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Are you one of those who still like to binge-watch their favorite content on a widescreen TV? It doesn’t matter in which category you fall, binge-watching Netflix on an 11 or 12-inch laptop is far less intriguing than watching it on a large screen wide-angle TV. 

Both of these devices have their perks and privileges, with TV sets giving a cinematic feel and a true home theater experience. Laptops give you privacy, freedom of your choice, and much more than TV doesn’t provide. One of the biggest disadvantages of TV sets is their loudspeaker audio that breaks your mood and lets the whole house hear what you are watching.

So what could be done in this situation? Switching to a laptop? Nopes! We have come up with an ideal solution for you that will allow you to have the perks of a private watch party on your TV screen. 

This private Netflix watch party can be made using headphones with your TV. You can make use of your widescreen TV while the sound is being heard by you alone through your headphones. Now the question arises How To Connect Headphones To The TV Without Headphone Jack? Read our review article till the end to have answers to all of your queries regarding Headphone connection to a TV set. 

How To Connect Headphones To The TV Without Headphone Jack

This is true that most TV screens don’t come up with a marked Headphone jack. But there are several ways through which you can connect your TV with your headphones. These ways are different for different devices and you have to know at least some of the universal ones that can help you with most, if not all of the available devices at hand. 

Using Roku:

For instance, if you are using Roku 3 and want to pair your smart TV with headphones without the headphone jack then you can make use of the built-in headphone jack coming with the Roku remote. In simple words, Roku 3 smart remote controller has a plugin headphone jack that can house any pair of 3.5mm headphones. You can insert the headphones into your remote if the jack is not available on your TV set.  

Using Gaming Consoles:

Similar to Roku 3 remotes, gaming consoles have the same feature with the built-in headphone jack in the controller. The Playstation 4s comes with the Dual shock 4 wireless remote controller that has the headphone jack and will wirelessly transmit the signals to a TV. 

The hardware interface of the DualShock 4 controller is almost the same as that of the Roku 3 remote controller but there are a few additional steps to make use of this facility. 

DualShock 4 remote controller features menu settings from where you have to assess the audio settings and configure your PlayStation audio to be heard through the headphones that are connected with the remote controller instead of the PlayStation or monitor screen. 

Similar to the DualShock 4 gaming console Nintendo WII U gaming pad features the built-in headphone jack available on the remote. 

Using Xbox One:

Although most gaming consoles feature the jack on the TV, Microsoft Xbox One doesn’t have that facility. To connect your Xbox One with the headphones you will require the assistance of a headset Jack adapter that will connect the console and headphones. 

This headset jack adapter is not only used for Xbox One but can also be used for all streaming sites like Netflix, Hulu, Tubi, Amazon Prime, and even Youtube. 

Using USB Headphones:

There are plenty of the latest gadgets that have to get rid of the 3.5mm headphone jacks most famous of them being the Apple products, all the latest iPhone models don’t have a dedicated headphone jack and are using Bluetooth technology for audio transmission to earbuds. 

To use any conventional headphones with these devices manufacturers have come up with USB headphones. You can insert the headphones into the USB type C or B port of any device and get your play sorted. 

These USB headphones can be used with any TV set that has a USB socket available on its hardware interface. 

Using An Adapter:

Few smart TVs do feature a dedicated 3.5mm headphone jack and this makes them go-to devices for connecting headphones. All you have to do is insert any pair of headphones into the jack and start playing your favorite media without any extra worry. 

But if your TV doesn’t have this facility you don’t have to dishearten yourself as there are plenty of other ways to make do with headphones. 

One of the best ways of connecting headphones without the headphone jack is by using the adapter. Follow the given instruction to make use of this method

  • Look for the type of audio output port available on your TV set.
  • Get the specific audio adapter for that output type.
  • Connect your adapter to the audio output.
  • Insert the headphones into the headphone jack at the terminal end of the audio adapter. 

Using Digital Audio Converter:

Audio adapters are simple to use and cheap to buy but they are good only for the traditional RCA audio outputs. Most smart screens today don’t have analog outputs and therefore, these adapters will not have any application. 

To use the headphone with a TV without out headphone jack you will then need a converter. As obvious by the name, this converter will first convert the digital audio output to analog which can then be connected with the headphones as a source for the headphone jack. 

Follow the given instructions to use a converter for connecting headphones to the TV without a headphone jack.

  • Get yourself a digital to analog audio converter.
  • Connect it to your smart TV by plugging it into the available ports at the back of the TV.
  • This digital to-audio converter has a jack at its back and you can insert headphones into it. 

Final Words:

This review article has provided you with plenty of useful ways using which you can connect any pair of headphones to the TV sets without the need for the headphone jack. Certain devices feature a built-in headphone jack in their remote controllers like DualShock 4 remote controller and Roku 3 remote. If not available on the remote you can connect either an adapter or a converter for obtaining a headset jack.

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