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Hisense smart TV or more familiar to the masses as the Roku smart TV is a popular choice for home entertainment and is being used by millions of users across the globe. This Hisense smart TV is much-hyped in the market solely because of its premium specifications and WIFI connectivity. WIFI connectivity with a smart TV is the best thing any streaming geek can ask for.

You can make use of the wireless (WIFI) connectivity of your Roku TV to enjoy millions of streaming options that are available on the internet. You can also enjoy various streaming sites like Disney Plus, Amazon Prime, Roku, Hula, Tubi, and Netflix.

There are many other perks of a smart TV coming with internet support. But nothing is perfect and all good with electronic gadgets since there is room for software glitches and technical faults in the use of electronic gadgets.

A Roku TV or a Hisense smart TV will occasionally face picture or sound problems like a flickering screen or a blank screen even with the power on or the common problem with the display screen where the blue light is on but no picture is given out.

If your Hisense TV is facing a similar problem of Hisense TV blue light on but no picture, then you are presumably at the right spot. This is because we are going to dig deep into this issue and see the underlying factor causing this problem. Furthermore, we will talk about some of the most tried-out solutions to fix this Hisense TV blue light on but no picture.

How To Fix Hisense TV Blue Light On But No Picture

If you are looking forward to fixing the no-picture display with the blue light on then go through the given methods and see if that works or not.

Software Fixes:

Before getting started with your troubleshooting you need to know what is the reason behind this fault. Hisense TV blue light on but no picture is most typically a software error and not a hardware fault. Therefore, it can easily be solved by a few simple troubleshooting steps that are mentioned in the coming passages.

  1. Power cycling the Hisense TV
  2. Checking connection wires
  3. Checking WIFI range and connectivity
  4. Checking streaming devices
  5. Resetting the Hisense TV to the default version

These 5 methods are more than enough to fix your Hisense TV picture problems and if none of these methods works to your suit then you can proceed with hardware fixes that will be dealt with later in this article.

1. Power Cycling The Hisense TV:

If you are in a hurry and looking for a quick and simple solution then a power cycle might be helpful for you. Power cycling your Hisense TV means restarting it and you can do so by following the given instructions.

  • Turn OFF the Hisense TV power
  • Remove all cable connections with your Hisense TV
  • Long press the Hisense TV power button for about 20 seconds.
  • After 20 seconds release the power button and wait for another 2 minutes.
  • After 2 minutes plug in the power cable.
  • Switch on the Hisense TV

The Hisense TV has been restarted and hopefully, the blue screen is now coming with the display picture that you are playing at the moment.

If power cycling or restarting the Hisense TV doesn’t work then you can follow the alternative methods as explained below.

2. Checking Connection Wires:

Sometimes, faulty or loose connections can also lead to a blue screen display or no picture conditions in the Hisense TV. To amend this state you can try removing all the connection cables attached to your Hisense TV and then re-plug them to ensure proper connections. You need to check the HDMI cables, ports, capacitors, and all other connection ports of your Hisense TV.

You should also try cleaning the ports to dispose of the dust if any.

You can also look for the damages or cuts on the connection cables and immediately replace the damaged cables. Before re-plugging the cables you should wait for a few minutes to let the ports restore their settings. After following all the instructions see if any difference is made or not. If not then proceed with the solution to Hisense TV blue light on but no picture.

3. Checking WIFI Range And Connectivity:

If you are using the internet connectivity to live stream on your Hisense TV, the bad Wi-Fi signals can also lead to a blue screen with no display picture. To remove this factor you should try restarting your Wi-Fi router and ensuring it is placed within the specified Wi-Fi range. You can also try placing it near your Hisense TV.

4. Checking Streaming Devices:

If the problem doesn’t lie with your Hisense TV then it must be with the streaming devices that you are using with the Hisense TV. For instance, Roku smart streaming stick or the Fire TV stick. If you are using any one of these streaming device and any fault occur in them, the Hisense TV picture will have vanished and a blue picture will be displayed. You can fix this problem with the streaming devices by restarting or resetting them.

5. Resetting The Hisense TV To The Default Version:

If none of the above-mentioned methods seems to make a difference and your Hisense TV blue light is on but no picture condition still remains prevalent then you should go for the big kill step and reset your Hisense TV. Resetting is known to remove all types of software glitches and restore the default or factory settings that tend to give a smooth sailing performance.

Hardware Issues:

If software fixes don’t improve your Hisense TV conditions you should check for hardware damages. Look for the horizontal or vertical lines on your TV. If you find a distorted look on the screen or the fine lines (vertical or horizontal) there are high chances that the LCD panel has become defective. Hardware issues must be dealt with technical care to avoid any further damage and therefore, the assistance of a technician or repairman should be sought.

Final Words:

Hisense TV blue light on but no picture issue is most probably due to some software fault and you can vent this issue by restarting your TV or checking the external media devices connected with your Hisense TV. You should also ensure proper connections with no loose ends and don’t use damaged wires. In the end, you can try resetting your TV to see if that makes any difference.

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