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If you are a die-hard fan of smart TV displays, you must be familiar with the requirements of internet connectivity and the associated problems. Hisense smart TV is one of the well-known smart electronic media gadgets that are well received by customers across the globe. 

Since WIFI connectivity is a necessary part of working a smart TV, similar is the case with Hisense TV. Although this wireless internet connection has some of the best facilities for the users, it does come with its downsides. The bane of WIFI connectivity is rebooting process. Smart TV screens often need to reboot in case some issues with the connection arise. 

Reboot is not only required for fixing the issues with wireless internet connectivity but it can also improve the performance of smart TVs. For that purpose, Hisense TV users like to regularly reboot their Hisense TV to see if the bug is fixed and the performance improves. 

Although rebooting is good for your Hisense TV and it’s working, it does encounter some troubles while rebooting the device. Most of the time, Hisense TV is stuck in a rebooting loop, and users are confused about what to do now.

If you are facing a similar situation and think that you don’t have any other way around then you are presumably at the right spot as we are here to help you break the loop and get yourself free. This is because we have provided you with a detailed and exclusive review of the troubleshooting process to help you with fixing the issues during rebooting your Hisense TV. 

Why Hisense TV Stuck In Reboot Loop

There are plenty of software glitches that can cause various problems with smart TVs like Hisense TV. One such glitch is being stuck in a reboot loop. The most probable reason for being stuck in a reboot loop is to accidentally power your Hisense TV off after you have initiated the reboot process.

When the Hisense TV is stuck in a reboot loop the screen will be frozen and only the Hisense logo will be displayed. The worst side of the calamity is that no key or settings shortcut will work to break out of the reboot loop. 

The best way to prevent your Hisense TV from being stuck in a reboot loop is to ensure that it remains powered on during the reboot process from beginning till completion.  This sounds easy but there are certain times like power outages or accidental controls that lead to unplugging your Hisenseee TV power. In those conditions, you can follow the below-mentioned troubleshooting steps to save the hassle and resume your streaming journey with your favorite Hisense smart TV screen. 

How To Fix Hisense TV Stuck In Reboot Loop

Have a quick review of the most tested methods of breaking the reboot loop and solve your query on fixing the Hisense tv stuck in a reboot loop.

  • By Resetting
  • By Updating The FirmwareH

Below given is a detailed and in-depth account of all these methods. 

By Resetting:

Resetting is undeniably the universal troubleshooting approach that is known to fix most of the software glitches and resume the original performance of the electronic device like a smart Hisense TV.  To reset your Hisense TV follow through with the given steps.

Note: There are two methods of resetting the Hisense TV. We have explained both of these methods so that you can proceed with the most suitable one for you. 

Method 1:

  • Power off the Hisense TV by unplugging it from the power supply outlet. 
  • Let the Hisense TV shut down for about 10 minutes.
  • Plug the power cable and push the power button for a while. 
  • Keep holding the power button until the power is turned on.
  • Release the power button at once when the Hisense TV is turned on. 

Method 2:

If you are not in favor of pressing and holding the power button or waiting for 10 minutes you can make use of the reset button that is available at the back of your Hisense smart TV. 

Follow the provided steps to proceed with this method of resetting the Hisense TV.

  • Look for the Reset button on the back panel of your Hisense TVs.  Depending upon the Hisense TV model the location of the reset button can vary from the back panel to the lower bottom or left panel.
  • Power on your Hisense Tv set.
  • The reset button is in reality a tiny hole that will be accessed through a toothpick or pen nib. This step is similar to pressing the sim ejection hole with the sim ejection clip. ( you can also use the paper clip for pushing the reset hole. 
  • Insert the pointed end of the object you are using ( toothpick or paper clip) inside the reset hole. Push the clip end a few times.
  • Keep pressing the reset hole until the Hisense TV turns off. 
  • After the reset is complete Hisense TV will be powered on. Then stop ushing the reset hole. 
  • Once you have released the tip of the object inserted inside the hole, the Hisense TV screen will be momentarily turned off and then on again.
  • This method is supposed to fix the reboot loop and resume the performance of the TV screen. 

By Updating The Firmware:

If resetting has not solved your problem then you should try installing the latest version of Hisense TV firmware so that it can fix all the technical issues and related bugs with the TV performance. 

To install the latest firmware follow through the below-mentioned steps.

As the reboot loop doesn’t allow for any command you have to install the software update for firmware in any external media device and then transfer it to your Hisense TV. 

  • Open your laptop and install the latest version of Hisense TV software from their official website. 
  • Transfer the downloaded software to a USB flash drive and plug it into your Hisense TV USB port.
  • Turn on the Hisense TV. It will scan for external media devices.
  • Once the USB is scanned, the software inside it will automatically start installing. 
  • After the process is completed reboot loop will stop automatically the display will be resumed to its initial condition.

Final Words:

Hisense TV reboot can improve the performance of the smart tv but on the other hand, it can cause severe inconvenience by being stuck in a reboot loop. If your Hisense TV encountered the same problem fix it by resetting your TV or installing the latest Hisense software. This article has provided you with both of these methods in detail. 

Therefore follow the aforementioned steps to fix Hisense TV stuck in the reboot loop. We have also given two different methods of resetting so that you can choose the one that you like best depending upon its simplicity and convenience.

Video Help:

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