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Many iPhone users are not satisfied with the factory speakers of the iPhone and want to have the best Dolby Atmos experience. Not all users can afford the Dolby atmos surround speakers but you can have powerful yet portable JBL stereos that will help you have the best bang for your buck. 

If you have JBL speakers and an iPhone or iPad you must want to connect them and get the best sound quality to entice your earbuds. There are plenty of amazing and coll speaker lineups by the JBL such as   JBL Extreme, JBL Flip, JBL Charge, or JBL Boombox. No matter which brand of JBL speakers you are using you can follow a few simple steps to par whichever model of JBL speakers with your iPhone and iPad. 

The process of connecting JBL speakers to an iPhone and iPad is almost similar as both devices have the Ios as their operating system. Therefore, you can follow or provided guidelines to pair your iPhone and iPad with the JBL speakers.

How To Connect JBL Speakers To iPhone And iPad

Below given is the stepwise process to connect JBL Speakers to an iPhone and iPad. These steps are the same for both iPhones and iPad. 

Step 1: Turning ON The Pairing Mode On Your JBL Speakers

The first and foremost requirement to pair JBL speakers with an iPhone or iPad is to turn on the pairing mode of the JBL speakers. The pairing mode is automatic and will be initiated as soon as the Bluetooth button is pressed.

Follow the given steps to pair the iPhone and iPad with your JBL speakers for the very first time.

  • Turn ON the JBL speakers by plugging the power supply.
  • Press the Bluetooth button at the left bottom corner of the JBL speakers.
  • Press and hold the Bluetooth button for at least 3 seconds.
  • Once the Bluetooth button is pushed, the JBL speakers will automatically enter the pairing mode. 
  • The pairing mode will be indicated by the blinking of Light on your JBL speakers.

Note. If you have already paired your device with the JBL speakers you don’t have to follow the prior steps simply turn on the speakers and press the Bluetooth button. The paired devices (available in the vicinity of JBL speakers) will be automatically connected. 

Step 2

After you have turned on the pairing mode of your JBL speakers now is the time to open your media source device settings. 

Follow the given guidelines to do so.

  • Open the device settings of your iPhone and iPad
  • Go to Bluetooth settings.
  • Turn on the Bluetooth and scan for available devices Remember that you have turned on the JBL speakers’ Bluetooth in the first step.
  • Look for your JBL speakers and model among the available devices list. 
  • Once found click on the name and connect the two devices. 
  • After connecting a notification will be played through the JBL speakers reading Connected and Blue LED light will also be displayed. 

Step 3

Start playing media on your iPhone or iPad to see if it is being played through the JBL speakers or the factory speakers of the iPhone and iPad. 

If the audio is not played through the JBL speakers there might be some issues with the Bluetooth connectivity of the speakers. For improved efficiency reset your JBL speakers and repeat the provided steps to pair your iPhone and iPad with your JBL speakers. 

Final Words:

This review article has given a detailed account of the pairing process of an iPhone and an iPad with the JBL speakers. You can make use of the built-in Bluetooth technology to connect these two devices ( iPhone or iPad and the JBL speakers). We have provided the stepwise guidelines on How To Connect JBL Speakers To iPhones and iPad.  Both iPhone and iPad users can follow the same steps to connect with JBL speakers. 

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