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Bose soundbars are highly favored audio devices that are being used by millions of users across the world. Bose franchise is not only famous for producing quality soundbars but is also quite hyped for speakers, headphones, sound systems, and all other audio products that can be used at home, inside vehicles, home theater units, cinemas, and the rest. 

Bose soundbars are widely used along with smart TVs as the replacement speakers for the poor-quality internal TV speakers. Most smart TV screens provide a high-definition display with some great specs and features to boost your streaming experience.

But one thing that undermines the greatness of these smart TVs is their internal speakers. Most smart TV brands like Samsung, Vizio, Sony, Hisense, Panasonic, Philips, and the reset have high-tech smart TVs that are great to almost all expectations but their sound quality sucks. 

This is because most smart TVs are entirely focused on bringing you a high definition QLED or FHD display at 2k or 4k screen resolution. To maintain the specs and price combo these smart TVs compromise a bit on audio and sound quality. This is because most smart TV screens are complemented by external speakers to create a cinematic sound system with multiple stereo units, speakers, and soundbar. 

This is where the need for a great soundbar surges in and this void is filled by the Bose soundbar that perfectly complements your 4K HD smart screen and provides you an out-of-world experience with its crisp clear sound quality. Bose soundbars are not only known for their great sound quality, but they are also very reasonably priced and have many great specifications to entice their users. 

Furthermore, the Bose soundbar provides a very convenient method of hooking up with a TV and can host multiple stereo units connected with your Bose soundbar either through wired or wireless modes. In this way, a single Bose soundbar can be connected with two or more speakers and your smart TV will give you something like the Dolby Atmos surround sound at the expense of nearly 1/10th

Now that you are aware of the connectivity of your Bose soundbar you must be curious about how or connect it with your TV. Each Bose soundbar like the speakers and stereo units comes with a user’s manual and one can easily find all the relevant information about How to Connect Bose Soundbar to TV?

If you can’t find your Bose soundbar user’s manual or have long lost then you don’t have to bother finding it as you can easily get help from the web. In this article we are going to review “How to Connect Bose Soundbar to TV”, therefore read it thoroughly till the end and know the process of connecting your audio device with the smart TV. 

How to Connect Bose Soundbar to TV

There are plenty of methods of connecting your Bose soundbar to a TV and you can make use of both wireless and wired ways of making a connection. As you must have heard that Bluetooth is the most convenient way of connecting two devices wirelessly but the Bose soundbar doesn’t only offer you Bluetooth connectivity.  You can connect your Bose soundbar to the TV using the following three methods.

  1. Using HDMI Arc
  2. Using Optical Cable
  3. Using Bluetooth

Let us now review each of these three methods in detail to know which one suits your requirements best. 

  • Using HDMI Arc:

HDMI is undeniably the most commonly used connectivity option for non-wireless devices. Almost all traditional and modern electronic media devices are coming with a dedicated HDMI port. You can easily find an HDMI port on your laptops, monitors, computer systems, PCs, smart TVs, and all other media devices that need to be paired together through wired means like the one with a projector. 

Although media devices are coming with the HDMI not all audio devices have one such port. For example, some quality soundbars have the HDMI port but all have this facility. Therefore, you need to know if both your smart TV and the Bose soundbar have one such port or not. 

If the Bose soundbar you are using has the HDMI ARC then you are set to connect it with your smart TV.  You can follow the given below steps to connect Bose soundbar to the TV. 

  • Look at the back or side panel of your smart TV and locate the HMI Port. It will be labeled as the HDMI ARC (Audio Return Channel).
  • Similarly, find out the HDMI port of the Bose soundbar. It will be at the lower back panel of your soundbar.
  • Now power OFF your smart TV and the Bose soundbar.
  • Bring out an HDMI Cable.
  • Connect one terminal of the HDMI Cable with the smart TV and the other end with the soundbar. 
  • After connecting the HDMI cable, turn ON your TV as well as the Bose soundbar.
  • Go to the audio settings of your smart TV by following the menus using your menu or input button on the remote controller.
  • Now, look for the audio input, and from the drop-down menu select HDMI. 

In this way, your Bose soundbar will be connected to your TV using the HDMI cable. You can confirm the connection by playing some media through your smart TV. Its audio will be heard through your bose soundbar. 

  • Using Optical Cable:

An optical cable is almost similar to the HDMI connection method but is suitable for those devices that lack a dedicated HDMI port. The optical cable is the second-best method for connecting two wired devices having an optical output port.  

It is most widely used after the HDMI port and is the modern method of connectivity. Optical output ports are present in most modern TVs and desktop systems but not all audio devices have introduced this feature. Some laptops and projectors also feature the optical output port. You can also use the HDMI to optical port converter if one of your devices has the optical port and the other one features ab HDMI ARC.

You can follow the given steps to use an optical cable for making a connection between your Bose soundbar and the TV.

  • Locate the optical out port on your TV and Bose soundbar.
  • Power of both the devices.
  • Take out an optical cable.
  • Connect one terminal of the optical cable to your TV and the other one to the optical out port on your Bose soundbar.
  • Now, go to audio settings and choose optical cable as the audio output. 

Bose soundbar and the TV are connected and your TV media audio will be played through your Bose soundbar. 

  • Using Bluetooth:

Bluetooth is the most used technology for pairing two devices wirelessly. It is used for connecting your speakers and headphones with your media source devices like smartphones and tablets. But most soundbars and TV lacks the Bluetooth connectivity feature. Therefore this method could not be used on all devices. 

If your smart TV supports Bluetooth connectivity you should consider it lucky and get your soundbar within the 1 feet range to pair it wirelessly with your TV.

Given below are the instructions to connect your smart TV and the Bose soundbar.

  • Turn on your Bose soundbar.
  • Press the Bluetooth button to let the Bose soundbar enter pairing mode,
  • Now go to the device settings of your TV. From there choose the Bluetooth menu using the remote. 
  • Enable Bluetooth connectivity for your TV. 
  • After turning on the Bluetooth scan for the list of available Bluetooth devices within range of your smart TV. 
  • After scanning the Bluetooth devices. Look for the Bose soundbar.
  • Tap on its name to pair the two devices. 
  • Both the devices are now connected and you can confirm it by playing some media on your TV. 

Final Words:

In this review article, we have provided you with all the possible methods of connecting your Bose soundbar with the TV. You can follow either one of these depending upon the hardware requirements of your device. If your TV has an HDMI ARC like your Bose soundbar then you can pair the two devices using an HDMI Cable. 

If both your soundbar and TV feature an optical port then you can make use of the optical cable for establishing a connection. Similarly, if your TV supports Bluetooth connectivity, you can wirelessly pair it with your Bose soundbar by enabling the pairing mode and connecting the two devices.

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