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The use of a paint sprayer significantly reduces the effort and valuable time of the painter. With easy installation and usage, the paint sprayer can be used by a common man with uncompromisable results. But what about the quantity of the paint? Does a paint sprayer use more paint than the roller? The researchers and the professional painter answer in affirmative as it roughly use 33 percent of more paint quantity.

But the advantages attached to the paint sprayers make it worth utilizing a little extra quality of paint. The quantity uses by the paint sprayer can be effectively reduced by choosing the right type of paint sprayer.

Hvlp Spray Guns:

HVLP spray guns use paint little than most of the paint sprayers that are equivalent to the quantity used by the traditional brushes or the paint roller. These paint sprayers effectively predict the use of the paint at the desired place. They require less pressure and waste less paint.

High-Pressure Spray Guns:

High-pressure spray guns may result in over-spraying but offer a great level of predictability. The utilization is determined by making the comparison between the paint usage by the roller and the usage of paint on high pressure. The usage is determined by the ratio of 2:1 for the paint sprayer. The paint sprayer that holds gravity-style guns is useful without waste.

Airless Paint Sprayers:

The most popular paint sprayers are airless paint sprayers but are prone to waste more quantity of paint than most of the other models. The waste percentage is measured at 44% and you can end up using more gallons of paint. These paint sprayers hold a great level of popularity as they are fast and get things done quickly.

The nozzle must be checked before using the paint sprayer as it can further waste the paint. This paint sprayer is the right choice for precise painting without hitting the ceilings.


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