor s coming at a standard size of 25 inches and this low screen size is compensation for the high-end features that the users are not ready to sacrifice for the large screen.

This Dell UltraSharp U2518D Monitor is because having all the high-end premium features in a large screen device will want the user to spend good enough of a fortune to get the hands-on dream product which is not possible for all.

Therefore, the brand have taken the step forward to match the needs of the users with their budget and soothing their financial constraints by giving them premium features at a small screen with similar experience to a large screen.

It has a 2K QHD Resolution which is undoubtedly the most praiseworthy feature of the monitor but this model is significantly higher priced than its rival in the market at the same size and comparative features and the price gap between the average 25-inch model.

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This Dell UltraSharp is about 200 USD or even more and for this twice the price you must be looking for some of the groundbreaking features which make the device a general-purpose tool.

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The bottom line of this product lies in its 60-hertz refresh rate which is the standard rate in the market and to complement.

The brand has launched a 5 milliseconds response time which is another downside of the model hurdling its use for the gaming.

What We Like
  • 2K QHD Resolution
  • Sharp Contrast Ratio
  • Wide Viewing Angle
  • Display Port As Connectivity Option
What We Don't Like
  • 60 Hertz Conventional Refresh Rate
  • 5 Milliseconds Slow Response Time


This 25-inch monitor is coming with a sharp 2K QHD Resolution of 2540 BY 1440 Pixels which gives a crisp clear natural lifelike imagery on-screen giving users a thrilling cinematic experience with a wide view angle and 60-hertz conventional refresh rate with a response time of 5 milliseconds as grey to grey or GTG rate, making the dell model a good choice for photo editors and forex traders looking for a multi-monitor setup.

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