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No sound But A Picture

If you have not muted your TV and despite that, you can’t hear any sound coming out of it you might be troubled if your television set has reached its limit. Before setting off for a repair shop it is helpful for you to save a few minutes and go through our review. After reading through the end of this article you will be in a clear position to judge what is wrong with your TV and how you can fix that problem.

If your TV is displaying the media as usual but not playing the sound then there might be some troubles with its audio kit or the sound settings.

If the problem is due to the audio kit malfunctioning or the hardware fault then there would be no way for you other than consulting a repairman and getting the tv set repaired. If the problem is with the sound settings it can easily troubleshoot and be solved in a few minutes.

No matter whether you are using a Samsung TV or any other smart tv device you can go through the given steps to fix your problem and have your audio returned for smooth media streaming.

Reasons Underlying No Sound But Display

Before going out for the troubleshooting steps it is important to know the underlying causes that are causing the audio to be cut off.

There can be more than one reason behind the malfunctioning of audio in TV sets and these reasons can range from faulty sound settings to some tiny issues with the HDMI input cable.

Some of the most critical factors causing audio disturbances in TV sets are enlisted below:

  • The basic reason for usual media but no audio is the mute function. It sounds like a cheesy suggestion to read but is the most probable cause behind no audio. Most of the times users forget about unmuting the audio and keep on increasing or decreasing it.
  • Incorrect configuration of sound settings can also lead to sound blockage and thus no sound will be passed through the audio portal thereby leading to mute conditions.
  • If you are using an external audio source some issues with the power supply or cable connections can exist. The speakers may not be properly connected or powered off.
  • Unhooked cables and ports on media source devices can also cause no audio but give a proper picture display.
  • If all of these conditions are in their normal settings then the no audio but normal picture situation can be due to hardware issues. Hardware malfunctioning of internal components of TV will lead to sound blockage.

Once you are successful in diagnosing the cause of the problem the solution can be found in no time and your audio will be safely returned to your tv set.

Solution Of Fix A TV With No Sound But Picture [Not Muted]

To find out the specific reason for your no audio display screen, you have to go through all possible causes that can lead to the said situation. For that purpose, you have to try out solutions to see if they work or not.

The way to fix no sound audio conditions varies from device to device but the overall or general process remains similar. You can also consult brand-specific manuals for sound settings and take general troubleshooting steps to cater to the problem beforehand.

1. Unmuting

As the fundamental reason for no audio is the mute function, it is a must to double-check the mute button and ensure that it is not the cause of your problem.

2. Increasing volume level

Another important reason for no audio can be the minimum sound level and to solve that you have to increase the volume level to a certain point where you can considerably hear the audio coming out of the TV.

If you are using an external audio source check its volume level and ensure the threshold limit.

The Cruz of the matter is to keep the volume level to a non-zero value so that sufficient sound can be heated.

3. Rebooting

If you have tried both of these solutions and nothing changes then the problem may not be as simple as muted or zero level volume. If the problem is complex and cannot be diagnosed easily rebooting will prove to be the best option.

Reboot your tv to fix this issue. An important issue may arise here about how to reboot the TV set?  A TV set reboot will be similar to a factory reset that will return all the audio settings to default level like the factory settings of smart gadgets.

Any temporary problem will be solved by a simple reboot.

4. Checking Audio settings 

Some of the smart TVs have secondary audio protocols that are not supported by all external audio devices. If your TV is set on secondary audio protocols no sound will be coming out of them. So check this setting and ensure that SAPs are switched off.

5. Turning off AUX Mode

Sometimes the remote controller is accidentally pressed and AUX Mode is on you will not be able to hear any audio through it

Aux Mode plays the audio through external audio devices that support AUX audio settings and if no such device is connected to your TV nothing will be heard.

Therefore you have to check this AUX setting and ensure audio is playing through the device.

6. Inspecting ports and cables

If the sound problem is due to faulty cable connections unplugging and replugging them will solve the problem. Double-check all audio connection cables and ensure that they are properly inserted in the right ports.


If you want to fix a tv with no sound but the picture you have to first diagnose the underlying cause and then take corrective steps. Double-check the audio settings and cable connections. Turn off AUX Mode or secondary audio protocols. Double-check the mute button and increase the volume level. If nothing of these solutions work reboot the tv audio settings to return them to normal.

If you are still wondering about your issue you can go for this video:


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