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JBL speakers are premium audio devices and are used by millions of users across the globe. All over the world audio device enthusiasts and party geeks like to dig deep into the specs of audio devices to look for ways of enhancing the sound level.  JBL speakers provide that facility to cater to the needs of increasing the sound level of speakers.

JBL speakers can be connected together but not all of the JBL merchandise support this feature.

If you are curious about whether or not your audio buddies can be connected together, keep on reading our review on How to connect JBL speakers together.

Hardware Requirement For Multiple JBL Connections

For multiple JBL speakers to be connected together it is mandatory for the connect plus feature to be built into the audio device. JBL speakers have a built-in JBL connect plus feature and all those devices that support this feature can be connected together using Bluetooth connectivity.

Not all devices have JBL connect plus feature and therefore you can’t run multiple connections in them. Some of the renowned JBL audiogenic merch.  supporting the JBL connect plus feature is:

  • JBL Extreme
  • JBL Clip
  • JBL Flip
  • JBL Boombox
  • JBL Charge

Now that you are aware of the hardware requirement of multiple JBL speaker connections now it is time for you to go through the process so that you can start with the much-awaited task of connecting two or more JBL speakers together and listening to the floor-shaking sounds.

Note: JBL speakers support up to 100 connections which means you can connect 100 JBL speakers having the JBL connect plus feature using Bluetooth.

How To Connect JBL Speakers Together

Without wasting any extra breath let’s dig deep into the process of multiple JBL connections to get set for the stereo sound.

The steps to bind JBL speakers together are enlisted below.

  1. Power on all the speakers you want to link.
  2. Connected all the powered speakers to the main media source using Bluetooth.
  3. Let the media source start playing audio
  4. Press the connect switch embedded on the speaker body to start playing audio through the speakers.

Now let us all go through these steps in detail to know more about How To Connect JBL Speakers Together

  1. Turing Power on

If you are looking to connect two or more JBL speakers together the first and foremost step you have to take is to power on all the speakers. It is a mandatory step and nothing comes out of switched-off speakers.

Turn on all the speakers that you intend to pair and this can be accomplished by pressing the power button on a battery-powered speaker. If you are using the electric power speakers then connect them with the power supply line and after that turn them on.

  1. Connecting With Media Source

Media source is of utmost importance in sound playing as you have to play the media on an external media device for its volume to listen to through the stereo speakers. Almost all of the speakers available in the market require media sources as they don’t have hard disk storage and thus require external files to be played through their audio portals.

This media source can either be your smartphone or an iPad. JBL speakers also support PC connections and MAC OS connections. The connection between the media sources and JBL speakers is mediated through Bluetooth connectivity.

  1. Play The Media

Now that you have established a connection between the media source and JBL speakers it is time to start playing your media on your source device. When you start playing the media on your source the audio will be heated from a single JBL speaker.

  1. Play Through Speakers

After playing the media file users will be able to listen to audio through a single speaker and now you have to connect together all of the JBL speakers using the connect plus feature. To use this facility you first need to pair all of your desired JBL lineups as mentioned in step 1 to turn on all JBL speakers.

Now press the “Connect” button which can be seen as the very first button on your speaker’s hardware interface. Once the connect button is pressed the connect plus feature will be initiated and all JBL speakers having the same connect plus facility will be paired together.

After the pairing, the same media source will start playing through all speakers which were initially being played on a single speaker.

Why multiple JBL speakers are connected together?

Two or more speakers connected together by Bluetooth will enhance the sound level and give out the stereo sound that is significantly enhanced than a single speaker. Not only the audio level will be boosted by the multiple connections but also the range of sound will be increased.


All JBL users intending to enjoy the crisp clear stereo audio will be influenced by the accurate audio coming through the JBL speakers that is worth each penny of their cost.

To add the cherry on top the JBL franchise has provided the JBL connect plus feature that will help the users to pair multiple JBL speakers and start playing the media through multiple audio devices. 

This experience is particularly insightful in musical theaters, media houses, cinemas, and large spaces where a single speaker will tend to prove inefficient. This mesmerizing and memorable audio experience doesn’t come cheap and users have to invest in more than one JBL speaker. 

If you have enough fortune and have more than a JBL speaker featuring a built-in connect plus facility then you are all set to enjoy this memorable experience. Turn on all the available speakers, connect them to a media source like a smartphone and start playing the audio. Afterward, press the connect button and let the media through all paired JBL speakers.

If you are still not sure, then you can watch this video for sure and get help.

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