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Apple-branded Beats are powerful wireless headphones that are the dream choice of most headphone users across the globe. The latest member of the Apple-branded Beats franchise, the PowerBeats Pro is a renowned and hyped product in the market. Most apple users are enjoying the PowerBeats performance. But what about android users? Can android users benefit from this iconic audio device?

Well, that’s a much talked about query and most android users want to if they can connect with beats wireless headphones or not? And if they are capable of using PowerBeats Pro headphones how can they establish a connection between the beats wireless headphones and the android smartphone or a tablet.

So, coming back to our initial query?

Do Powerbeats Pro And Other Beats Wireless Headphones Work Only With Apple Devices?

Although Beats wireless devices are specifically designed for Apple users the headphones and other devices are compatible with the android products. Therefore, you are more than able to connect your beats wireless headphones to any smartphone, be it an Android smartphone or an Apple phone. The same goes for android tablets and windows products. iPad, iPod, and MacBooks are originally compatible with Beats being Apple products.

In a nutshell, you can enjoy Apple’s wireless tech without being restrained by the operating system of your device. You can use Beats products with both the android and Apple devices and can easily switch between the two whenever the need arises.

What Makes Beats’ Connection With Android Devices Complex?

If you have tried using Apple Airpods, you must be familiar with their operation and the ease of pairing them with any Bluetooth-compatible device. Airpods are designed to connect with any Bluetooth device and therefore, they will be readily available to nearby Bluetooth compatible devices, from the very moment you take them out of the charging case.

But the process is a little tricky for Beats devices. Airpods will be displayed among the available Bluetooth devices once you scan the Bluetooth devices on your android smartphone. But beats will not appear among your scanned device list. Therefore, pairing a Beats headphone is not as easy a task as connecting Apple’s Airpods with your android smartphone or a tablet.

Let us now move towards the process to connect your Beats wireless headphones to your android device.

The process is almost similar to the Bluetooth pairing process on an android device but the only exception is that, if you go directly to the Bluetooth settings and look for Beats headphones, you will not be able to locate them. Therefore, you have to take a detour and reach the Bluetooth section from wireless network settings.

How To Connect Wireless Beats To Android Phone

Before you begin:

Beats wireless tech is a premium brand that is the talk of the town but android users found themselves restricted by the operating system that seems unable to support the Beats wire-free tech. but that is not really the case. This is because. Beats products have Power buttons hidden among the touch controls and users cant locate them at first glance.

Therefore, the key to establishing a connection with your android or Apple device lies in locating the power button on your Beats Headphone.

There are four different products under Beats wireless headphones, namely:

  • Beats Solo
  • Beats Studio
  • Beats X
  • PowerBeats

Beats solo is the most affordable one coming at 49.99 USD while the PowerBeats Pro is the latest one, released in the market at a much higher cost than its siblings.  The power button of each of these lineups is at different locations. You should look at the multi-function touch control on the latter sides of the Beats headphones to access the power button.

  • After finding the power button, keep it pressed for 5 seconds
  • Once, the power button is held for 5 seconds, an LED blink will indicate that Beats headphones are in pairing mode and ready to be paired with any nearby Bluetooth device.

Now your Beats Headphones are discoverable and you can pair them by following the instructions provided by us.

Follow the given steps to connect your Beats headphones with android devices.

  • Open App Drawer on your android smartphone. From the center of the android screen, swipe down to open the drawer.
  • Select settings from the app drawer and tap to enter it.
  • From the settings, locate Wireless and Network settings. Tap on it to enter the submenu.
  • From the wireless network, go to Bluetooth.
  • A toggle switch will appear before the Bluetooth name. Switch it to enable Bluetooth on your android device.
  • Now your smartphone is ready to pair with nearby Bluetooth devices, as its Bluetooth tech has been enabled.
  • Now enter the Bluetooth frame and select Pair a New Device.
  • At the bottom of the screen, you will find a scan button, press it to look for the available Bluetooth devices within 1 meter of your android smartphone.
  • Look for the Beats Headphones.
  • Once, you find out the name, tap on it and pair it by accepting the pairing request.
  • After the successful pairing of your Beats Headphones with the smartphone, a connected notification will be displayed on your screen.

Now, your Beats Headphones are connected with the android device and you can use them over and again just by enabling Bluetooth pairing on the two complementary devices.

Final Words:

Beats wireless headphones are Apple-branded audio devices that are designed for iOS users. But android users can also take advantage of this premium Bluetooth tech and the premium sound quality with a few simple clicks. You can pair these Apple-branded Beats headphones with Samsung or any other smartphone by opening Network and wireless settings and enable Bluetooth pairing. Once the pairing is successful you can listen to your android media through your Beats headphones.

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